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I receive multiple errors

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WPML does not appear to hook "get_locale/"?

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Cannot find "wpml_object_id' function"

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While translation is 100% complete in ATE, in live page is not showing

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WPML Multilingual CMS Latest version not working wpml_permalink filter

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Fetching products variations using wp-json does not work with WMPL enabled, its an empty array

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How to add/Update translations of custom post type with wordpress api

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Sprachen Fallback für lokale Sprachen

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switch footer language

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wp-cli PHP error: Cannot access protected property 1 2

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Error when get term link

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REST API not working with directory for default language and Redirection plugin

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Quick solution available

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How to display untranslated post in backend

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Raja Mohammed

I am linking post with each other, but on frontend the language switcher not dis

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Split: It looks like languages per directories will not function.

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