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Questo è il forum di assistenza tecnica di WPML, il plug-in multilingue di WordPress.

Tutti possono leggerlo, ma solo i clienti di WPML possono pubblicare qui. Il team di WPML risponde sul forum 6 giorni su 7, 22 ore su 24.

Our next available supporter will start replying to tickets in about 3.19 hours from now. Thank you for your understanding.


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Last updated by patrizio-romanoD 9 mesi fa.

Assigned support staff: Alejandro.

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November 5, 2019 at 3:32 pm #4891009


Tell us what you are trying to do?

I'm trying to refurbish a client's website with the following features:
- woocommerce e-commerce
- multilingual, with qtranslatex, english and italian pages, products and taxonomies, for the most part
I'm building a new theme from scratch, and making many improvements.
I want to get rid of qtranslatex and have posts and taxonomies of all kind nicely imported to a WPML multilingual installation.

Is there any documentation that you are following?

Is there a similar example that we can see?

What is the link to your site?
Here a testing copy of my client's website:
hidden link

At the moment I made two try, both failed with various issues.
Can anyone help me suggesting how to manage this particular scenario?
I would also consider changing strategy like using a different export / import tool - maybe wp all export?

November 6, 2019 at 11:18 am #4897633


Languages: Inglese (English ) Spagnolo (Español ) Italiano (Italiano )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)

Welcome to WPML Support.
I'll do my best to help you solve this issue.

Ok, so just to make sure i get everything correctly:

- You downloaded this plugin: hidden link
- You followed this guide:

- You created a backup before the migration
- It didn't finish and failed (the migration)

Or did you actually finish the migration but found yourself with a few issues?

Please give me as many details as you can, so i can know what happened after you tried migrating the site so i can do my best and help you with the issue.

Thanks in advance.

November 11, 2019 at 8:05 am #4922453


Hi Alejandro,

This just to reply with some updates: I had to rebuild the whole testing website, and being just a massive one, it took me hours.
This way, I was able to make new export and evaluate the result: something didn't went as I expected but it's no matter of WPML, instead it looks like the way some product categories translations where made from who first wrote, created a lot of issues.
Marking this as resolved, for now.


November 11, 2019 at 8:07 am #4922463


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!