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All previous occasions working with Marcel ended up with us accumulating enough information to add a workaround for our own problems, never finding the core of the problem. ChristianO-24
Nothing he provided good assistance but seems to be very busy now. Bar
last time he hasn't been very smart. Thomas
Not that Marcel didn't do a good job, but Raja Mohammed helped me with another issue which is similar to this one. He is probably best placed to as he has the understanding already. If Raja is not available, I'm absolutely fine that Marcel will help me! WilliV
No problem has been solved... AlexanderV-19
I've seen Raja has answered a similar question to this previously Jon
/ AlecM
We couldn't get it resolved, he said it worked, but actually it did not, no data appeared for duplicated (no info, no fields etc). OttoJ
he does not give up and always finds a fix OlafM-4
He follows up and does not give up on us. Always finds a solution. OlafM-4

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