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WPML makes our life easier! As a professional translation agency, we recommend WPML to all our clients that want to sell their products and services abroad.

  • WPML works with most themes and plugins, so technical assistance is minimum
  • WPML Translation workflow is easier and faster. Clients can get their content translated in just one click.
  • WPML also supports e-commerce sites, so there are no excuses to sell abroad easily

Oscar Nogueras
Luglio 22, 2019

We use it on all our WordPress sites and we really appreciate it. It is very useful, easy to manage and doesn’t slow down our site! Thanks a lot! EAR
Luglio 1, 2019

The number one tool to provide easily manageable and reliable multilingual websites to our customers.

Frank Stuhec
Giugno 17, 2019

I use WPML for my client and its easy to use and reliable. Also, the support is trustworthy and u can always contact them.

Martijn Loonen
Giugno 7, 2019

We use WPML on to serve bilingual content to a global audience. Thanks to WPML we were able to serve our US, Europe and LATAM based audiences with little hassle on the front end. Despite translation management being a pain at the start, the team has managed to streamline their workflow.

Luis Alvarez
Lead Developer
Giugno 5, 2019

We recently switched from GTranslate to WPML when refurbished our website and backend, and thanks ACFML, looking forward to the new integration in v1.3! WPML give me some time to breathe and gives our marketing department full control over the HTML-lang and HREFLANG tags and makes my work so much easier, thanks to WPML!

Head of Development
Maggio 9, 2019

WPML is the easiest and most complete tool to not only have a functional multilanguage system but also in helping you translate your content. In several occasions, I had to set up websites for clients with up to 5 languages and for that, I don’t know any other plugin as reliable as WPML.

Eduardo Sans
web designer
Aprile 29, 2019

We use WPML to build multilingual websites for our clients and WPML plugin has given us the best solution! A stable product with no bugs, it works out of the box every time! We definitely recommend it!

Andreas Petrakis
Aprile 17, 2019

WPML is a great plugin, I use it to translate all of my websites. It is the only plugin that offers all the multilingual options and compatibility that I need.

Georgi Dyulgerov
Aprile 16, 2019

One of the biggest projects that we made as a branding studio was an e-commerce website for the company selling organic supplements that originate in Poland but sells its products around the world. The website had +30 views that needed to be translated from Polish to English. We found the WPML plugin and noticed how easy to integrate it is. The biggest advantage for us was that the WPML plugin is fully compatible with many required for the website plugins, whereas its closest competitor had many problems with the same plugin setup. We decided to buy a premium version of WPML and have never looked back. Last week we have decided to renew the premium subscription for another year and we are really happy with this decision. This is one of the best plugins that we had a pleasure to work with. We’ll be for sure using it for implementing other e-commerce websites.

Piotr Synowiec
Aprile 3, 2019

WPML has allowed me to have my website in several languages and reach a larger audience. It’s easy to set up and you can manage which pages you want to have translated. It’s been a great addition to my website.

Stephanie Kable
Marzo 28, 2019

We develop themes from our customers’ sites. Thanks to WPML we’re able to provide a great solution for multi-language sites. We also love how well it is integrated with WordPress core.

Giovanni Riefolo
Co-founder & Front-end developer
Marzo 22, 2019

We are a digital agency based in Toronto Canada and love WPML. We use it with WordPress and Woocommerce. The add-ons and support are amazing, we would recommend to anyone who needs a multilingual site!

Marzo 18, 2019

By using WPML for my printing lab business site, I was able to reach customers from all over the world.

Marzo 11, 2019

As a translation company, WPML is an amazing tool to help our customers localize their WP website. We also use it for our own WP website! It has XLIFF support, which is what makes it stand out from the other plugins. XLIFF support makes it possible to integrate with any professional CAT tool.

Laurent Chevrette
Founder & CEO
Marzo 11, 2019

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