Yesterday we did a trial update for WPML 2.7 on our own site. Overall, I’m very happy with the results. WPML.org’s response time was cut by about 50% (x2 faster) and some functionality that we’ve been long waiting for is finally working smoothly. However, a little bug related to RSS feed filtering caused Feedburner to send a bunch of news emails in all languages.

So, we’re going to spend Monday fixing these issues, retest and then we can release.

The new WPML release will bring:

  • Much improved performance (both in the WP admin and in public pages)
  • Much greater robustness to the menu sync functionality
  • Support for Google-compliant language codes in translation links
  • A bunch of warnings and notices fixed

I’ll write again, with full details when it clears QA and ready to ship.

Have a great weekend, and again, sorry for all these French and Chinese emails that we sent you.