What’s the most urgently missing feature for you in WPML?

Add to this support for WordPress 3.0 and legacy WordPress 2.9 and 2.8 and you get a lot of work.

There are two world-class programmers working on WPML and we’re looking to add more. If we can afford them, we’ll start hiring.

And, this is where you can help.

For a long time, we’ve been refusing donations. We just don’t feel comfortable with it. Now, there’s a way for you to chip in and help boost WPML. Instead of donations, you can purchase a support subscription.

Buying support subscriptions has two immediate advantages. You’re giving us the funding we need to dedicate more resources to working on WPML and you’re getting all the support you need for yourself.

Support Subscriptions Help Get the Job Done

Since going live with support subscription (yesterday), folks have already purchased them. And, results followed. Mihai was able to communicate directly with the web developers and resolve problems.

Instead of waiting for a reply in the forum, they got everything sorted out quickly and correctly. The support tickets that you create land immediately in Mihai’s inbox. When he replies, you get an email. You can also see the full ticket details in your WordPress admin panel.

Get Your Support Subscription

You have two ways to purchase a support. If you’re already on WPML, log in to WordPress and click on WPML->Support. Choose the subscription that’s right for you and purchase.

You can also buy it directly from our site. Go to the Support page and choose which subscription is best for you.


We appreciate your support. Together, we’ll push WPML and WordPress forward!