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Page Builder by SiteOrigin は、WPMLとの互換性およびパートナーシップを継続する推奨プラグインです。 Page Builder by SiteOrigin はWPMLとの完全互換性を示します。

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

– 開発者 Site Origin

バージョン 2.14.3

テスト最終日: 3月 16, 2022

SiteOrigin is a free page builder that utilizes standard WordPress widgets, allowing you to build a WordPress website the way that you know and love. It uses a simple drag and drop interface to build grid-based, responsive pages. It also has a live editor, meaning you can design and edit your site in real-time without having to leave the page.

For users looking to extend their available widgets, SiteOrigin’s Widgets Bundle is also WPML-compatible.


このプラグインとWPMLの間に未解決の互換性問題はありません。 すべての既知の問題を検索。