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ご質問がありますか?何か分かりませんか?  ここにコメントを残して頂ければお答えします。

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    • こんにちは、
      WPMLに関心をお寄せいただきありがとうございます。 「ある言語のコンテンツを表示または非表示にする」とはどういう意味かわかりません。 ページを翻訳すると新しい言語で表示されますが、翻訳しないと表示されません。

  1. hi Agnes

    Thank you for your reply.
    Is it possible to separate the content?

    chinese language
    contents A — Release
    contents B — Release
    contents C — Private

    english language
    contens A — Private
    contens B — Release
    contents C — Release

    Please confirm.

    • Hello,
      if you don’t want to translate your post or page, you simply don’t translate it and WordPress won’t create this page in language X. You can also create posts and pages in a non-primary language without having an equivalent in the original language.
      To sum up, with WPML you can do this:

      Page A – English, Chinese
      Page B – only English
      Page C – only Chinese

    • You need to buy WPML if you don’t have the site key. Or you need to find the person who installed WPML and ask him or her for the login to the WPML account. But if the WPML subscription expired, it won’t help either.

  2. Thank you for your reply.
    I believe the current plan offered is a subscription that needs to be renewed every year.
    However, since our site has been up and running for quite some time, we believe that it was purchased with the “LifeTime” plan.
    In this case, I do not think it will expire. Is that correct?

    • When you use WPML plugins on your client’s site, it’s good to have the possibility to quickly create a clone/copy of that site (good hosting providers offer such options) and the new releases on a copy first. In case something doesn’t work as expected, you can use our support forum and they will tell you what to do to avoid such issues on production. Of course, it’s just good practice and not something you must do.

  3. I think I have a Lifetime subscription because I signed up for it a long time ago.
    However, I don’t know the site key as I don’t have the person in charge at the time.
    What should I do in this case? Is it possible for you to look it up for me?

    • I checked the email you used to post this comment and I didn’t find any subscriptions with this email. If your site is registered you can give me the domain name and I will check again. Also, if your site is registered, you can update WPML plugins directly from your WordPress (go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab).

  4. Thank you very much.
    We would very much appreciate your confirmation.
    We use that domain for our corporate website. So, for security reasons, we do not want to list the domain here.
    Can I contact you directly by email?

  5. Dear In charge
    I would like to know if this plug in can work in China as well?
    As our company is using kind of Google translate but in case of China
    we could not so if this can work, maybe we better change our company
    website translation plug in to WPML so please let me know

    • WPML is a WordPress plugin and if you are allowed to use WordPress plugins in China, you can use WPML plugins too.

  6. 先日多言語エージェンシーを購入し、スタートガイドを見ながら設定しましたが自動翻訳されなかったです

    • こんにちは、
      今のところ、WPMLはコンテンツを完全に自動的に翻訳しません(このオプションは数週間以内にWPML 4.5で利用可能になります)。 現在の動作方法では、WPML設定でAdvance Translation Editorが有効になっていること、およびWPML TranslationManagementプラグインが有効になっていることを確認する必要があります。 次に、翻訳に何かを送信するときに、このエディター(このエディターを「ATE」と呼びます)でページを開いたときに機械翻訳を使用できます。


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