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The gallery activity in the form of painting exhibitions started in Murska Sobota in the year 1965, with the opening of the exhibition pavilion of the architect Franc Novak. Native Rudi Čačinovič, that was back then a member of the SRS assembly, wrote in the opening catalogue about the exhibition pavilion being a proof for awareness of communes, from less developed regions, for the complexity of given tasks: from the ambition of the economic development to education in working collectives; from general and highschool education to liability of the commune to the wider art education. The pavilion should, according to Čačinovičes words, also be a big proof for one, whole culture, which accumulates all the efforts for its own bulding, on all creative levels and in all corners of our region.

The Gallery's website is available in Slovenian and English so that foreigners can visit it along.
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