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Cache plugins improve the speed and performance of your site by creating static versions of your content. This cuts down on database calls and gives you a faster site. Learn more about our recommended plugins for this category in the table below and compare their features - some of which may only be available in pro or premium versions. 

LiteSpeed CacheWP RocketHummingbirdWP-Optimize - Clean, Compress, CacheAutoptimize
LiteSpeed CacheWP RocketHummingbirdWP-Optimize - Clean, Compress, CacheAutoptimize

LiteSpeed Cache is a free, open-sourced plugin that combines caching and optimization features to help speed up your site. This includes server-level and private caching, plus image and database optimization.

WP Rocket improves your website’s performance by caching pages, compressing your static files, and loading images only when necessary. A crawler preloads your cache and sitemaps to ensure your first visitors don’t experience slow loading times.

Hummingbird allows you to compress files, minify CSS and JavaScript code, lazy load images, and cache your site. This helps optimize your site and improve your Google PageSpeed Insights.

WP-Optimize cleans your database, compresses large images, and caches your site. This optimizes your site and makes your site more efficient. A premium version includes multisite support, lazy loading, advanced optimization options, and more.

Autoptimize compliments other popular caching plugins and aggregates, minifies, and caches scripts and style files to optimize your site’s code. This can greatly improve your site’s speed, your search engine ranking, and your site’s user experience.

Pricing model
Plugin priceFree$49-249$0-290$0-179Free
Date testedFebruary 5, 2021September 1, 2020September 9, 2021August 31, 2020April 27, 2021
Cache your pages and posts
Access a content delivery network (CDN)
Compress files with GZIP
Preload cached pages
Load images on request
Optimize Google Fonts
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We only recommend plugins that show an ongoing commitment to WPML compatibility. The authors of the plugins featured in the table above work closely with the WPML team on a regular basis to ensure you can build a reliable, multilingual site.

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