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We just released a small update for WPML, which includes updates for changes that arrived in WordPress 5.5 at the very last minute.

WordPress 5.5 went out yesterday. After a nice set of betas and release candidates, the actual production version included a small (but breaking) update to jQuery. This change caused a few features in WPML to stop working. The most noticeable was language switcher settings.

WPML 4.3.17 and 4.3.18, which we released today fix these issues, so that you can safely use WordPress 5.5 with WPML. These updates include WPML, String Translation, Translation Management, WooCommerce Multilingual and CMS Nav.

If you’re already using WordPress 5.5, you should update WPML now, to keep everything working. If you’re not yet on WordPress 5.5, these updates aren’t urgent for you. The changes that we did are backward compatible, so you can safely update WPML even if you haven’t yet updated WordPress.

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