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Type of work:

Add new features, Build a new site, Develop the functionality of the site, Give detailed consulting about a potential project, Help me develop something, Help writing content, Integrate with an external system, SEO, Troubleshoot and fix problems, Update or fix an existing site, Visual design

Project size:
  • Small Business
  • Agency/Enterprise

I can maintain sites

Site categories:

Blog, Brochure, Education, Membership

Favorite WordPress themes:

Custom Theme

Project budget:

Minimum budget is 1900 USD

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Long story short. After working few years for enterprise corporations I founded ITWS in 2007 with focus on providing 360 Digital services for local and international corporate clients, brands and advertising agencies. 12 years later with a team of 10+ people, we’ve worked with more than 20 advertising agencies and hundreds of clients locally and internationally. From brochure websites – till complex systems, from mobile and SPAs – till customer journeys or interactive HTML5 banner ads – we have done all of this and can help.

One of our core specialty is the development of light, stunning custom WordPress websites for virtually any type of business. Since 2011 we’ve switched all our websites to WPML as a partner of choice for our multi-lingual WP projects. We not only custom WP themes but to ensure the best quality for our customers we help you through the whole web product experience:

  1. Idea;
  2. Design (Brand Identity as well);
  4. WordPress, WPML, ACF or custom plugin development, WP Rest API integrations, etc.;
  5. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, HotJar, Facebook Pixel, Floodlight, Conversions, Remarketing, etc. integrations;
  6. Advertising, Analyzing and Optimizing your website (Data Studio, DoubleClick, AdWords, FB Ads);

Feel welcome to get in touch with any questions you might have, you have 15min. free consultation as a new client.

WPML user since: setembro, 2011

Contractor since: janeiro, 2018