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If you see an error message saying that WPML is unable to connect to WPML.org, it is because of an issue from the server or your internet connection. To resolve this, you can force another check, inspect the Installer Support Log, or seek assistance from the support team.

How can I force another check when WPML can’t connect?

You can force another check to clear the notice by going to ​​DashboardUpdates and clicking the Check again button.

Forcing WPML to check again

How do I check the Installer Support Log for errors?

If forcing another check does not work, you can check the error log by going to WPMLSupport and clicking Installer Support.

Accessing the Installer Support log

Here is a summary of what the following errors mean and any action you can take:

Log error message What it means What you can do
wpml: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: api.wpml.org You (if testing from a local development install) or your host are not connected to the internet or its DNS server is not properly configured or reachable. Check your internet connection or contact your hosting support and try again
wpml: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to api.wpml.org port 443: Bad access WPML is blocked by a firewall Contact your hosting provider and ask them to whitelist the following domains:
  • wpml.org
  • cdn.wpml.org
  • api.wpml.org
  • api.toolset.com
  • cloudfront.net
wpml: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 45009 milliseconds with 0 bytes received There was a temporary slow-down between your server and WPML.org Try again in a few minutes. If the issue persists, ask for assistance from your hosting provider

If you don’t see any errors in the log, click Check now next to Installer System Status.

Checking for installer log errors
Checking for installer log errors

What should I do if I can’t resolve the connection issue myself?

If none of these solutions listed above solve the issue, please open a ticket so our support team can investigate it further.