Advanced Translation editor is a replacement for the built-in editor and allows to translate in a faster and more efficient way. It includes translation memory, machine translation, glossary, spell checking, and formatting tools.

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finished translations not showing on the front end 1 2

Iniciado por: janeO em: English Support

2 22 3 horas, 11 minutos atrás


Cambios en etiquetas html

Iniciado por: borjaL-3 em: Soporte en Español

2 14 6 horas, 38 minutos atrás


Follow up from Support ticket #4977537

Iniciado por: chrisH-36 em: English Support

2 3 8 horas, 16 minutos atrás


ATE not working with woocommerce tab manager

Iniciado por: stanislavR em: English Support

2 3 8 horas, 21 minutos atrás


Utilización de la traducción automática

Iniciado por: maria-del-marG-3 em: Soporte en Español
Quick solution available

2 15 9 horas atrás


ATE Credit Missing

Iniciado por: weidongW em: English Support

2 3 13 horas, 19 minutos atrás


Issue with Advanced Translation Editor

Iniciado por: thibaultC-3 em: English Support

2 13 15 horas, 32 minutos atrás


Integración Swift Page Builder

Iniciado por: elisabethA-2 em: Soporte en Español

2 5 1 dia, 4 horas atrás


Remove featured image from advanced translation strings

Iniciado por: danielK-105 em: English Support

2 3 1 dia, 9 horas atrás


Übersetzungen werden teilweise nicht angezeigt erweiterten Übersetzungs-Editor

Iniciado por: irinaS-11 em: Support in Deutsch

2 3 1 dia, 9 horas atrás


Translation Memory & Automatic Translation

Iniciado por: daneelM em: English Support

2 5 1 dia, 14 horas atrás

Bruno Kos

can't select the "Use WPML's Advanced Translation Editor"

Iniciado por: mark-gillU em: English Support

2 7 1 dia, 15 horas atrás


Incorrect word count.

Iniciado por: sonyaB-2 em: English Support

2 2 1 dia, 20 horas atrás


Can’t buy words advanced editor! URGENT!

Iniciado por: fernandoM-38 em: English Support
Quick solution available

2 8 2 dias, 3 horas atrás


Source Language content does not update in Advance Translations Editor

Iniciado por: jadeH-3 em: English Support

2 3 2 dias, 6 horas atrás