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Having a problem translating part of your web site? Not sure how to send the translation to a translator? Leave us the full details of what you are trying to translate and how and we'll help you resolve the issue.

Status Tópico
Supporter Vozes Posts Tempo
Translation Editor not including Elementor objects to be translated 1 2 3 4

Iniciado por: julianB-16 em: English Support

4 49 3 horas, 26 minutos atrás


Can you help me with translating the text in my subscription email

Iniciado por: robA-7 em: English Support

2 6 4 horas, 6 minutos atrás


Problems with listingpro theme 1 2

Iniciado por: marcom-131 em: English Support

2 21 4 horas, 27 minutos atrás

Carlos Rojas

I need certain fields in the Classic Translator Editor not to be translated.

Iniciado por: julianB-16 em: English Support

2 3 4 horas, 33 minutos atrás


I cannot traslate 3 string in poduct page and the woocommerce tab

Iniciado por: fabrizioT-7 em: English Support

2 9 4 horas, 42 minutos atrás


How to load a .mo file

Iniciado por: mathieulaflamme em: English Support

2 6 4 horas, 52 minutos atrás


WPML not showing same shipping options in WooCommerce

Iniciado por: Mylene em: English Support

2 2 5 horas, 47 minutos atrás


Smartling Language Codes?

Iniciado por: peterL-60 em: English Support

3 10 5 horas, 55 minutos atrás

Ahmed Ibrahim

Inhalte alter, bereits gelöschter Revisionen, werden zur Übersetzung angezeigt

Iniciado por: michaelA-59 em: English Support

2 12 6 horas, 1 minuto atrás


I am trying to translate the Learndash quiz button label, but it doesn't work

Iniciado por: nicolaA-5 em: English Support

2 3 6 horas, 21 minutos atrás


Default currency is EUR, but it shown GBP instead

Iniciado por: carlos-helderG em: English Support

2 7 6 horas, 54 minutos atrás


Portfolio is not showing on secondary languages

Iniciado por: thierryD-5 em: English Support

2 5 7 horas, 28 minutos atrás


Übersetzung nicht Möglich wegen Fehlermeldung: There has been a critical error

Iniciado por: stefanieA-3 em: Unterstützung in Deutsch

3 5 7 horas, 29 minutos atrás


gestione padding pagine tradotte

Iniciado por: davideG-20 em: Assistenza in italiano

2 4 8 horas, 15 minutos atrás


html entities appearing on translated french page

Iniciado por: Garcia Lasso de la Vega em: English Support

2 15 8 horas, 27 minutos atrás

Garcia Lasso de la Vega