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2. If your site still feels slow, we recommend that you check what's the reason. Follow our tutorial on debugging performance issues.

3. After this debug, if you see that WPML is starring in the load report, please let us know so that we can troubleshoot and resolve it.

Status Tópico
Supporter Vozes Posts Tempo
Eror 500

Iniciado por: nour-el-islamD em: English Support

2 6 2 minutos atrás


the product we translate to is not saved

Iniciado por: mithatE-2 em: English Support

2 4 3 horas, 40 minutos atrás


WordPress is instantly slower after installation

Iniciado por: lucasP-15 em: English Support

2 2 12 horas, 24 minutos atrás

Bruno Kos

Fatal error after WPML update

Iniciado por: violaH-2 em: English Support

2 7 17 horas, 41 minutos atrás


DATABASE problem: wp_icl_translate too big!

Iniciado por: francescoL-19 em: English Support

2 10 1 dia, 3 horas atrás


Plugin: wpml-string-translation ralentiza mucho la web

Iniciado por: sara-belenL em: Soporte en Español

2 4 1 dia, 14 horas atrás

Paola Mendiburu

After WPML installation my website size has double.

Iniciado por: carloF-4 em: English Support

2 3 2 dias, 9 horas atrás


La página en francés carga muy lenta.

Iniciado por: sandraS-20 em: Soporte en Español

2 2 2 dias, 14 horas atrás

Paola Mendiburu

Woocommerce & WPML Slow Backend 1 2

Iniciado por: Justiin em: English Support

2 18 2 dias, 16 horas atrás


All is slow after activate WPML plugin

Iniciado por: jesusC-10 em: English Support

2 2 2 dias, 17 horas atrás

Bruno Kos

It takes nearly 3 secs to load a language

Iniciado por: hugoC-2 em: English Support

2 4 2 dias, 21 horas atrás

Shekhar Bhandari

admin-ajax transactions slowing the website

Iniciado por: Marco em: Supporto in Italiano

2 6 4 dias, 10 horas atrás


Slow website after activating WPML

Iniciado por: michelS-2 em: English Support

2 10 4 dias, 15 horas atrás


Performance issue in second language

Iniciado por: rahiedB em: English Support

2 10 5 dias, 3 horas atrás


Big delay when installing WPML

Iniciado por: nickP-2 em: English Support

2 2 6 dias, 12 horas atrás

Carlos Rojas