String Translation allows you to translate texts that do not belong to any post. You will be able to translate the site's tagline, widget titles, texts in the theme admin, plugins and anything that uses GetText for localization. Related documentation:

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Problema con traducciones importadas

Iniciado por: siroppeD em: Soporte en Español

2 3 19 horas, 48 minutos atrás


A translation do not show up in the sent woocommerce email

Iniciado por: michaelS-139 em: English Support

2 12 19 horas, 51 minutos atrás

Andreas W.

Warning error on posts.

Iniciado por: sylvainC-2 em: English Support

2 4 20 horas, 42 minutos atrás

Raja Mohammed

I need to translate a menu button that is connected to the theme settings

Iniciado por: jeroenV-58 em: English Support

2 2 22 horas, 12 minutos atrás


Can't translate footer html widget

Iniciado por: danS-31 em: English Support

2 3 1 dia, 5 horas atrás


Estimated Delivery Time

Iniciado por: anthonyL-13 em: English Support

2 17 1 dia, 6 horas atrás

Rohan Sadanandan

401 error while .po file import

Iniciado por: ricardoS-31 em: English Support

2 2 1 dia, 9 horas atrás


String Translation funktioniert nicht in DE und EN

Iniciado por: danielM-3 em: Support in Deutsch

2 8 1 dia, 10 horas atrás


"Traduci le destinazioni dei link" cancella il contenuto delle pagine tradotte

Iniciado por: Tommaso em: Supporto in Italiano

2 4 1 dia, 10 horas atrás


Order mails translation displays default language

Iniciado por: rolandd-5 em: English Support

2 10 1 dia, 13 horas atrás

Raja Mohammed

WordPress detected an critical error: Typ E_ERROR : WPML String Translation 1 2

Iniciado por: robinD-9 em: Support in Deutsch

2 27 1 dia, 13 horas atrás


Some strings from the WPL theme and plugin are not translated

Iniciado por: elisabethv-6 em: English Support
Quick solution available

2 11 1 dia, 13 horas atrás


Translated strings but not shown in frontend

Iniciado por: asierP em: English Support

2 4 1 dia, 14 horas atrás

Rohan Sadanandan

I cant import PO file…

Iniciado por: yoseph-rafaelY em: English Support

2 2 1 dia, 19 horas atrás


Change text of a string

Iniciado por: abrahamr-3 em: English Support

2 3 2 dias, 7 horas atrás