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In order to run multilingual sites with WooCommerce, you need to have our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin installed. The WooCommerce Multilingual page includes detailed documentation for setting up your multilingual e-commerce site. When you report issues or ask for help, make sure to tell us the versions of everything you are running. This should include:

  • WPML
  • WPML modules that you are using
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Multilingual

Status Tópico
Supporter Vozes Posts Tempo
Automatically translate the attributes on WooCommerce Multilingual

Iniciado por: sashaC-4 em: English Support

2 2 37 minutos atrás

Christopher Amirian

Is there a way to show the translated attributes without translating the product? 1 2

Iniciado por: leonidasI em: English Support

4 29 2 horas, 14 minutos atrás


Currency & caching conflict

Iniciado por: mehdiT-2 em: English Support

2 2 3 horas, 1 minuto atrás

Christopher Amirian

Second language checkout redirects to first lang EMPTY cart 1 2

Iniciado por: flipsideF em: English Support

2 17 4 horas, 56 minutos atrás

Christopher Amirian

Seiten in Englisch werden nicht angezeigt | Startseite bleibt mit '+-Zeichen'

Iniciado por: carmenB-7 em: Unterstützung in Deutsch

2 5 6 horas, 35 minutos atrás


Default Attribute translation is shown in encoded form 1 2

Iniciado por: santoshT em: English Support

2 18 6 horas, 47 minutos atrás

Christopher Amirian

Elementor display conditions not working on category child

Iniciado por: garyD-6 em: English Support

2 7 6 horas, 57 minutos atrás


facebook sync

Iniciado por: rogerW-10 em: Unterstützung in Deutsch

2 2 10 horas, 54 minutos atrás

Andreas W.

WPML Stock reduces only per language, not on whole shop

Iniciado por: zhimingl em: English Support

2 2 12 horas, 25 minutos atrás


Certain products in second language to be visible+kept in cart at lang switch

Iniciado por: denisaT em: English Support

2 13 19 horas, 45 minutos atrás


Elementor Pro Product Archive Template not applied on translation

Iniciado por: michaelP-74 em: English Support

2 15 1 dia, 1 hora atrás


A section of my products disappear in the translations

Iniciado por: abubakarH em: English Support

2 9 1 dia, 1 hora atrás


stock not syncing and html issue in translation

Iniciado por: abubakarH em: English Support

2 9 1 dia, 1 hora atrás


There has been a critical error on your website

Iniciado por: yenaY em: English Support

2 3 1 dia, 9 horas atrás


Errors when activating WCML Multi Currency

Iniciado por: danielK-117 em: English Support

2 8 1 dia, 11 horas atrás

Andreas W.