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Problem: I cant' translate the password help field from the userpro Plugin

Solution: Please follow the instructions on the link below

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julho 3, 2019 às 7:24 pm


Olá vou criar o ticket na minha língua principal e traduzir abaixo, preciso que o plugin UserPro seja completamente traduzido, já consegui chegar em uns 95% de satisfação porém algumas strings não aparecem na aba String Translation tentei usar a função " Translate texts in admin screens » " porém quando eu mando aplicar as novas strings elas não aparecem, como se eu não tivesse alterado nada. Achei no fórum que eu precisava aumentar max_input_var com muito custo eu consegui alterar pra 4000 (1000 acima do recomendado) porém o problema persiste! Podem por favor me ajudar ?

Hello, I'm creating the ticket in my main language and translate below, I need the UserPro plugin to be completely translated, I've already managed to get 95% satisfaction, but some strings do not appear in the String Translation tab. I tried to use the "Translate texts in admin screens »" But when I apply the new strings they do not appear, as if I had not changed anything. I found in the forum that I needed to increase max_input_var with a lot of cost I got to change to 4000 (1000 above recommended) however the problem persists! Can you please help me?

julho 4, 2019 às 10:13 am #4142237


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Welcome to WPML Support.
I'll do my best to help you solve this issue.

Yes, i see that you have many options in there and as you read (probably in this documentation: ), you have to increase the MaxVarInput value on your installation in order for this page to work correctly.

I checked the number if inputs you have on this page by opening the Chrome inspector and writing this snippet:


and the result was: 43632 so you need to have that or more as value in your MaxVarInput in order for the code to actually be registered.

There's another way to do this, though, and that involves reading this documentation:

you can write the registration XML code in WPML > Settings > Custom XML Configuration

and by checking the screenshots you sent me the code would look like this:

        <key name="userpro_fields">
            <key name="user_pass">
                <key name="help"></key>

I saw that you had a similar one, so i just removed what was not right and saved it (congratulations by the way, you were really close to get it right!). the string is now in WPML > String Translation and you can translate it easily.


julho 4, 2019 às 10:14 am
julho 4, 2019 às 12:37 pm #4143283


My issue is resolved now. Thank you so much!