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Alejandro supported me very well in this issue AndreaB-8
Too slow MircoM-5
Laura did not understand my request and she was quick in closing the ticket and declaring this issue resolved. CristinaM-27
She closed my ticket without even looking at the issue. AlejandroA-19
She helped me to fix my last issue. StefaniaC-5
She closed my ticked after an hour without any reply from me. (I'm sorry Laura .. ) AttilaC
Not familiar with dokan KeizerO
Nothing, just this - "Laura is handling 3 other support questions. Other supporters have an average of 1.63 questions." AlanA-17
My last support request was not handled is was to be expected John
The last time she took too long to answer me: after understanding the problem she said she would let me know when she would find the solution together with the technicians, for three weeks she didn't make herself heard, and it wasn't the first time. This time I need urgent help for 25th because of Black Friday DelioF

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