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Bad customer service overall... MikaelG-6
Nothing bothered me, it's just that right now, I am working with your colleague Dražen Duvnjak on this issue: As he he most familiar with our particular setup, it may be easier for him. Having said that, Shekar is certainly a very good supporter too! Kind regards, Henri Dan
short instructions, difficult to understand. Cassandrap
Nothing bothered us. We would like to continue with Andreas on this topic. We could not reply in our previous thread on this topic. A.m.L
No special reason, just wold like this (and my previous) ticket(s) to be attended. Thanks. Fabio Fava
He couldn't help me! AhmadQ
Responsible man LimS-5
hello i Tais
Misunderstandigs - the help led to knowhere while I needed to spend a lot of time performing Mr Bhandari's instructions. It was all meant well but the issue could not be solved in this way in a reasonable time. PawelZ-11
Alejandro ClaudiaG-15

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