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  1. Hello,
    thank you for your interest in WPML
    1. We don’t but the more credits you use the cheaper it is per credit – please use the interactive calculator on this page to estimate your costs:
    Please expand the “How much does automatic translation cost?” section in FAQ
    Calculator only up to 1.5 Million words. We need to understand preice for more (5 Million words)

    2. Yes, WPML is compatible with Yoast. You will need to install the “WPML SEO” plugin. This “glue” plugin allows for easier translation of your SEO content using WPML. It’s included in the Multilingual CMS package.

    3. Yes, it is. We call it Glossary:
    Plus, if you make manualy updates to automatic translations, these are saved in the so-called Translation memory which means, that the next time you translate the same phrase it your version of the translation will be applied.

    4. Not really. We have this feature:
    ok. Suggestion to include this functionality further

  2. Hello. The Adforest Ads theme to WordPress indicates WPML how compatible plugin to translation. I will work in 2 leanguages. One question, at the Post an AD page, all of the required information form would be transleted to the second lenguage? I will work by subdirectory way (

    • Hello Lucas,

      Your theme AdForest is not in our compatibility list, however it doesn’t necessarily imply that it is not compatible, just that our team has not tested yet.
      I have looked in our archives and there were a few reports in our forum regarding your theme however they seemed to be solved at this point by the author. I recommend you to contact the author if you have some doubts about the compatibility. Otherwise, you can look for other theme alternatives in the previous link.

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