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WPML contractor
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Ex Oriente Lux is a Latin locution literally meaning ‘from the East (comes) the light’. It refers of course to the Sun rising in the East but also evokes the founding role played by Eastern civilizations in World history.

The association EX ORIENTE LUX, through its website, brings to the attention of a greater audience several projects, selected according to their interest, scientific pertinence and feasibility, and is a guarantee for the donors that their money will be effectively used with scientific aims only.

We provide these services for the theme:

  • Creative web design with WordPress and WPML. The website has 3 languages: French, English and Persian.
  • On-page SEO.
  • SEO consulting.
  • Content Creation consulting.
  • Maintenance.
  • Provide professional WordPress Host services with Cpanel and lightspeed.

    How to build a multilingual blog with Toolset

    To build a blog with Toolset you will need to:

    1. Create custom post types to create sections for your website (showcase, testimonials, projects)
    2. Add custom fields so it’s easy to add the same required information for each post
    3. Display your blog posts and search results on the front end with Views
    4. Design your blog pages using Layouts

    To translate your blog with WPML you will need to:

    1. Choose who will translate your content, yourself, your own translators or a translation service
    2. Translate your pages, posts and custom post types
    3. Translate other site content such as custom fields, images and URLs
    4. Translate strings

    If you are assigning translations

    You will want to follow the steps above but you will need to send content for translation.

    You can find more details on each step within our guide on how to translate a WordPress website.

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