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  1. gravapp says:

    Hello, i have an online shop and i would like to know if i can translate only the menu into arabic without having changes on the pages (because rtl will be effected on them so i will have problems with alignment)

  2. Arker Phyo says:

    i want to purchase your plugin.
    but i wanna know how much i have to spend in your plugin
    to run perfectly with woo commerce plugin and porto themes.

  3. Sidra Zuberi says:

    Hi WPMAL Team,
    Hopefully, you are having a good time. I am Sidra, the Content Manager from WPArena team. I was reading WordPress Multilingual Plugin review at WPMayor. It was a good review but lacks a lot of information/details that might be useful for the readers.
    We at WPArena provide in-depth reviews and product analysis. We only write the review after thoroughly testing the product. This will cost you one-time charges of 250 dollars.
    To proceed, we need the product copy/license for testing purposes and your PayPal ID for sending the invoice.
    For more Information you’re welcome to visit our reviews section, for which the link is given below:
    Waiting for your response
    Kind Regards,
    Sidra Zuberi
    Content Manager, WPArena

  4. Matin says:


    I have a blog that I’ve been running for a couple of years that contains a lot of content. I’d like to buy WPML to add another language to it but I don’t necessarily want to use it as translations. I’d like to know if it’s possible to have separate posts in each language or the second language content has to be necessarily be a translation of the English content.

    Would I also have the option to have different menus in each language?

    Thank you

    • David says:

      The answer to both questions is yes. I would recommend you to use WPML 3.9 though because we resolved a bug there with your requested scenario: “two unconnected posts with the same slug didn’t behave correctly”.
      WPML 3.9 is currently in the third beta and very close to the final release.

  5. Sofija says:

    i am interested for buying WPML for a sites i should start development. My question is related for 2 things … with lifetime licence , can i use WPML at more than one site or just at one ? Second question is related for addons, lifetime licence inculding all addons or they are something what should be bought separatly ? In this i mean for lets say sticky links , woocommerce multilang , string translator etc.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Toyoda says:

    Hello. I have a question about language negotiation.
    The language redirection function with Polylang and Polylang Pro is limited to the start page. What about WPML?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      I’m not sure if I undestand your question, but let me explain what WPML offers in terms of language redirection. If you leave some of your pages without translation you can still enable the language switcher for those but redirect the user to the homepage. If you are asking about a feature that detects a user language (according to his/her browser settings), WPML provides such a feature (it’s disabled by default, you need to turn in on in WPML settings). Please about if your explain your problem and I will tell you what are the options in WPML?

    • Toyoda says:

      Dear Agnes,
      I purchased WPML and tested it, to discover that its language redirection function is not limited to the start page. If you never tried Polygang before, the fact that Polylang does it only with the start page would be rather surprising, but that is how Polylang works. In any way, this question has been settled in favor of WPML.
      The only disadvantage I have found so far with WPML is that when I choose the “different languages in directories” option for the language URL format, I must use the ISO language code as the directory tag. Polylang allows me to use any tag as I decide. The ISO codes for Chinese are very long (zh-hans and zh-hant).
      Have a good day!

      • Agnes Bury says:

        Thanks for purchasing WPML and sharing your feedback. If you have any issues with using WPML, please open a ticket in our support forum. Have a good day too.

  7. Leo Smid says:

    We can not create new sitekeys. Is our license not valid anymore? What to do?

  8. Guy says:

    We are a technical news website and more often than not the automatic translation is not great, so I would like to know if there is an option we can add on the frontend for readers to display original language (English)

    Thank you

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Guy,
      WPML doesn’t translate your content automatically at all. You either provide your own translations or you can use one of the professional translation services that can be access via the WPML Translation Management add-on.

  9. hi
    I use 3 languages on my site. but I do not see the products I translate in arabic. I can not find what the problem is. i use wpml, handystore thema and woocommerce.

  10. FOTIS says:

    I want to use multiple languages in my woocomerce website. I tried the “WooCommerce Multilingual” plugin but what I get is the following warning:
    “WooCommerce Multilingual is enabled but not effective. It requires WPML, WPML Translation Management, WPML String Translation and WPML Media in order to work”.

    Theese four plugins are something different or are including in the “Multilingual CMS Lifetime” package. Means that if I purchase the “Multilingual CMS Lifetime” (195$) for a lifetime I will not need anything else for full compatibility and functionality?

  11. Nour Mohad says:

    We are interested in WPML Multilingual CMS as our website will be serving 3 languages, French, English and Arabic. I have seen online that you offer your plug-in for Free to non-profits. We are a non-profit organization that aims to help youth.
    Please advise if there is any offers or discounts that we can use.

  12. cedricA says:

    i missed my renewal this year
    i didn’t receive any warning email for this end of november
    how can i do to catch it now ?
    Thxs for your help

    • mercedes says:

      Hello Cedric,
      I will check with the Systems team if we sent you the notification for renewal. I will contact you via e-mail about this.


  13. Mushtaque says:

    I have Envato Theme name ” BIGBAZAAR” please confirm as I wanted the currency Options in my website.

    • mercedes says:

      Dear Mushtaque,
      Thanks for asking. You can see here a list of compatible themes.

      I am afraid we have not tested BigBazaar. Still, if the author has followed WordPress documentation thoroughly the theme should be basically compatible.

      Also note you’re welcome to try WPML with it and see how they work. If you need help, our supporters at the forum will assist you. We will also be happy to work with the author on the compatibility, if needed. If, after all, WPML does not suit your needs we will refund you right away. You have up to 30 days to try it http://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

      Hope this helps!

  14. Noemi Peli says:

    I tried to purchase the Multilingual CMS, but my card was (not to be honored). I use this card every day for online purchasing. Can you please support me – I would need your product urgently.

  15. Peter says:


    1/Is my theme compatible?

    2/ Does this plugin automatically translate all my posts to other languages I request?

    3/ If I choose to translate all my posts to 10 languages, does each language have its own Urls’s which will can be indexed by google?

    4/ Is it simple enough to auto translate all my posts to another language?

    Thank you

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Peter,
      1. You can check if your theme is compatible with WPML here: https://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/
      But please note that even if your theme is not on that list, you still will be able to translate basic stuff, such as pages, posts, menus.
      2. No, it doesn’t.
      3. Yes, translated posts and pages will have their own URLs but you need to enter the translations yourself.
      4. WPML doesn’t have such an option. Automatic translations don’t provide any value for search engines such as Google. If you want your site to be ranked well in search engines, you need human made translations.

  16. sitaram says:

    I want to purchase the WPML But I am confused whether the WPML will support Burmese language or not , Please provide a documentation guide so that we will assured that plugin will support burmese language

  17. Ivona says:


    Is WPML plugin compatible with Titan Framework? I have a custom website build on Titan Framework and Metabox plugin and all the multilanguage version of the site is build from code practically. I would like to implement your plugin on my site.

    I would appreciate your answer as soon as possible!


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Ivona,
      none of these two plugins you’ve mentioned wasn’t tested by our Compatibility Team but WPML allows you to translate meta boxes so don’t consider these two plugin incompatible. You might give it a try and test these plugins with WPML by yourself, keeping our refund policy in mind. For creating custom post types and custom fields you can also use the Toolset Types plugin which is WPML compatible (the same company behind).

  18. Dan says:


    I’m looking to manually translate my wordpress site into Polish. Firstly, do you offer a Polish option and secondly, which package would I have to purchase from you? My website consists of 8 pages and around 2,500 words – if that’s even applicable.


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Dat,
      you can make you website available in English and Polish languages using WPML. Please note that WPML doesn’t translate your content automatically. If you don’t have anybody who can do the translation work for you, you can use one of the professional translation services that are integrated with WPML. In that case you will need to buy the CMS package since it includes the Translation Management module which allows you to send your posts and pages to translation services directly from your WordPress site. Here’s the list of translation services that are integrated with WPML: https://wpml.org/documentation/content-translation/ You would need to get in touch with the services individually to ask for their pricing.

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