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    • Hello Suzanna,
      I’m not sure what specific fields you are referring to but using WPML plugin you can both translate your products and all strings coming from the WooCommerce plugin. But please note that it makes sense to use WPML when you want to have a multilingual store (which means running your site in at least two languages).

  1. I need to translate the site to 3 languages. It is built on WordPress and also has woocommerce installed. What would be my need? Do I get translation with WPML for CMS? Do I need to also purchase the WPML for Woocommerce plugin? Does the renewal fee mean Things will stop being translated after the year is out?

  2. Hello.
    I would like to buy the license for my company.
    I updated My Account and I have fill in the details of the company at the checkout.
    1. I have updated the email and it appears the old email address
    2. At billing details on Secure Checkout it appears my personal data, not the company data.
    3. I still have VAT added, even if I submit my registration EU number for the company.
    Please advise. I need to complete the purchase quickly.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Victor,
      I have replied to your mail about this. Please reply there as it will be easier to follow up.


    • Yes, that’s true. It will happen soon. I don’t know the exact date. Of course these WPML customers who already have the Lifetime subscription (or will buy it before that switch) will continue having access to our support help and future releases without any additional costs.

  3. Dear WPML,

    I just made a purchase and paypal payment was accepted.

    However, when I try download the plugin, you ask me to be loggedin.

    If I was correct, I have not opened an account on this website.

    So, I tried reset my password via email and I got the reset link through my email account.

    But unfortunately, when I flow the reset link on the email, your website keep tells me that the key did not appear to be valid.

    Please help me. I need to finish the developing my website.

    I give you my invoice number here. “1551987”



    • Hello Shim,
      I have sent a password reset link. Please make sure to check your spam folder as well and confirm.

      Kind regards,

      • Hi Mercedes,

        Thank you for the reply.
        I checked my spam folder but I didn’t get the reset link so far.
        Since I’m getting your order confirmation, I don’t think that it would be the matter with the spam folder.
        Could you give me the reset link to my another email address?
        Or, give me other direction to download the plugin.

        I post another email address in the Mail field in this form.
        If it is possible please give me the link to the new email address.

        If it is not possible, I think you can reset my account by yourself and you can give me the ID/PW information to my new email.



        • Hello again,
          Just to let you know the team has confirmed they see the link work correctly. We don’t see any problem with the reset link shared in the email.
          It’s enclosed in < the link to reset the password > but that’s just it. The link is working if you follow it from the email or by copying and pasting it in a browser.


      • Nevermind.

        I just re-tried the reset link from the login page.

        I realized the link you gave me has “” chars in front of and the end of the link.

        That was the problem. When I click the link, the browser opens the link with the last “>” character.

        I have no idea why you send the link between chars, but I think it’s not a good idea.

        Have a great day.



        • Thanks Jung Won Ad for the feedback. I will share it with the Systems team. Let me know if you need any further help.

          Kind regards,

  4. Hi,

    I have received payment confirmation and receipt as well as some welcoming email, But my account login and download instructions were not sent. Is this something I should be worried about? Does it take a day or two or should I have received it right after payment?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Petro,
      I have already replied to your mail about this. Please let me know there if you still need help.


  5. Hi,
    the Page Title translation is supported in your plugin, correct? I am using an outdated plugin to have the possibility for short Page Titles that are display in the menu instead of the original long Title that is only displayed in the page content. This plugin adds “Alternative Link Text” and “Alternative Title Attribute” fields to the Write Page and Manage Page screens. These can be used to specify alternative link text and title attributes to be used in place of the page title in page lists generated using the wp_list_pages() function. Is this functionality somehow supported by WPML?

    • Hello, yes, both the page title, page url (slug) and image attributes (alt, caption, title) can be translated using WPML.

  6. Dear all,

    Two quick questions about the lifetime version:

    Every 3-4 years we develop a new web page, can I transport the WPML plugin from every old to new webpage without having to buy it again?

    Our website is in English and Spanish (Russian coming), is it possible to change the URL to the active language. We do not like URLs like http://www…./es/about-us, we rather like http://www…/es/acerca-de-nosotros, which is much more natural.

    Thank you

    • Hello Manfred,
      It will stop receiving updates as well as cancel your access to the technical forum if you do not renew.

      Kind regards,

  7. Hi, I am using the evolve + theme, and would need to translate some strings in the sliders part, etc…. is the WPML String Translation Plugin included in the basic one year version?

    • Hello, the Evolve theme is compatible with WPML: please check this link.

      You need to have at least the CMS ($79) version to be able to translate all elements from this theme (including sliders)

  8. Hello,

    İf ı did not renew , could ı still use my version to a new website , or it will just work on the website that already installed in ??

    • Hello Jack,
      If you have downloaded and saved the files somewhere, you are welcome to re-use them as many times as you need. Note you need an active subscription to access downloads.


  9. Hi,

    I have been a client of wpml since 2015. It appears last year we were too late for our renewal (because of a change in personnel).

    Do I really have to buy a new one now or can we still arrange the renewal ?

    Best regards,


    • Hello Simon,
      I see your subscription expired in September last year. Did you not receive the reminder to renew?

      Let me know please.


      • Hi Mercedes,

        I am not sure; as I said we have had a change in personnel; so the mail has most likely been sent to the email address of the person that no longer works with us.



  10. If i purchase this product will i be able to use it on as many wordpresses as i want or is there any limitation like using only for one website?

    • Hello piroz,
      You will be able to register WPML on as many sites as you want, as long as your subscription is active.

      Kind regards,

  11. I Purchased the unlimited license a yesterday – but today I received an email notifying me that my purchase had been refunded. I did not request a refund. Can this be reversed?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Kier,
      I have just replied to your mail about this. Please let’s go on the discussion there as it will be easier to follow up.


  12. Hi,

    do you have any promotions going on or discounts? I live in Eastern Europe so here I have to work a week and a half for $80.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Hello Andrei,
      I am afraid we do not offer discounts. You are welcome to start with the Blog subscription for 29$ and when you are ready upgrade to CMS for the difference (50$ more).
      Hope this helps!

  13. Hi I am planning to buy Multilingual CMS Lifetime package, Before purchase I want to clarify few points with you

    1. What are the languages available in WPML? If it is so much Can you show me any reference url
    2. How about automatic website redirection (www.xyz.com/au, http://www.xyz.com/sg etc) based on country IP Address?
    3. How to add more countries in future? How to add existing content for new countries?
    4. How to remove countries and its page content etc?
    5. How to integrate WPML with our existing theme?
    6. How about each language (wordpress page/post layout)? Let say in English language Home page layout has 4 section, but I want only 2 section in my bahasa – Indonesia ?(if you any reference video/web url send to me)
    7. I need multiple country option and within country multiple language? is it can be done using WPML?

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. Please note that WPML doesn’t translate your content automatically. Here’s the list of pre-configured languages but you can add all other languages manually. https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/language-setup/
      2. Not possible. In WPML you can only redirect according to the language a user has set in his/her browser.
      3. You mean, new languages? That’s easy. You go to WPML settings and add a new language.
      4. You mean to delete a country? Again, in WPML settings. If you have translations, you need to remove the translations as well.
      5. It depends on how the layouts was built. If that’s something that your theme provides and the theme is compatible with WPML, you will translate these sections as well. The same applies to page builders.
      6. Yes, if you use the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin (it’s included in the CMS or Lifetime subscription).

    • Hi Agnes Bury,
      Thanks for your reply, I need clarification on my 7th point that is
      “I need multiple country option and within country multiple language? is it can be done using WPML?” Means – from my main website http://www.abc.com, i have list of language with dropdown option, (arabic, chinese, french etc) if choose Chinese, the website content will load in chinese language http://www.abc.com/ch – now my question is within this url http://www.abc.com/ch i need english version also is it possible?

      • Hello,
        a subsite (subdirectory) should be always in one language. Otherwise Google (and other search engines) will be confused.

  14. Hi,

    I recently buy a plugin.
    But right now we are working on dev server, and we need an site key.
    so is it possible that i can add the dev site for now, and once site is on production than i can remove the dev key and registered an new key for live url??

    please help.


    • Hello,
      you can registered as many sites/domains as you want. In other words you can use one WPML license for all of your sites/domains, including test sites.

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