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    • Hello Bettina,
      If you buy the Lifetime subscription for 195$ you can use WPML on as many sites as you want, without the need to renew. The other versions also allow for unlimited sites but need to be renewed yearly.


  1. Hi.

    i would like to know if this plugin will be able to translate my site to French on default. as my site is in English at this moment but the people that’s going to use it speaks french primarily and i unfortunately i don’t, so i would like to load the site in french from the get go.

    thanks in advance. Chando

      • Thanks for your quick response. I was hoping this will solve my problem but I will still have a look at the option you gave me if all else fails.

      • No, its not the content i am talking about. I am aware that i need to do the translations. What i am talking about are the pages tah translations are on, the setup of the page, the design, where the text boxes are and where the pictures are. Thats what i need locked so that if i change the position of a picture on one page, it will automatically update that on the other 5 languages as well so i dont have to edit 5 pages.

        • What do you mean by changing a position on a page? Is the picture coming from you page body? Or this is something that works only for your theme? What theme do you use?

  2. Im considering purchasing your 79$ package.
    I do have one question though. Is there an option to lock the design, so that when i edit in the structure in one language, it automatically does it in all the other languages as well? Also so that when i want to create a new language the structure of the page is already there so i just have to focus on content and not creating a new page with new structure duplicated from another one. I want to minimize risk of mistakes.
    Thank you

  3. Hello,
    I just bought business plan on WordPress. I contacted their staff about multilanguage site. I know that they have some plgins that auto-translate site but I dont need that so they gave me your link.
    My intention is to have site in 3 laguage just like http://www.dw.com/en/top-stories/s-9097 has 30 languages.
    So I would like to edit each language on my own. Staff from WordPress said that WordPress doesnt have option to do multisite install.
    So with your product, am I able to have my site like for rxample kilborg.com/en, kilborg.com/de, kilborg.com/fr and that I am able to edit each language ” part” of a website on my own ?
    So whan some1 come to my page .com there would be like 3 flages, you pick one and there you are, on side of a website that is in that language?

    The problem may be with theme I use? its premium theme Broadsheet.

    Thank You for answers.

    • Hello Ivan, you mean you have a site running on wordpress.com? Please know that WPML customers buy our plugins for their self hosted sites. I don’t know how WPML will work at wordpress.com. Using WPML you can add as many languages as you need but please note that WPML doesn’t translate your content automatically. You provide the translations. You can set up WPML so that your languages are available in “subfolders” as in your examples. These will be “virtual” folders created by WPML. The Broadsheet theme hasn’t been teste by Our Compatibility Team. This means that you might have some issues with translated some theme-dependent options. Basic stuff such as translating pages, posts, menus, categories should work.

  4. Hello, i want to buy a CMS license. I want to buy a license Multilingual CMS. Can it be upgraded to a perpetual later? If yes, how much will I have to pay: difference in price (116 USD) or full amount (195 USD)?


    • Hello Daniel,
      yes, now it works exactly how you would expect: you can upgrade later and you will pay the difference. But please note that this might chnage in the near future. We are considering removing this Lifetime option (of course the rules won’t change to these who already have Lifetime)

  5. Hi, if I purchase “Multilingual CMS” will I be able to upgrade to “Multilingual CMS Lifetime”?

    if yes, how much will I pay if I upgraded before the year ends?
    will I pay just the difference (195-79=$116)? or I will have to pay full payment $195 ?

    Thank you

    • Hello again,
      Yes you can upgrade to lifetime for the difference only (116$) regardless of whether your subscription has expired. Take into account that we are planning some changes in the lifetime subscription model and this offer may no longer be available within a few months’ time. But don’t worry we will let you know before we remove it so that you can upgrade if you haven’t yet.

  6. Hi there,

    I’m considering buying the plugin. I’m not sure which of the 2 would be sufficient for my website; Multilingual Blog or Multilingual CMS?

    I want to have my website in both English and Dutch.

    Ys Nicolas

    • Hello Nicolas,
      Thanks for your interest. It will depend on what part of your website you want to translate. For pages and posts the Blog version should be OK. To translate all other parts of your site, like the theme and plugins strings you will need the full CMS version. You can see what each does here https://wpml.org/purchase/

      Kind regards,

    • Hello Nicolas, the Blog version is enough for simple websites such as blog or very very simple brochure sites. If your websites uses a premium theme with many options, you will probably need the CMS version to translate them all. You can also start from the Blog version and upgrade to the CMS later for the difference in purchase price.

  7. hey.
    We are the Abu Seifin-Monastery- Assiout, Egypt
    We use Joomla on our website but we would like to convert it to WordPress and we need WPML.
    Is there a Discount for churches or non-profit institutions?


    • Hello Bassem,
      Thanks for your interest in WPML. I’m sorry but we don’t have any discounts for churches or non-profit institutions. The good news is that the developer who buys WPML can use it on many sites. Maybe you have such a person in your team and it would be a good opportunity for him/her to buy WPML.

  8. web site is under construction and I need to ask.
    my CMS is wordpress and my theme is onetone.
    so WPML is compatible with this theme for English & Arabic ?
    It give me capability to translate menus and all theme section ?

  9. I am building an e-commerce store with around 800 products in two languages.

    Using wordpress and woocommerce – what plugins do i need to achieve this and be able to import csv with all the language versions already on the csv?

  10. I don’t have credit card, but I use Paypall. Why I can’t buy Multilingual CMS for 79$ if I have more on paypall account? It’s only for credit card users?

    • Hello Andrzej,
      You can pay with PayPal normally. You should select it as the payment option at 2Checkout. Do you get any error?
      Let me know please.


  11. Hi – I’m building a headless WordPress site. Does WPML support the WP REST API? Specifically, is there a way to get content by language in the WP REST API? Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi,
    I’m trying to upgrade my subscription to “Lifetime”, but no matter what I do, I can’t get the checkout page to remove VAT from the order, even though I have entered my EU VAT Number. I am situated in EU, Denmark with a valid VAT number.

    What do I do?

    • Hello Brian, to validate the VAT number we connect with an external system. Sometimes there are issues. You can check once again later or you can use this form and send your VAT number to us and we will check it for you.

  13. Is there a way to automatically detect ip address location and then show an assigned translation rather than making someone select from a sidebar or click on a flag?

    • Hello Greg, WPML has an option (you will find it in WPML settings) to detect the user language set in his.her browser. But we don’t recommend using it since such automatic redirections can prevent search engines from indexing your site properly. Please note that if your site provide good quality content in other languages (translations made by humans) it will attract organic traffic from search engines such as Google directly to the language the user performed his search in. Another good practice it to make your language switcher to stand out so your visitors can easily notice it and switch the language if needed.

  14. Hi, I would like to create a multilingual website with Divi theme. I want to know that does WPML plugin work with Divi theme comfortably.

  15. Hello,

    Which WPML license will enable to duplicate pages? I mean, imagine you have a fairly complete site (in wordpress) that you want to add a language to. My idea is to duplicate the all the pages completely (text included) and then translate them to the newly added language. Also, is it fully compatible with cornerstone content editor?

    Thank you very much in advance!


    • Hello,

      “Which WPML license will enable to duplicate pages?” Yes, it does. It has a “duplicate” option available for each post and page and it works exactly how you would expect. One your post is duplicated please use another option which is called “Translate independently” because otherwise your changes will affect the original post/post.

      “Also, is it fully compatible with cornerstone content editor?”
      You mean, the Cornerstone Builder? If so, yes, it does. Please check the details here:

  16. Hi,
    Which license of WPML does include the duplicate post feature so I can build a page and If I at some point want to add a new language I only have to duplicate the page and translate its content? Also, is wpml fully compatible with cornerstone page editor?


  17. Hello – I’d like to buy your product. But while checking out with 2Checkout I get the following error message: An error occurred while processing your request. Reference Number: 214211053318770

    Than you to advise, S.

    • Hello,
      I’ve just reported your case to our administrators. I will keep you posted. In the meantime you can try again.

    • Our admin has checked it and everything work fine at our end. Could you please try again? If it doesn’t help please use a diffrent card or PayPal. Thank you.

    • Hello,
      yes, you can. After activating WPML a wizard will open which will guide you through the initial setup. When you reach the “New menu language switcher” section you will be able to pick the menu to which the language switcher will be added. It’s easy.

  18. I would like to know if you would be able to send me a quotation for the Multilingual CMS Lifetime and also if you offer some kind of discount for academic institutions. I’m really interested in your plugin, but in order to make an official purchase the university requires a formal quotation.
    I will really appreciate the help that you may provide with my inquiry. Thanks.

    • Hello Ruperto,
      thanks for your interest in WPML. We don’t have any discounts or special offers for academic institutions. We don’t have any specific quotation for the Multilingual CMS Lifetime. WPML has been released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE as most of the WordPress plugins (you will find it in the license.txt file in your WPML zip package) but OnTheGoSystems Limited is the legal owner of the registered trademark WPML name and logo. Any usage of WPML and logo must comply with WPML Trademark policy. After purchasing WPML you will receive an invoice which will look like this https://wpml.org/faq/getting-your-tax-invoice-after-buying-wpml/

  19. So, my WordPress page is at the moment translated via another plugin. How will WPML affect my current translations? Will I have to set the current language to English and then start translating process all over again?



      • I am using Loco Translate. It does quite a good job if you are just looking to translate the website. However, now that we are getting ambitious we need an extra English and maybe even French and German site, therefore, we need your plugin. I am just asking so we know how to plan things for this conversion.

        I am assuming that .po .mo files can also be easily used for translation (excuse my ignorance).

        Thank you,


        • If you use Loco Translate, you can keep it. It’s for something else. The Loco Translate allows you to translate string froms your theme/plugins provided by the po/mo files while WPML allows you to translate your posts, pages, menu, categories, etc. WPML can also do the job that Loco Translate does but optionally.

          To sum up, to translate strings from po/mo files you have three options:
          1. Do it manually using an external editor such as PoEdit.
          2. Use Loco Translate.
          3. Use a feature in WPML for that purpose.

  20. Dear Sirs,

    is there no renew option for existing clients?
    Only to buy a new licence at full price ?

    Very worst if this is correct!

    Thanks in advance for reply & kind regards

    • Hello Martin, we do have a renew option for existing clients. Please log into your WPML and you should find one. If your WPML account is still active, you should be able to upgrade for $39, if not, for $79. If you cannot see it, please use this form and send us your email (the one you purchased WPML with) and we will check your case.

      • Dear Agnes,
        Hi Mercedes,

        thanks for reply – i have used this form and send there a request – Mercedes replied there, that she check about it and will answer me.

        i had a similar problem also at purchase process, that i got no email notification/information with nothing there too – i think here it was the same problem, that i have not received any notification about the needed renewal

        I will wait for your reply

        Thanks & kind regards,

        • Thanks Martin,
          I will ask our admins to check our logs to see if we sent your the remainder (you should have received at least one). If it didn’t happen we will allow you to renew using the discount. Let me contact our admin.

          • Dear Agnes,

            i have checked all spam & junk folders at my email account – nothing received – i have also my own server/mail server additional – there is also nothing in the server logs the last 2 months that any email from you have been received or denied regarding rules to deliver to my email account which is for the WMPL licence contact

            As mentioned, same problem was also at purchase – only the order confirmation arrived with info that there will come additional email with user login data, which never arrived

            Thanks in advance & looking forward for your reply – take the time you need for it 😉

              • Dear Agnes,

                thanks for your further enquiry.
                I got the information from Mercedes – i have also already done the renew – thank you very much, for the fast resolve of the challenge.

                Kind regards,

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