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  1. Hi,

    Will the language switcher will work if I purchase the economic solution for 29 dollars? I need to add this swither to my menu.


  2. Hello,

    We are planning to purchase the Multilingual CMS version for our webshop. As I see only paypal or credit card payment methods are available. Would it be possible to pay for the software via bank transfer?

    Thanks and Regards,

  3. I am looking for something that will give me the ability to communicate “live” via phone or computer with my spanish clients. Is this compatible?

    • I’m sure there are some plugins out there (I’m not an expert though, sorry). Please do some research and then you can check our plugin compatibility list to see if we are compatible with your candidates or you can put the plugin name into our search to see if other customers are reporting issues with that plugin.

    • Thanks for your interest. I am afraid the lifetime subscription has been removed and we are not selling it anymore. You can see the current options here https://wpml.org/purchase/. We now offer yearly subscriptions with automatic renewals.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi, I have question about wpml, wpml css, wpml string translation, WPML Translation Management and wpml woocommerce in one installation. Why it isn’t work correctly? I can’t use forum, client didn’t give my pass to his purchase wpml 🙁 i tried to search this problem, but didnt find.

    • Hello,
      you can describe the problem in details, send it to your customer and ask him to register a ticket in our forum and use your notes. Or you can explain that you can do it for him/he if he/she provides you with credentials to your account. WPML forum is the only place where we can investigate technical issues.

  5. Hello,

    I have been planning on purchasing WPML for some time now and coming back here I see you now only offer “update every year” type of licenses. And not even at discounted costs but in essence force customers to purchase full license every year. I keep it a rule to steer clear of such “robbery”… When will you start offering lifetime licenses again? I would appreciate if you do and let me know. Otherwise we are forced to start looking into alternatives (which would suck but re-paying in 100% every year for something already purchased is nonsense).

    • Hello VK,
      thanks for your interest in WPML. We don’t have the lifetime offers anymore and we won’t have. Yearly renewals are optional. You can buy WPML, cancel your subscription any time and still use the plugins that you have downloaded/installed. Upgrading is required to get access to future releases and our support forum.

  6. How can i check the Uzbek translation statistics?
    Can you provide “WPML Multilingual CMS” for trial 2-3 days?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Juan,
      what do you mean by checking Uzbek translation statistics?

      The only way to test WPML is to buy it and use our refund policy in case something doesn’t work for you as you would expect. Our refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days without any risk. You can even ask technical questions during that trial.


  7. Hi,

    Im going to be translating my WooCommerce products to Arabic, and Im using Relevanssi search plugin. Will I be able to find my products when searching my translated products in Arabic? If no, what are my options for other search plugins.

    • Yes, as long as your site uses UTF-8 as the character encoding (this is the default the WordPress sets), Arabic searches in Relevanssi will work just fine.

  8. I want to know that if I purchase the plugin with the basic plan(Multilingual Blog) then is it possible to upgrade it afterwards, like if I need Multilingual CMS feature or Multilingual Agency feature. Is it possible to upgrade the license after few weeks or month of purchase of blog license?

  9. Hello , the default language of my website is Turkish,how easy is it to use your product to create multi-language ? I know there is a drop down menu to select language from- and Turkish is not source language, it is on target language. Do you have a guideline to follow ?

  10. Hello, we’re looking to get our page translated and were recommended your product. I’d like to ask you a couple of questions before purchasing:

    1. We need all our pages translated bar 2 (Projects and News); from your demo it looked like it’s possible, am I right?

    2. We need translations to Norwegian and Swedish; what quality of the translation will it be? Is it an automatic one? Is it possible to upload our own translation?

    3. The languages will be picked from a dropdown – will the dropdown be located at the end of the navigation menu (as the last item)?

    4. We also have already existing Danish and Polish pages – any chance for them to also appear in the languages dropdown and link through to these pages?

    Apologies for many questions, many thanks in advance,

    • Thanks for your interest in WPML.
      1. Yes, WPML is ready to translate every piece of your site but the details depend on the theme and plugins you use. If Projects and News are post types, registered according to WordPress standards, sure, you will be able to translate these too.
      2. You can upload/insert your own translations, or if you use our new Advanced Translation Editor, you can also use machine translation (which need to be explicitly approved by the person translating the content, of course, these can be edited as well)
      3. Yes, that’s one of the options. In our language switcher settings, you will find other options on how to set up the language switcher and where it can appear.
      4. I don’t know how these pages work on your site. If these are regular pages, which already exist in your site, you will need to set up the language for them after installing WPML, so that WPML knows which page is a translation of which. So you will need to add languages to your site (this happens during the initial setup of WPML, but you can add more languages later) and then, the language switcher will automatically show all the languages you’ve set up. If a given page/post doesn’t have a translation, this language won’t appear in the language switcher.

      • Hi Agnes, thank you. So to go through the points again:

        1. Projects and News will not need to be translated, whereas the rest of the pages will – I was just making sure we can leave some of the pages out (untranslated);
        2. Yes, we’d like to upload our own translation to have full control of the quality we require;
        3. Ok;
        4. The Danish and Polish sites are external independent websites (they are not on the website we are talking about) – to be able to explain better what we’re looking for here, is there any chance I could Skype call with you?

        Many thanks,

    • Thank you very much for contacting us. It will be our privilege to work with you. Marine, our Partnership Manager will contact you by email to discuss the details. Thanks a lot for your offer. You should hear from Marine any minute now.

  11. Hi,

    Could you please explain, what you mean by yearly subscriptions automatic renewals? How exactly this “automatic” renewal process works? What is cover in this subscription renewal? Will I be able to still use the plugin after one year, if I do not choose to renew?

    Many thanks,

    • Hello Koch,
      The renewal fee is required to keep access to updates and support. If you do not renew you can keep using whatever you have installed on your site.

      Kind regards,

  12. We are currently looking for the registration for our site. The domain has moved a few times and the client has no record of the purchase.

    Can you please contact me to discuss.



  13. I’m considering using this on a client’s website.
    I will be moving a seperate spanish site to the main, more authoratiative site under a subdirectory (Example.com/es)
    All Spanish content will be under the /es subdirectory.
    Nothing will be machine translated, all content will be done in Spanish.
    We will have Spanish Menus, a Seperate Spanish Header, Footer and Page templates.

    What I’m trying to figure out is if this plugin will allow me to select “Spanish” As the language of a page and have settings so that when I select Spanish, it knows to call in the Spanish language PHP templates, Menus, Widgets and Contact form, Allowing me to put the Spanish language content in to the page, and have it marked up as a Spanish language page in Structured markup so that it will be indexed properly.

    • Hello Chris,
      WPML is for providing your content in more than one language. It’s not clear from what you’ve described whether your site is gonna be multilingual (the main domain serves the English version while the /es serves exactly the same (or with some modifications) but in Spanish. If that’s the case, WPML is for you. You can use WPML to translate your menus, widgets, contact forms etc but for the templates, the idea is to have only one template and have it localized, which means that you translate all the strings outside of it. In the WPML String translation plugin.

  14. Our New Website was developed, in English, with WordPress.
    We want a multilingual website in English, German, French, Spanish,
    Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

    We understand that we need WPML as a Language Switch in WP.

    What are the solutions available to get our website translated in the additional 7 languages
    and to be switchable by a simple click on the flag of the relevant country’s language?

    Thank you for your kind support,

    Best regards
    Bernard Guguen

  15. Hello,

    I just bought WPML. But having some trouble with PayPal transaction, it looks like there is some problem with my order, with two payments…

    Would you check my orders please and see what’s wrong?

    2988848 and 2988850

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Philippe,
      I see the order ID 2988848 is completed. Have you received the mail with the login details? The other one 2988850 is cancelled.
      Let me know.


      • Hello and thanks Mercedes,

        That’s it. And I have an account I can use. But… in the download section I can not find how to download. I see some plugins, but no download button.

        Another problem I have is with support tickets. I was trying to open one about where to download the WPML plugin, but the form let me know I first have to buy the plugin… which is already done…

        It looks like the WPML website does not know I have payed the plugin already…

        Thanks for your help 🙂

  16. Hello on 8 december i make a payment for WPML version Multilingual CMS. PayPal freeze it for review. Last night i recived a confirmation that payment review is complited and payment is sent to wpml but your site is showing me that order is in hold on status. Can you check status of payment?

  17. Hello,

    The 3 “websites you can register” with the “Multilingual CMS” account option. Does this include local websites? I.e. whilst I am developing locally against a domain (mysite.local etc) will I lose an activation?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Luke,
      You are welcome to register the local website and then delete it to free the space, or use WPML on the local site without registering it.
      Let me know of any further question.

  18. Hello team,

    I already use WPML in one of the my sites. Thinking about starting new project now, and I need Azerbaijani language. Is there? Because, I couldn’t find Azerbaijani in WPML plugin among languages. Probably I will choose Grand tour premium theme as base.

    Kind regards,

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