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  1. I purchase the licence for theuptownmeatclub.com and install the plugin but when I enter the key it refuse the validation.

    • Hello Bruno,
      please make sure you’ve registered the correct domain (no typos, https etc). In case of issues, please open a ticket in our support forum and our supporters will have a look at your site.

    • Then, if you want to get more machine translation, you can buy tiny, medium or large chunks of quota:

      – Personal: $0.99 – 1500 words ($0.667 / 1000 words)
      – Business: $9.99 – 20000 words ($0.5 / 1000 words)
      – Publisher: $49.99 – 150000 words ($0.333 / 1000 words)

  2. Hi,
    I wanted to make my woocommerce store multilingual. I wanted to ad Arabic language to my store. My requirements are that my theme/widgets/plugin etc shall all be translated to Arabic while I don’t want my admin panel in Arabic.
    I would like to know that the package in 79$ will be best suited for me?
    I don’t have programming knowledge but I myself installed WordPress and theme to it. So I am also not a basic user at all. So can I convert my website without a programmer or developer’s help?
    My theme author says WPML is supported for their theme I am using the famous flatsome theme.

    • Hello Amjad,
      Yes, you can keep your admin in English, no problem.
      Yes, the 79$ will be best suited for you in this case.
      Yes, you should able to make your store multilingual even if you are not a programmer. In case of issues, please open a ticket in our support forum and our supporters will help. Many of WPML users use the Flatsome theme.

  3. Hi, I’m considering using WPML. We’re creating our new website and we need it in 4 languages. I’d like to know if my site needs to be published/live before creating the site in different languages using WPML or if I can create them before going live. Many thanks!

    • Hello Maria,
      it’s totally up to you when you add WPML to your site, all cases are possible. You can add WPML (and other languages), later, even when your site is live.

  4. I want to know, if i buy for 3 websites, how much would it be if want to upgrade? and can i do that, after i have buy just for 3 pages?

    • Yes, you can upgrade from the Multilingual CMS package to the Agency package later for the difference in the purchase price.

  5. Hi,

    I would like to buy this WPML plugin

    Hope it fits all my needs
    But on the purchase page, I have 1 doubt, ie: “Account renewal per year”
    what is it mean? is it for future plugins updates? or for supports or for both?
    Please let me know,
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,
      Renewals are both for new updates and our support. If you don’t renew, you can still use the plugins that you have installed but you lose access to new versions.

      • Yes ok, thanks!
        I have 1 more,
        If I choose the “Multilingual Blog” package, i noticed that the widgets translation option is not there.
        If it also for menus? ex: if i activate right/left sidebar menu buttons via widgets?

        • Hello,

          You are right, to translate widgets you will need the WPML String Translation package which is not available in the Blog package. But you can do the following: buy the Blog package, try to use the Widget Logic plugin. In case it won’t work for all your widgets, you will be able to upgrade to the CMS package for the difference in the purchase price.

          Menu translation works for the Block package.

  6. Hi, I have 3 questions 🙂

    It is possible to translate a Website and save the pages-blog-products translations as a Draft, so that we can publish only when the whole site is translated and ready to go as a whole?

    Is there an option to set a different (blogpost) Featured Image per Language?

    Once translated, the links will have this new language ending… Will I have to set a re-direct to the plain original links?


  7. I want to add my website to other 2 languages. There is the possibility with wpml that the default language in each country will be different, ie if a user comes from Italy, the default language that will appear on my site is Italian and when a user enters the greek language in Greek as the default language or the default language is always the same from any country or ip comes in by a user.

    • Hello,
      WPML has an option (it’s disabled by default) detect the user’s language and redirect him/her to this language automatically. But you don’t need to use this feature because if if your site provides content in different lanaguge you will get the most traffic from Google directly to the pages in that language the user was performing his search.

  8. Hi,

    Your product sounds amazing. After reading the available documentation, I have 3 questions:

    1) For a blog: all blog posts translations are included in the initial price, or additional fees must be payed for each post that is to be translated?

    2) Is there a maximum word lenght in order for the post to be translated?

    3) For the CMS multilingue for example, is there a maximum number of pages or posts for each of the 3 sites?

    Thank you in advance.

  9. Hi.

    Is there some version of product for ThemeForest authors so we can test our implementation in WP themes we are developing?


  10. Hello, i’m considering to purchase the Multilingual CMS but i understand that will only translate 2000 words automaticaly. And my website as at the moment 3500 and is growin, because is a real estate website. Do you have any package that fits my needs?


  11. I have a multisite and I need to translate each subdirectory subsite to a different language . Is this supported ?

    • Hello Bob, yes, this is possible and exactly how WPML works with WordPress Multisite. You setup languages independently for each of your subsites.

  12. Hello, how i can to change flags icons in header menu of my site? In my theme or in plugin wpml? I see to option my theme and there is just a small shortcode. I want to buy for 29$. Thx you

    • Hello Alex,
      you change flags in WPML. You can go to WPML->Languages->Edit languages and from within there upload your custom .png file to replace the flag.

  13. I like to renew my license (Multilingual CMS) for a year for $59,-, please help how I can order this. I can only find the possibility to get a whole new package for $79,-.

    • Hello,
      the discount ($59 instead of $79) is available only for users with an active subscription. I’ve checked your records and your previous subscription has already expired (in March). If you don’t want to overlook your next renewal, please set up automatic renewals, as explain here: https://wpml.org/purchase/how-to-change-your-payment-method/ (please check the “Setting up a new subscription” section).

  14. Hi, I need to have one domain with network setup like


    what is the license needed for me as all of these will be sub domains and I need only 1 domain


    • Hello,
      it depends on how complex your site is. If it is just a simple blog, you can use the Multilingual Blog package. If it’s more than just a blog, there is a good chance you will need to translate some additional strings, not just posts and pages and to do so you might need for example the WPML String Translation plugin which is included only in the CMS package. But you can buy the Blog package and upgrade to the CMS later for the difference in purchase price.

  15. Hey, I’m looking for a ML setup and WPML looks very promising.

    I want to configure ML with different country domains. Should I have separate hosting for each domain, or setup 1 very good hosting for the main domain automatically work for all language copies?

    Currently I run 2 language versions (separate domains) at two different hosting companies.

    Thanks in advance!

      • Hey Agnes, thank you. Is it possible to host just the ‘main’ domain and buy domains for the others (with the right DNS settings), or does every domain need its own hosting?

        Thanks in advance!

        • The domains for other languages don’t need their own hosting. You will maintain only one copy of your WordPress.

  16. Hi,
    How to downgrade from “Agency” to “CMS” before autorenewal?
    I guess the renewal discount remains?

    • Hello Pieter,
      I see your account is due to be renewed on June 10th. If you log in to your account you will see a link to cancel the automatic renewal. Click it and then you will be able to set it up again for the CMS subscription. Note the amount is the same in your case (59$ + VAT). You can stay on the Agency so that you can register unlimited sites (instead of 3) for the same price.

      Let me know of any other question.

    • Hello Peter,
      The is no automatic way to downgrade. Let me check with our developers how to proceed in such cases. I’ll keep you posted.

  17. Hi,

    I want to use WPML on my WordPress + Woocommerce.

    I used a CSV to import products to my catalog.
    After this, i translated the custom attribute values to my own language (like the color).
    (it was in another language in my CSV file).

    But if i update my product by CSV AGAIN, the custom attributes values will be back to the original value, that is written in the CSV file.

    So i need that during CSV importation, if my product color attribute was “Vert” (french translation of green), it doesn’t get updated back to “GREEN”.

    Example :

    1) Product 1 imported with “color : GREEN”.
    2) The color “GREEN” get translated to “vert” in custom atribute woocommerce back-office.
    3) I want to update products by CSV. But my CSV still contain “GREEN” and not “vert”.
    Can WPML understand that, and don’t replace translated color value by the non-translated one ?


    • Hello,
      this page explains how you can update your product translations via CSV file:

      If you want to import WooCommerce products, you will also need WooCommerce Add-On Pro:

      I’ll contact our developers to consult your case but is buying WooCommerce Add-On Pro an option for you? That’s the only way you can handle it with WPML.

      • Ok, thank you.
        So I believe WPML isn’t helping me at all here.
        So bad Woocommerce atributes values haven’t an ID code, instead of just a value…

        Thanks for the quick reply,

        • In the meantime, I consulted your case with our developers and they confirmed that what you need is *not possible*.

          • Hello !
            Other scenario :

            I have a “color” custom atribute in Woocommerce.
            I install WPML. I translate colors for multiples languages.

            By using Woocommerce CSV import tool, if i update the color of a product in the “main language”, will the product color will get updated in other languages ?
            I believe yes ! So that may be enough for me.

            Please confirm this.
            Also, please confirm that I will not need any other plugins than WPML.
            Thanks !

              • Hello,
                I’m talking about the built-in function in woocommerce, that let you update/create your product by importing a CSV. That don’t require any plugin (expect Woocommerce).

                • Hello Flornt,
                  ” if i update the color of a product in the “main language””

                  What do you mean here: change color from green to blue or update green to green-green ?
                  Technically both cases should work if the new attribute is translated. If not you can use Troubleshooting options to sync products after the import.

                • Thanks Agnes for answering me.

                  I mean updating a product color from green to blue.
                  If : both colors options have translation (green and blue), Updating product color (Green -> Blue) will also update the color for the other languages ? (FR Exemple: Vert -> Bleu)


  18. Hi there,
    A few questions please!!
    I’m already a registered user for up to 3 sites!
    My support has ended and I’m trying to also upgrade to Unlimited sites. I’m a bit confused as to what do I have to pay to:
    1. Renew my support
    2. Upgrade to Unlimited?

    Thanks for your response. Waiting for your quote so I can proceed.

  19. Hi,
    I would like to ask if the account is expired, can I still edit the translated contents?
    I checked your FAQ, you said that our website would still keep working as configured. The only thing we will lose is updates and access to support.

    Just feel a little confused with this issue, please help.

    • Hello Stacy,
      yes, you can still edit the translated contents even without an active WPML subscription. The WPML plugins you have installed will continue to work normally but won’t receive updates.

  20. Hi
    I would like to ask you about starting account, specifically payment methods. Is there avalaible any other payment methods besides credit card or paypal?

  21. Hi,

    May i know if my account expired on next year then i didnt renew it will affect my current translation on my website and other automatic machine translation?

    Thank You

    • Hi Alex, no, your translations won’t be affected and you will be able to use plugins. You will lose access to new versions and our support forum if you don’t renew/cancel your subscription.

  22. Hi, I’m thinking of buying your plugin for this website: http://www.iger.org
    That is a non-profit historical research foundation in Bologna, Italy.
    I was wondering if you had any discounts for non-profit organizations like ours.

    Thank you

    • Hello Giacomo,
      I’m sorry but we don’t have any discounts for non-profits. Sometimes our affiliates offer some discounts, you would need to look around, maybe you will find something.

  23. I want to use multilingual CMS ($79) for my site, and I’ll be using the machine translation option but my question is if I don’t know if the translation is accurate, is there a way to keep sentences as incomplete and show that information on the frontend of the site so other people can review it? Also, is there a way to see how many words the site has before buying any chunks ofquota?

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