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  1. Hello WPML team,

    I need to know whether currency can be managed by using this plugin depending upon languages in multisite.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi –
    I’m currently exploring options that will help us to translate our website.

    How difficult is WPML to implement once the website has already been developed? Unfortunately, we are 1 year into our new website and we are now translating our text and hope to implement a public-facing french site soon – which we hope will toggle seamlessly between English and french. But, so far, a lot of my research leads me to believe this will be a very tedious endeavor since we have our site already produced.

    Do you have any helpful hints or suggestions? Will WPML work for us and meet our needs?

    I would love to discuss the capabilities of WPML and whether or not this will meet our needs.


  3. Hi,
    Starting up a website here in August. Using Squarespace templates.
    Website will be in Swedish and English. Will WPML be doing the job for me and is it working together with Squarespace?
    Best regards,

    • Hello Henrik,
      Thanks for your interest. Squarespaces is a completely different system from WordPress and as such, not compatible with WPML.


  4. Hello, we are no longer using WPLM and do not want to extend the contract. Please cancel your debit. Thank you very much!

    Wilfried Dold

  5. Hello WPML team,

    Please let me know the current version of WPML and is it compatible with WP multisite?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. Hi,
    I installed WPML for a customer one year before, but until now we did not use WPML, because the translations are not ready. Is it possible to cancel the renewal of the licence and to renew it, when it is really needed? Do we have to uninstall WPML, if we cancel the renewal?

    Best wishes AstridR

    • Hello Astrid,
      Yes, you can cancel the automatic renewal payment. Log in to your account and you will see a link to do it. You will not receive updates and support but you can keep using the files you have installed on your site.


  7. Hello I would like a clarification about the 2000 word limit in the automatic translation.

    I plan to use the plugin for my tourist portals. I have about 100 posts in a dozen websites. Much more than the 2000 word limit. I plan also to use about 12 Languages.
    Will it work? Will I have extra bill, if so how much?
    I plan to buy your agency version.

  8. Hi, I need to buy the plugin to translate my website. I don’t understand why I had to pay a renewal after a year, that is in order to have support? Because I don’t think I’will need it after a year.

    I look forward to your answer,

    • When you buy WPML, you receive updates and support for one year. By default, accounts renew automatically. If you don’t want to renew your account, you can disable the renewal. It’s not a problem.

      • Hi there, I’m looking to understand the actual trnslation that is available. I understand that there is translation management such as assigning wordpress users access as translators to go in and translate the content, as well as the ability to hire 3rd party translations services.

        I am not sure whether I understand though whether there is a default translation that WPML does? For example, I upload content for a page in English, and I had chosen French and Spanish as my secondary languages. Is there somewhere in WPML where I can just get that content translated automatically? If so, what translation is used (something like Google translate?)


    • Hello Radek,
      I am afraid we do not offer downgrade options. You can let your subscription expire and then buy a new CMS subscription at full price.

      Kind regards,

      • Hi Mercedes,

        is there anybody able to offer better option?

        Optimal customer oriented approach could be:
        “We see, that you used the licence only for development domain and 1 production domain.

        Multilangual CMS licence would be enough for you since the beginning. We want to have our customer to pay for usefull product so we downgraded your licence to Multilingual CMS and prolongated the licence for 16 months because you already payd to us 159 USD and this is the price of purchase of Multilingual CMS for 1 year + 1 and 1/3 of yearly renewal.”

        Instead of this you offer: “pay full price for weaker licence”?

        Kind regards,


        • Hello Radek,
          Since your Agency subscription already expired it will no longer give you access to register any site and you need to renew it. You can either pay for the renewal or buy a new CMS subscription, like I explained before. Our prices and subscription model are clearly published on our Purchase page and were like this when you bought the Agency last year. I am afraid we cannot offer what you want.

          Best regards,

  9. I want to add this multilingual plugin on my website. I have used so many multilingual plugins but whenever I logged out from WordPress account then the multilingual plugin will not work.
    Let me that WPML plugin can run before and after logging with WordPress.

    I am sharing my WordPress specification below:

    WordPress – 5.2.2
    Theme – Avada 5.9.1
    Builder – Fusion 1.9.1

  10. Hello, I would like to know if I can use the Multilingual Blog Version on a website that I have made with Elementor. If not, does the Multilingual CMS version translate all the menus, Blocks, and tools (addons) of elementor?.

    Thank you very much.

  11. Hi if I purchase the Multilingual CMS version can I later upgrade it to the Agency version? I noticed that you can upgrade from the Blog version to the CMS version, but is the same also true for the cms to agency?


    • Hello Karyn,
      Yes, it works the same way. You can always upgrade to the higher subscription for the difference only.

      Kind regards,

  12. I’m looking at WPML and thinking if this is possible.

    We’ll have 7 languages. 6 languages will be on same domain and one has to be on separate.

    For example

    And so on.

    I see that I can set different domains but not sure if it can work this way.

    I hope it does 🙂

  13. Actually I think I figured it out. I’ll have different WordPress installations. And set the domains how I need them. That would work?

  14. Hello, i have a online store with 1000 products and i search a plugin with multi language, but i have 2 questions:

    – i need of a automatic translation for the whole website, it possible? or maximum is 2000 words ? i have 1000 pages only with products…
    – this plugin is indexable with google? (SEO)

    My website is: https://agritehnica.md

  15. Hi WPML

    I’ve just realized that $59 was paid on automatically.
    However, I will close my website and so I don’t need a WPML anymore.
    Sorry, But I hope for you to cancel the $59 paid???

    Have a good day!
    Best Regards!
    JongSu Lim.

  16. Hello, i already have a key for a website. I want to install WPML in another site (actually located in a subdomain of my first site.)
    Do i need to buy WPML or Renew support ? my second site will later move on another domain.

    • Hello,
      having the activation key is not enough. WPML activation is a two-step process. You generate the key by entering your site’s URL in your WPML account and then you take the key and put it on on your WordPress site (Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab).

      Unless you use WordPress Multisite, you need a separate key for each WordPress installation. If your plan is to move your subdomain to another domain, you will definitely need a new key.

      If you have the CMS subscription you will be able to register three sites. If you have the Blog subsription you would need to upgrade first. You can do so from you WPML account, please log in first and then you will find the link to upgrade.

      I hope it helps.

      • Hello, thank you for answering,
        actually in my account settings i only see the renew button to renew my one site license.
        how can i upgrade from blog to cms ?

        • In this case, you need to renew first and then you will see the option to upgrade. Our system will calculate the difference appropriately.

  17. Hello,

    What I want is for you to cancel today the $59 paid.
    I already visited the “https://wpml.org/purchase/how-to-change-your-payment-method/” but the website can cancel the next year payment, not today payment.

    Sorry, but I hope for you to cancel today payment $59.

    Have a good day!
    Best Regards!
    JongSu Lim.

  18. Hi there,
    I’m wondering if you know of issues using WPML with Divi theme, Memberpress and LearnDash? We have a large complex site that will need to be translated into numerous languages. Thanks for any info you might have about working with this combination of theme and plugins. I have read on forums of issues and don’t want to go down the wrong path.

    • Hello Jules,
      thanks for your interest in WPML. We are compatible with Divi and LearnDash. You will find both on plugins-compatibility list. Known issues are reported here: https://wpml.org/known-issues/. Please put divi in the last (free text) field and you will get a list.

      Some of our customers use Memberpress as well and report issues, some are getting solved with the help of our support team (please see this example) but we consider this plugin not fully compatible.

      • Thanks Agnes. Can I ask if the combination of Divi, Learndash and WPML is more stable? We maybe need to take Memberpress out of the equation to make it work?


  19. Hi,

    i would like to know what types of input image files (example -SVG, JPEG, PNG) does the WPML Media Translation supports?

    What type of output image files we get once the user interface images are translated?

  20. Hi,

    if I have a website that I want to translate e.g. in 5 languages (and each language has its own domain e.g. .com,de,fr,be,nl,co.uk), does it still count as one “Website you can register”? Would the “Multilingual CMS” package be sufficient?


  21. Hello,

    Please can you advise whether the WooCommerce X WPML plugin can allow for a single product to have different prices in different countries that use the same currency?

    For example we sell the same SKU in France as in Germany. Both use €. Is it possible to have one price in DE and a different price in FR?



  22. Hello,
    Can I still continue translating updates or new projects in the language versions of my website if I cancel the renewal of my WPML account?

    • You can use WPML plugins (the versions that you have installed) all the time, even if you cancel your subscription. An active subscription is required only for plugin updates and our support help. If you cancel your subscription before your first year ends, you will be able to get new updates of WPML plugins by the end of the period you have paid for.

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