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26,267 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Pre-Sale Questions: Divi (Eleganttheme) Support, Indonesian Language, automated Translation, Post vs Page and SEO Implementation:

    Hi, I am wondering if
    1) your plugin is fully compatible with the latest ElegantThemes and Divi Themes? On your site it showed that last testing happened in 2018 only.
    2) is the Indonesian language fully supported when it comes to icons, flags, ID etc?
    3) if I chose to use automatic translation which provider can I select? Only Google Translate or do you have your own proprietary built?
    4) Is there any difference in functionality and value to use WPML solely for “Pages” in WordPress rather than “Posts”?
    5) Could you please comment on the SEO compatibility of WPML as standalone or in conjunction with known plugins like Yoast or Monarch (ElegantThemes).

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello,
      As far as I know, you can also install WPML plugins on but you would need a special account that allows you to install 3rd party plugins. I mean a special account at – they will know better which one.

  2. Hello I have 3 quick questions:

    1) Assuming the plugin automatically just translates the content… is there a place where I will be able to go in and manually change the content myself?
    2) Does the plugin support Vietnamese and
    3) If I just did the free version for 2,000 words, but then added more content to the site, could I purchase the package deal and have it translate the rest?

    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      1. No, the plugin doesn’t translate automatically. We provide machine translation and you can read here how it works. But yes, you can edit the machine translations.
      2. Yes, it does.
      3. Yes but please check the page I linked above to see how it works. There is a video there.

  3. Hello,
    we are a small NGO located in Spain, currently using Q-translatex for our multilingual website. We are thinking about passing to WPML as our multilanguage plugin, as we think we need a more professional, SEO friendly and complete solution for improving our ranking and therefore subscriptions, so considering WPML.
    We have some question though:

    1) Is that really impossible obtaining a discount on the final CMS version?

    2) Is there a smooth way for moving our website to q-translate-x to WPML keeping our SEO indexing and tags, slugs and so on?

    3) Many pages are already translated in Englsh and German, can we keep those pages translated and configure the no-translated pages as automatically translated by the service you provide?

    Many thanks for your answers and your great job!

  4. Hello,
    I don’t really understand payments and versions of WPML, please advice what’s best for us.
    We want to translate our website on WooCommerce, we need translation of each product and page, for now only Polish-English but in the future more language. As there is a lot of text We need automatical translation with posibility to easy correct possible mistakes.
    What option of WPML should we choose?
    Thanks for answear,

    • Hello Zuzanna,
      Machine translations for WooCommerce products are coming soon – we have them implemented but we are waiting for the official release. Let me check with the developers what are the plans. It should be soon.

      • Okey, so for now we only can use additional work packs to get products description be traduced automaticaly?
        Is there posibility to get trial version of full WPML for WooCommers for example for 7 or 14 days to try it out?

            • No, buying extra quota for the automatic translation won’t help in your case because we are not ready with providing machine translation for products at all. Not yet. This is coming but I don’t know when exactly. Once I get the information from our developers, I’ll let you know. For now, you would need to provide your translations manually. For now, we provide machine translations only for regular posts and pages.

  5. Hi,

    I’m very likely to buy your wpml plugin.

    A few pre-sale questions:

    I will be using it with the plugin WP Crowdfunding in different languages. WP Crowdfunding is meant to be compatible with WPML. However, I need to use the fixed currency feature for different currencies.

    1) So a user from France starts a project in Euros while in the UK a user will start it in Pounds. These will be uploaded in the two different currencies and other users will be able to see the different currencies for either project and support it in the project currency.

    2) Also, once a project is supported, the payment would be made in the project currency (Pounds or Euros).

    Is this possible?

    3) Also can the different currencies be allocated different payment systems?

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks

    PS –

  6. Hello,
    I have just purchased WPML, but there was a problem with my card – On your site there was a popup with information “Card was declined”, but money has gone, and i didnt get any response.
    How can i now get access to my account or something?

  7. Hello
    I have a question I need my website in englisch & german. At the moment I have only german content. I want to know if I can export my content in a excel file – translate it and upload it again. Is there a option for this? Thanks a lot
    Kind Regards

  8. Hello,

    Is WPML support Khmer language translation? I want to use it in my site (English and Khmer language).

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you,

  9. Hi there-

    I just want to confirm a few things about how to set this up and what WPML can support.

    We will be leveraging a multi-site instance for our build and the sites will be formatted as such.

    The premise here is as follows

    XX – Represents a regional sub site
    YY – Represents a language powered (Hopefully) by WPML

    Here is a another example that might help elaborate.

    1. Representative of one regions site and various languages


    eu representing another “site” within multisite that can have its OWN language translations

    The reason for this is due to varing content changes by region and the need to support a combination of Regions (handled via multisite) and language for that region within WMPL (Hopefully)

    Is this construct possible within WPML

    • I have seen other comments come through today that has been answered but my ticket/comment from this morning is still not approved. Not sure how to get my questions addressed if my comments are not being approved. Feel free to discard this as it is redundant but I have been trying to monitor this page all day and see responses to other messages that have come in after my initial comment

    • Hello Josh,
      yes, you can use WordPress Multisite for subdomains (and each for a specific region) and then within each of your subsites configure languages as subfolders using WPML. This is how our service works. For example, please check this site: If you create a new one with your user, a new subsite will be created with the following languages: en, fr, es (see the footer in my demo link). I hope I understood your case correctly.

  10. Hi,
    I am looking to make my site into multilingual and not sure if your plugin will do the job.

    We are using Flatsome theme and all our category pages are driven by theme itself dynamically. Individual pages can be translated but how can your plugin translate dynamic generated category pages?

    Have provided you website address if you can run through category pages and give me your feedback.

    Also can check if any part of website which cannot be translated.

    We will be holding around 800 categories and site will go upto 200000 products. Will your plugin cause any performance hit on website?

    Looking forward to your prompt reply at earliest.

    • Hello Yas,
      Thanks for asking WPML and Flatsome are not 100% compatible, I am afraid. We are waiting for them to get back to us to complete the work.

      Sorry not to have better news.

  11. Hello,

    is possible to translate WordPress Dashboard from cyrillic to latin? When site lang is set to Serbian (example), site WP dashboard is cyrillic and I need plugin to convert it on latin.

    Hope to hear soon from you

    Best regards

    • Hello Vladimir,
      I’m not sure if I understand your question. What WPML does is it allows you to add more than one language to your WordPress site. So if your WordPress site is currently in Serbian, you can add more languages, for example, English, Arabic, German etc. In WPML settings, you can choose in which language the Dashboard will appear for the user. If a given language uses Cyrillic, the user will see and use Cyrillic.

      If however, your need is different and you need only one language for you site and some parts of your site don’t correctly in Serbian, you need a plugin such as LocoTranslate. WPML is for making sites multilingual.

  12. Hello, we considering to buy a WPML plugin for CMS and would like to ask after purchase will we receive a invoice for that purchase?

  13. Hello,
    We currently have qTranslate X for our website and we would like to purchase WPML but we’re not sure which version would fit our needs. What are the added features that the 79 dollars version offer over the 29 dollar option, and would they apply in our case? For instance I saw that the cheaper option did not have the ability to translate widgets – that might be a problem as we have widgets in 4 languages. What’s your advice?
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • Hello Julianne,
      the biggest advantage of using the CMS package is that it allows you to translate additional strings, (for example special strings coming from your theme) but maybe you don’t need it. You can start with the Block version and in case it turns out that you need to translate something that cannot be done with the Blog version, you can upgrade to the CMS version. CMS version uses the same main WPML plugin, so you don’t need to change anything in your site. The CMS package simply includes additional plugins. Our system will charge you only the difference in price in this case.

  14. Hi

    I want to purchase your plugin but I have a couple of questions:

    I have a site written in English but I want it to be displayed in Italian by default. Is this possible?

    Also, using your plugin, could my site be displayed in the language relative to the IP address of the country? For example, if a user is browsing from Spain will my site be automatically translated to Spanish? Or do I need another plugin for this?

    Many thanks


  15. Hello,
    i want to buy your product and i want to ask, if I can’t renew my license, the translations I’ve made in different languages will be deleted from my site?

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      no, nothing will be lost. Your content and the WPML plugins will still be there (on your site) working. If you don’t renew you will only lose to our support forum and new releases.

  16. Sorry, I’m just not clear on exactly how this works.. So as an example, let’s say I have a website with 3 pages and its currently in English and contains 600 words. I would like to have this be available in Spanish by having the user select the appropriate flag for Spanish. How will the pricing model work for this example assuming the site is accessed 200 times for a Spanish translation?



    • Hello Frank,
      let me explain. When you install and active WPML you will see a simple wizard that will guide you through the initial setup. You need to choose your primary language (English in your case) and then select other languages (Spanish). You will need to choose where the language selector will appear (it will be created automatically by WPML), for example, it can be added to your main navigation. Now, you are ready to translate your content. You can do it manually or if you need automatic (machine) translation, you can use our ATE editor. You will get a free quota of of 2000 words. It should be enough for you site. If you need more credits, you need to buy them, and our current pricing is here:

      After translating your pages and publishing them they users (visitors) will see the translation on the front-end when switching to the other langue using the language switcher. I hope it helps.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m still wondering about this question:

        How will the pricing model work for this example assuming the site is accessed 200 times for a Spanish translation? So in other words , once the site is translated, and let’s say it’s 600 words, will there be any additional costs for customers accessing the website or is it a ONE time translation cost with unlimited web views?

  17. My website was built and installed by TemplateMonster company. They installed for me a life time‎ access to WPML plugin. Unfortunately WPML plugin stopped working and my Czech site dissapeared. TemplateMonster support asked me to contact your directly but I cannot contact your technical support because it is available for customers who paid you directly. Please can you help me? Many thanks.

    • Hello Josef,
      yes, you need to be our customer and have an active subscription to get our support help.
      What do you mean that your site disappeared? Please note that if your site no longer exists even our supporters won’t be able to help you. But if you mean, that your site just stopped working, all you need to do it to provide access to it to our supporters and they will find the cause of your problems (if of course they are cased by WPML).

      You can also ask your customer to share his WPML credentials with you and you can report the issue on your customer’s behalf. We cannot do much here via comments… I hope you understand.

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