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  1. I am working with a client that already has an account. She forgot her password and re-set it today, but still can not log in. I have tried to log in as her as well.

    We’d like to know what plan she is on and if it is not the Multilingual CMS version, is there a way to upgrade to it?

    Also, can anyone there help her login?
    You can reach her at julia@ecpartners.org

    I am the developer and will be implementing and testing the plugin for her and you can reach me at the email listed above.

    Thank you in Advance for your support,

    • Hello,
      I checked the account of julia and it says “This user has no subscriptions for this status.”

      It means that something went wrong on the purchase.

      I’ll ask our account manager to check the details. We will keep you posted.

  2. Hi,

    We have a website in which we need multi language features for that we need a features like
    When Visitors visits on website the Currency and Content should change as per location
    Base Language and Currency of website will be in English and Dollars

    Example Flows:-
    eg 1:- visitor visits on website from Europe and Browser language is English then the content of the website should be in English and pricing should be in Euro

    eg 2:- visitor visits on website from Europe and Browser language is German then the content of the website should be in German and pricing should be in Euro

    eg 3:- visitor visits on website from India and Browser language is English then the content of the website should be in English and pricing should be in INR

    eg 4:- visitor visits on website from India and Browser language is German then the content of the website should be in German and pricing should be in INR

    We are using Tools
    Divi Builder (For Content)

    Please let me know is the above feature will be made with your tool and what we need additional

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      what we provide in WPML settings will handle only some of your cases. Let me explain how it works. In WPML settings, you can an option (it’s disabled by default) to redirect your user to his language (if your site provides one of course) according to what she has set in her browser. So that a simple mechanism and this is all we have. If your site uses our WooCommerce Mutlitingaue plugin and you have currencies assigned to languages, the user will see a relevant currency as well after being redirected.

      Please note that you will get a lot of organic traffic to your site and automatic redirections are not so important. So if your users search in let’s say German in Google they will get a direct link to the German page.

  3. Hello,
    If my customer want to retrieve his licence from my WPML licence account (1 licence for his website), is it possible ?

  4. Hello,

    My website will be in English and I don’t want a multilingual website. However,

    I need an option to set each Product’s variation price in different currency. (One of these five -CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD).

    Default price when no variation is selected – USD$20.

    Soon a variation is selected the prices are shown in the currency as it’s set on Woo. For example – Product is Tshirt and has 5 Color; for each variation – Price and Currency is different.

    1. Color Red Price CAD 28

    2. Color Yellow Price USD 20

    3. Color Black Price AUD 25

    4. Color Green Price GBP 18

    5. Color Pink Price EURO 19

    Note: There will not be any Currency selection/ switching option available to user. Checkout will happen on the currency price is displayed using Stripe.


    1. Can I achieve this with WPML?

    If yes –
    1.1 Since I don’t need the multilingual functionality, would it affect the performance of my site?

    1.2 Could I use the starter package for this?

  5. Goodmorning,
    My company is a software reseller, and my customer is asking for a quote of your product.
    Before giving them the price, i want to know if is possible for us to order on their behalf.
    I need that invoice is headed to my and license for the end user

    Thanks and have a nice day

    • Hello,
      if you want us to invoice you, please buy WPML and set up the subscription using your credit card/PayPal and then register your customer’s site in your WPML account.

  6. How can I change my plan from Multilingual CMS to Multilingual Agency? How much will that cost? I still have 6 months until my subscription needs renewal. Thank you.

  7. Hi,

    I would like to change the paypal account linked to my automatic payment method. My renewal expires on 28/11. How can I do?


  8. We are developing a website and just want a single page on the site to be multilingual. Is this possible, and how to go about restricting it?


    • Hello,
      no problem, when you use WPML you don’t need to translate all of your pages but just the ones you need. You need to follow our standard setup (the automated WPML wizard will guide your thought). In WPML settings you determine what to do with pages that don’t have translations (for example you can hide the language switch for those or display the language switch with a redirection to the homepage).

  9. Hi There,

    This is chintan from digitalrooar.com.au

    We want to buy a WPML plugin for one of our client. However they had reported an issue with WPML plugin having products and description getting disappeared.

    Hence, We want to first test the plugin in our demo server to see the impact and then we can go ahead and purchase.

    Can you please allow us at least 3 days trial and then we can test and buy if all works fine?

    Await for your reply.

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. Please buy WPML and you will be able to test it not only for 3 days but for 30 days and during that trial ask technical questions on our support forum. If for any reason it turns out that you are not completely satisfied, simply use this link and we will refund your order. I do hope you won’t need to use that link… 🙂 We don’t provide any free demos.

  10. Buenos días,

    Necesito ayuda técnica y no sé como contactar con ustedes. Compramos la licencia en su momento. Teníamos problemas con las URL de las categorías que dan error 404 y lo solucionamos en su momento pero al tiempo volvió a fallar. He estado de baja y no hemos renovado la licencia por el fallo. Quiero renovar la licencia pero si no me aseguran que el fallo se puede arreglar debo buscar otra alternativa, ¿alguien nos puede ayudar? Muchas gracias

    • Hola Rafael:
      Para acceder al foro necesitas una suscripción activa. Puedes renovar y si el problema no se soluciona podemos hacerte el reintegro. Tienes hasta 30 días para probarlo.


  11. Hello,

    We recently renewed our WPML, but now we want to transfer our account to the client’s e-mail/account.

    1. Is this possible, if yes, how we can do that?

    2. About the billing, there’s no need to pay again, correct?

    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      right now we are implementing a feature that will allow you to do it automatically. It will be ready in about a month or two so if you can wait, please wait but if you need to do it now, please contact us directly using this form: https://wpml.org/home/contact-us/ and we will help.

  12. Hello, I would like to set up the automatic renew. In my case, I would like to renew the Multilanguage CMS package $79 with a renew of $59 yearly. But the renew process take me to a page charging me 119. I don’t want to keep the WPML CMS/Agency signature.

    Can I do this or I need to wait the end of my license to buy another one cheaper?


    • You need to wait until your current account expires (it will happen soon) and then you will be able to buy a new one with the same email (log in first).

  13. Hi
    I purchased the multilingual CMS. The system then asked me to add my login details. To my surprise my email address was already used so I reset the password. I cant find the needed downloads in my account. Did the purchase not take place?
    Best regards

    • Hello Sabina,
      I don’t see any purchase with your e-mail address. If you have not received a payment confirmation mail it is OK to log in and start the transaction again.

      Kind regards,

  14. I had an account and it expired, I still have the plugin working on my site. The question is what happens if I buy a new subscription? Will my plugins be updated and will I be able to update it or will it be a new plugin which I don’t want?
    The website was set up by someone else I hired and he didn’t leave me any info on keys etc.
    Thank you, Tina

  15. I am thinking to purchase WPML plugin. If I do not renew my account after a year, what will happen to my website? Does WPML plugin stop working? Or do I just lose support and updates?

  16. Hello, I would like to buy your plugin for the woo commerce site – in order to have 2 languages, two currencies (not automatically calculated based on the exchange rate but manually input by the WP-admin), and different prices in different currencies – if I understood well, this is possible to do with WPML? I will use the WooCommerce payment method plugin for Banca Intesa (ASSECO SEE) “NestPay” for integrating the card payments and I was wondering if your plugin is compatible with this one and if there is some related documentation? Thanks in advance, Jagoda

    • Hi!
      You should be able to do this with WPML. If you need help with the NestPay integration you can ask for help at our forum. You have until 30 days to try WPML and if it does not work for you, we will refund you.

  17. Hello,

    I would like to translate my website to 4 different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese). All I need to buy is the Multilingual CMS package ($79)? Would I need to buy any other plugin? I already have the translators, so I would like to know if I need any extra purchases to complete the translation of my website.

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