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26,731 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. We currently have multiple websites on subdomains ( en.* nl.* eg.* ) We are looking into options where we can have one multilingual domain on our www.* domain.

    My understanding of WPML is that we can freely configure multiple languages but that we need to rebuild the site structure for every current supported language on their respective subdomains.

    Could you tell me what your experience is on past/current customers that may have been in the same boat? Should we start building it from the ground up on our www.* domain or is there a way to transfer this easier using WPML?

      • Hi David,
        At the moment, I have built many language sites on different sub-domain & main domains(by Elementor). For instance, while EN and DE versions are in different sub-domains (but they have the same main domain), the other websites such as CN or FR have different main domains.

        1. In this case, is it possible to export and import all of these sites into the main site?
        2. I saw that there are two options to connect with translations:
        The first option is that the page is translated first, and then linked to the original page by clicking “Connect with translation”. The second option is to use WPML’s translator. In the second option, is clicking on the plus sign the same as the first option?
        3. Is there any way to replace the original photo/media by the translated photo/media correspondingly? Or after I linked the translated pages to the original pages, do I need to go to each pages to replace?

        • Hello David,
          Yes, it’s possible but unless you want to go through all pages manually to connect them (what ou describe in #2), you can consider using the WP All Import plugin and PML All Import add-on (available from your WPML Downloads page), which is described in detail here:

          The option about using WPML’s translator is something else – WPML gives you a choice: when you translate pages you can do open the page that you translate and the one with translation in one editor and see both side by side.

          When you apply WPML for a site that has only one language, we provide a convenient mechanism for handling image translations but in your case, when you have mixed content I really don’t know what might happen. So yes, some manual work might be needed in your case…

    • I’m in the need of changing my business listing template that I bought from themeforest 3 years ago..

      However I have been searching for an alternative template and when I found it I read that it’s developers say that the specific named “my listing” is not wpml ready yet…
      They say that “MyListing can be translated to any language, but it is not multi-language or WPML compatible yet”.
      This specific theme will cover my demands and the usability I have been looking for a couple of months now..
      The link of the template is below:

      Is it possible for me to buy the template and then with some way you to help me fix this? And add wpml compatibility?
      If you need anything more let me know asap here.
      Thank you for your time and understanding.


  2. We are using ‘Visual Composer Website Builder’ as the page builder on our website.

    Can you please confirm whether WPML supports the ‘Visual Composer website builder’?

  3. Hi, I have multiple posts in English and Japanese, with WPML can I have it translated to Portuguese? Other translate solutions need to set up the main language of the posts, but in our case, we have several post languages. Can you help us? My email is

    • Hello Ricardo,
      in WPML you need to choose one language as your primary language as well. Posts/pages in other languages will be available as subfolders. Please have a look at this site for example: It’s a site from the WPML showcase.

      By default, WPML doesn’t translate your posts/pages – you need to choose which pages/posts should be translated. We provide machine translations as well but you need to select pages to be translated – it won’t happen automatically.

  4. Hi,

    I was wondering if I can have different images/videos/gifs on translated pages using WPML. E.g. English page has video with English content, Spanish page has video with Spanish content.

    Is that possible? If it is possible, please explain how it can be done. Does WPML created a separate post with every translated language so that I can edit the page directly using the visual builder? I use Astra + Elementor for my website.

    Please advise, thank you.

  5. Hello there,

    I have 2 questions.

    1) what you mean by website, installations of wordpress, hosting plan’s domain names or sub-domains.

    What happens when is stack multiple domain names on 1 hosting account with wordpress. Example, => and => Is it still 1 website?

    2) How do you calculate the 2000 words.
    gb_EN => de_DE 2000
    gb_EN => nl_NL 2000

    Or is that 4000 words.

    • Hello,
      1. One WPML key for one WordPress install. In your case, you will need to register only one site (your main domain).
      2. 2000 words per site.

  6. Is it possible to create a custom type post and use the same post for the different languages? Only a few fields that are different for every language?

    I’m developing a website for a real estate company. It would be nice to only have 1 post for 1 property instead of 1 for every language.

    What version of WPML will support that?

  7. Thank you for your response. I have one more question – I want to test everything locally first – I can do that with WPMPL before activating it on the live site, as it says it is for 1 site? It is the same site, but I would use it on the local before activating it on the live site. Thank you in advance, Jagoda

  8. Hello there. I would like to receive information. 1 site will be multilingual. We want to use wpml. I wonder. I will define admin for each language. The actual admin will see all orders. Is it possible for the country to see the name of orders from that country? will not see orders from other countries.

  9. Hello.
    I want to ask a question. We are considering using wpml. you know. I have an acquaintance who uses. does not have knowledge. I want to use multisite. I created subdomain. de, en. (en.). Is it possible to create on when the language of a post is created on en? should we create the same connection? do we do manual operation. Is it possible to manage all languages with 1 site?


    • Hello, you can manage all languages within one site but it needs to be a normal WordPress (not Multisite). WPML will create the subdomain of folders for your languages.

  10. Hello, we are interested in purchasing the Multilingual Agency license. Do you have a EULA for our Legal Dept. to look over?


  11. Hi there,

    I wondered what the options are for a page or post if a translation is missing for that page? Can the post or page be hidden from the site if viewed in that language?

    Can you let me know more about the default action and what options there are for this?

    We’d like to avoid falling back to english if a post is not translated and not have that post available.

    Many thanks!

  12. Hi!

    I’m finishing a new website. I first wanted to use *.eu with a language flag but found out an other solution, the multiple domain per language option.

    I’ve seen:

    but have two more questions.

    I want to achieve:

    *.de (German)
    *.fr (French)
    *.nl (Dutch, my home country)
    * (English)

    and *.eu for other countries but also in English.

    On which domain should the WordPress installation be? It’s now in Dutch on *.eu but I can move it to *.nl as I want to start in my home country. Or can I leave it in Dutch on *.eu?

    Is it possible with WPML so that both * and .eu point to the same English translation or would you advice something else?

    Thank you,

    Greetings Sander

    • To answer those questions I need help from the author of that page you linked. I’m awaiting his feedback. Thank you for your patience.

    • Hello,
      Turns out it’s not possible to point two domains to the same language.
      Unless you use some custom coding.
      However if custom coding is not an option (as it might be pretty complex to do or maybe not even possible without big hacks), you can set en_GB for site and en_US for .eu site

  13. Hello Team,

    About WP Rental theme options behavioral changes with WPML, I’ve purchased WP Rental theme having multilangual support with WPML, When I tried to save theme options many time it failed to save theme options.

    I’ve removed WPML and tried to save, so it works properly. Please suggest me what should I do for this issue?

    Awaiting for your reply.

  14. Hello,

    I’m creating a website for a charity that requires to be in English and Portuguese so a plugin like this looks like a great fit. Do you offer a free version for charities?

    Many thanks

    • Yes. You can use WPML on multi-site installations as well. Please note that you can register WPML on the root site and on each child site. If you need unlimited registrations, use the Agency account and you’ll be able to activate WPML on as many sites as you need.

  15. Hello,
    I am in byiung process.
    You inform that EU companies are invoiced without VAT if VAT number is provided.
    However this is not the case and the amount is the same.
    Look forward to your answer on that

    • Hi Christian,
      Please make sure you are selecting the country and then adding the number only (without the country prefix). If this does not work, please paste your VAT number here and I will take a look.


      • Thanks for that reply.

        Since there is no way of seeing the order before final buy I inserted the international way/layout VAT number
        The buy has already been confirmed but at the wrong price.
        The VAT number used was SE559144150501
        Invoice no: 4926537

        What do I do?

        • Hello Christian,
          I see the invoice ID 4926537 is for the amount of 79$, which is the net amount- VAT free. The number was validated successfully and we have not charged you for it.

  16. Hi there

    Im thinking of using this solution. I currently have a and I want to bring a couple of other top level domains on board. Will I have to start again with the fresh install or can I just plug straight into the current installation.

    In terms of load speed. How much does the plugin affect the performance?

    And finally – If I buy the middle license but later want to add more domains. Is there an upgrade option?



  17. I have a Lifetime Licens and would like to try the automatic translation function. I have read that I need a subscription for automatic translation.

    My questions are:

    1. Is the Traveler Theme compatible with WPML?

    2. If I have taken out a subscription and automatically translated the theme, but then cancel the subscription next month, are the translations still available?

    3. When will DeepL be integrated into WPML?
    Sorry, but Microsoft can’t get close to the translation quality of DeepL. Read the reviews worldwide!

    thanks Oliver

    • Hello,
      if you have a Lifetime account you can ask your questions on our support forum. You will get your reply faster.

      1. The Traveler Theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team but you can check it yourself if you have access to WPML plugins and in case of issues you can ask questions on our support forum.

      2. Yes. And yes, your translations won’t be lost.

      3. I’m gonna check that our with the ATE team.

    • At this moment we have no plans to integrate with DeepL. It supports only 7 languages and from the research we did, most of our clients are more interested in language variety than quality. Also, DeepL does not support any Asian languages that are in high demand.

      However, we have Deepl on our radar, if they will add support for more languages and Asian languages we might reconsider.

  18. What does exactly mean: Websites you can register: 3.
    I cannot use it on the 4th site? Or I’ll get updates only for a 3 sites? Could you clarify this, please?

    • Yes, you can install it on 4 sites but you can register only 3 of them and it means that for the extra one you will won’t get automatic updates.

    • Hello,
      we don’t have any lifetime packages now and we won’t have. We used to have a Lifetime package in the past (a few years ago) and if this is what you’ve had, you can use it for an unlimited number of sites and you will get updates forever. No need to do anything in that case.

  19. Hi –

    Our office is investigating using the automatic translation feature. Before we do this, we’d like to test the quality by having a few people QA some translations. Does the plugin use Google Translate or another open source service that we can test?


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