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26,798 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

    • My colleague Mercedes told me that she had already replied to your question. Just in case, let me share what I found: no, we don’t provide such forms.

  1. Hello,
    I have to build a website for a client and I am considering using the WPML plugin for offering the content in multiple languages. I have a question I’d like to ask before purchasing.
    How does the licence/activation work? Is there a free, testing/demo version to try locally (instead of uploaded to a server). In the case there isn’t, can I use an activated version on a private testing server and/or locally?

    • Hello Juan,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      The Multilingual Blog package allows you to register only one site. The Multilingual CMS package allows you to register up to 3 sites but you can use one registration key first for your testing server and then remove the key and generate a new one for your production server. Yes, you ca test WPML plugins locally as well. But we don’t provide any free trials. You need to buy it but our refund policy allows you to test WPML without any risk. You can test it whenever you want, locally or on a remote server. During that probation period, you can also ask for our assistance on our support forum if needed.

  2. Hi, is it possible to have translator accounts that can access Wpml translation area and tools only? I don’t want these users to access anything else on wordpress. If yes, How does it work? how is it implemented? Thanks

    • Hi Fernando,

      Yes, WPML offers specific capabilities for translators with the addon WPML Translation Management. In the wizard, you will be able to define who will translate contents of the site. Basically, a translator can be any kind of WordPress user (a simple “subscriber” for instance) and you will define which language pairs this translator is allowed to work on.


  3. Hi,

    First, it would be nice if your Leave a reply form fields have labels or placeholder text to know which should i put my name or email.

    Anyways, we are looking for an Auto Translator plugin to replace Google translate (since they are closing on Dec. 4) where we don’t have to encode translation manually. I don’t see auto translate on your features page, but i just want to make sure. Do you have Auto Translator for these languages?


  4. Hi,

    I have tried a GPL redistribution WPML, but it is slowing down my side tremendously (a 1.5 sec pageload turns into 20+ sec).
    Am ready to do a purchase, can I expect a straightforward migration or do I need to setup everything from scratch?
    Obviously my expectation is that the slowdown can be solved!


  5. Hello,

    I have a question duo installing and buying wpml.
    At the moment my theme is standard english but the mainly would be NL ‘dutch’.

    Also the website must be FR ‘french’ and EN ‘English’. How would i go to work? Make the website in english and translate it after to NL and FR and put NL to the standard?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      In this case, please make Dutch (NL) your primary language when setting up WPML and FR and English secondary languages (you can also add them later, not necessarily during the initial setup).

  6. Hi,

    I have WPML on my website It was build by a developper a few years ago. Now that it’s time to update some of the components, I can’t seen to be able to log in. Can someone tell me is I even have an active account?

    Thanks you.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML. Where cannot you log in? Into your WPML account? Or into your WordPress site. I’ve checked your email and you have the End-user type of account here, at It means you can use WPML but someone else is the owner of WPML. If you want to update WPML plugins on your site to the latest version, please log in to your WP site, go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab and check if your site is registered and has a valid registration. If not, your developer would need to renew your WPML subscription. Or you can buy WPML yourself and then register it again.

  7. I have WPML Multilingual CMS 2.3.4 and WPML String Translation 1.3.0 installed on my site and need to update. I do not know my account information and this was a few years ago so I could not log in and am writing here since it seemed the only place to make contact. What should I do to update?

    • Hello Jonathan,
      I’ve used your email (the one you have posted your comment with) and checked our records and there is no WPML account with your email. You can do the following. On your WordPress site please go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab and check if your WPML is registered. If it is, you will be able to update the plugins from within that screen. If not, you would need to ask the person who had registered WPML to renew her WPML subscription or buy a new one for yourself and register your WPML again (which means, generate a new activation key and then unregistering your existing one and entering the new key on the screen I’ve mentioned). Then you will be able to update WPML plugins.

  8. Hello Wpml Team,

    I want to purchase your plugin but I have few quires before proceed, this website : this multilingual website having english,spanish and catalan
    I use G transalte that not work properly, also biggest issue over page the date-picker is only work with English language and not work with another languages.

    if you provide proper solution for this thing that I buy your plugin.

  9. Does GTranslate (machine translating) and WPML work well together? if i want the WPML setup framework and Google translations.

  10. Hi Agnes!
    Thanks for your E-mail.

    I have no “commercial” tab available, which has happened to others as per

    The tabs available to me on the “Add new” plugins page are “Selected”, “Popular”, “Recommended” and “Favorites” – I don’t see “Commercial”. What I see is in Swedish just so you know.

    I checked and found that my brother-in-law who helped me get going, Romi Rancken ( installed Multilingual and String Translation for me on March 11, 2012.

    What do you suggest I do? I don’t want to redo my website, naturally, but need to update to be compatible with PHP7.


    • Are you an admin on your site?
      If you are and you cannot see the Commercial tab, it means that that you don’t have WPML plugins installed at all or WPML it’s not active.
      Could you please ask someone who has admin privileges on your site?

      Without the admin user, you won’t be able to do much on this site even if you buy WPML.

    • I check this user and he has the WPML Lifetime license. So you don’t need to buy anything and you can get new updates forever.
      Please do the following:

      1. Make sure you are logged in with the admin privileges.
      2. On your WordPress site go to Plugins and check if the WPML plugins are installed. YOu should see “WPML Multilingual CMS”.
      3. If the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin is active, please go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab
      and check if your site is registered. If it is, you will be able to update WPML plugins from that screen (please do it carefully, make sure you have a backup or ask someone who can handle issues if something goes wrong)
      If your site is not registered, you will need to ask your brother-in-law to register it in his WPML account (ask him to log in to his WPML account, go to sites and register your site. You will get a new registration key which you need to insert into your WordPress (Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab).

      I hope it helps.

    • I replied to your question.
      Best would be to ask your brother-in-law for credentials to his WPML account and continue asking technical questions there. He has lifetime license and he can use our forum and get new updates all the time.

  11. Hello WPML,

    I want to purchase your plugin but the payment gateway that you use required a credit card that is not available in China (VISA, MASTERCARD, …) I possess a PayPal account but can not go trough your payment platform. Since I cancel all my credit card from my home country I wish to know if it’s possible to proceed to a special payment directly to a PayPal account for this special case.

    Thank you very much.


  12. Hello

    I plan to open an alcohol company in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, China. My website will be in English, Chinese traditionnal and Chinese simplified. But every country has differents law regarding alcogol and differents currencies. So I have few questions before start the website on woocommerce and using your service

    1. By using WPML, is it possible to set differents domain and language folder at the same time (Option A) or only language folder (option B),

    EX option A: (Taiwanese website, Chinese traditionnal version) (Taiwanese website, english versions) (HK website, Chinese traditionnal version) (HK website, english version)

    Option B website, english version) website, Chinese traditionnal version) (Taiwanese website, english versions) website, Chinese traditionnal version)

    Wich one is possible, or both are possible?

    Best regards
    Franck Delecroix

    • Hello Franck,
      to set different domain for languages, additional setup is required on your server, which is explained in detail here:

      but you cannot mix the two URL formats (domains and folders) so option A from your example won’t work.

      Option B. In WPML settings you will find an option to put your primary language in a directory (the default is no folder for the primary language) but I find your example tricky. You say: “HK website, english” version and then you say “Taiwanese website, english versions” which makes me confused.

      You need to stick to one language per folder.

  13. Hi,

    If I purchase Multilingual CMS it can be used on 3 websites.

    Can I install on a single test site and development site and once confident it is working and fine tuned, move to the 3 production live sites.

    Clearly test and development will be disabled at this stage, therefore the software will only be running on a maximum of 3 sites.



    • Hello Richard,
      Yes you can use WPML on the development site without registering it. When the live sites are ready you can register it. You can also first register it on the development site and then delete it and register it on the live site.

  14. Are translations stored in po/mo files or the database?
    We are transalting a site that will be hosted on different domain names per region but will use common translations across all of the sites. From searching your forum it appears exporting and improting translations with WPML is painful and per language and requires a different process for posts/pages to strings? We are also keen to use a solution which does not use the database for translations due to its slower speed than using files. So I wanted to ask are all translations stored in po/mo files and we can therefore simply use our own multisite ftp solution to clone the files across our different sites? I’ve searched and can find an answer to this

  15. Hi, i have a question about Monthy subsciption for auto translate. If I use subscription for a couple of month and translate for example some 10000 words and after that I cancel my subscription. Does it mean that all my translated content will disapear from my site? Or it means that I just can not add new auto translate?

    • Hi, your content won’t disappear. You will not be able to add new machine translations, you will be able to add manual translations.

  16. Hi guys,

    I am in a very odd spot where I must decide whether to suspend my account or upgrade it from CMS to Agency.

    I couldn’t find any upgrade discount for previous users, nor any Black Friday offer… am I missing something, or are you really not offering any such opportunity?

    • Hello,
      I can see that you have the Multilingual CMS subscription that will expire on February 19, 2020. When you are logged in and you try to upgrade what price can you see? We don’t have any Black Friday offers but you should be able to upgrade with the price calculated proportionally to what you have already paid for. Please let me know what price you can see.

  17. Hello,

    I would like to know more about Multilingual Agency licence.
    If I understood correctly…when I buy this one, I can install full version of WPML (the current one in the moment of purchase) on every single website that I created or will create in future…is that true?

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