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26,862 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Before I buy your plugin, I need to know if it is possible to run a webshop in only one language?
    Danish URL: webshop
    English URL: no webshop

      • Im not sure you know what I mean. Lets pretend I have a danish URL (.dk) and an international (.com). I only want the webshop on the danish URL. I dont want it on the international (.com).

        • I need to understand the big picture. Now you’ve mentioned separate domains which makes your case a little more challenging.
          Is this you setup:
          .dk domain – in Danish, it has regular pages (About us in Danish, Contact us in Danish, etc plus the WooCommerce shop, also in Danish)
          .com – in English, it has only regular pages (About us in English, Contact us in English)

  2. Hi – i dont need a multi-lingual site – I’m need to optimize our website over Australia and New Zealand – both English speaking countries. Will WPML accomodate this and how do I go about implementation please? Thanks

  3. hi i need to translate more then 1.000.000+ words automaticly (ecommerce product shop)

    your plugin only does Automatic (machine) translation 2000 words per month ? can this be upgraded ?

    or will it update all words automaticly when 1 word is changed.
    Example : if i change the word RED to Rood will all products with RED be changed to ROOD ?

    if so then we can combine auto transalte with custom translate.

    so questions :
    1. is there more posable then only 2000 words automaticly per month ?
    2. will words be changed all over or only in one place i.e product titels

    Best regards

    • Here are the plans:

      but you can request bigger ones:
      Up to 1000000 words $119.98 $117.00
      Up to 5000000 words $498.98 $496.00
      Up to 10000000 words $699.98 $697.00

      Also our system provides the glossary mechanism (where you can add your terms) and the translation memory – when a sentence was translated once it will be automatically translated next time in most cases. If you modify your original sentence you need to re-send your job and then re-translate them. After that the changed word/sentence will appear on your translated pages. When you see it in action, you will have a better understanding of it.

  4. We are considering the possibility to buy the plugin. Besides the multi-language support, we also want to show/hide some html sections or html DIV based on language. Is it possible that we can get the language with the DIVI theme so that we can control its display?

  5. Hi,

    if I buy a Multilingual CMS version and then after that, I want to upgrade to Multilingual Agency version I will only pay a difference between prices? Or I need to pay full price for Multilingual Agency. Thank you.

  6. Hello,

    I would like to know if WPML plugin is compatible with Facebook pixel for woocommerce plugin ?
    I need to display catalog on facebook/instagram with the adequate language for each visitor. There won’t be conflict with translated products ??

    Thank you for your help !


  7. Hello,

    Is it possible to use two paths as language URL format?

    I wanted to create a site that makes use of WPML and is similar to the way it is done at website where the URL path defaults to the “/en/eu” slug.

    My idea is to create something like “/ph/ceb for a local Cebuano dialect, or “/ph/bcl for Bicolano dialect”, or “/en/uk for UK English”, and “/en/au for Australian English”.

    The documentations and support forum posts I found — such as the one at — only refer to single-path styles (i.e. /en/) or one path with dash (i.e. /en-us).

    Please let me know if this could be done as it will help me in decide if I should get a copy.

    If not, please advise what would be the best way to go about this.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    All the best,

  8. Hi,

    I am having the following message repeated 1000 times on the top part of my WP board:

    “supplied for foreach() in /home/customer/www/ on line 2113”

    Was the free WPML plugin taken down? It did not occur to me that we were paying for this plugin, correct me if I am wrong.

    What am I supposed to do now?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Michele,
      This message usually is associated to the use of an incorrect/outdated WPML registration key, thus, you should recreate a new one from your account dashboard.
      On the other hand, WPML does not have a free version, however you can always buy a new license from our site:


  9. Hello,

    We are looking at buying WPML 2x of Multilingual CMS.
    What are the Terms of Service for this plug-in? We could not find any link to this, only privacy policy. We can’t go ahead and buy this unless the Terms of Service is OK.

  10. Please sponsor us, a small nonprofit, to help us helping Nepalese & Indian orphans…

    Good morning!

    I am co-leading with my wife a very small German-based non-profit NGO (registered Non-Governmental Organisation, 100% not for profit, actually we distribute 100% of donations & work entirely for free, since a decade). It is named “Namaste-Welfare” (see or for English version), and we are dedicated to HELP ORPHANS CHILDREN IN NEPAL & INDIA.

    We have no resources to purchase software which are not open source, We are just dreaming to be able to use your fantastic tool, to facilitate our processes of getting multi lingual, to reach more donors. Your tool would help us to be much more impactful with our potential donors, hopefully getting some more people sponsoring poor kids in India and Nepal, giving them a chance in life…

    BUT…we have no fund for IT (100% of our effort (time/money) goes to children… this is mandatory as per the foundation/NGO status that we signed) So, I am coming to you with a simple request:

    —> would you consider supporting us with a free agency Plan (we need agency if possible), so we can better & more professionally support orphans in Nepal & India?…

    We would so much appreciate your help for us to help others…

    Many thanks in advance to escalate this special request to the management and we hope to get a positive answer from you.

    Link to our non-profit status (German 505 equivalent) –>

    Enjoy the day! 🙂
    for //

    PS: Of course, we would mention your support & sponsorship in our website & social media communications 😉

  11. Hi,

    We currently have multiple websites for various product brands. All these sites are in English. We are now looking at having them in multiple languages.

    The sites have been developed either using WordPress, HTML or php.

    Request you to please help us with the following queries:

    1. Does your solution work on all the above mentioned platforms? If yes, what product or products will be required for us to purchase?

    2. Do you provide a trial license for us to try on one of our websites, before we buy the actual license? If required, we could even purchase the license initially but if the solution does not work, will you refund the payment made?

    3. Can we use the same license for all our websites or do we need to buy separate license for each website?

    We are looking at this on an urgent basis.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    Mehul Vora
    +91 9967786663

    • 1. WPML is a WordPress plugin so you can use it for a WordPress-based site.
      If you have parts of your site still in HTML, you would need to transfer them or turn them into WordPress pages first. Otherwise, WPML won’t recognize it. Everything needs to be in your WordPress if you want WPML to see those pages.
      2. Our refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days: This is the only way to test WPML without any risk.
      3. If you buy the Agency package you can use WPML on all or your sites.
      If you buy the Multilingual CMS package, you will be able to register WPML only on 3 sites.

  12. Hi,
    I already have an account with WPML for a series of websites with WPML CMS for life.
    I now created a new account for a completely new website for another firm. I wanted to buy the CMS for life but I see this is not available anymore and I don’t wanna pay for annual fees.
    What are my options here or can I just use the account I have from my first firm?
    Many thanks,

    • Hello,
      I’m not sure what you mean by “now created a new account”. What kind of account do you refer to?

      If you have the Lifetime account at you can register unlimited sites in that account, including sites for new customers. Yes, we don’t offer new lifetime accounts anymore so you need to either register your new customers’ domain in your existing account or buy a yearly subscription for it. I hope that helps.

  13. Hi,
    I am curious whether Blog version of your plugin works smoothly with free WP theme Period.
    Is it possible to use the WPML plugin under one year subscription also for longer time if I can survive without updates for some time?
    Thank you,

    • Hello,
      do you mean this theme:

      This theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team but it seems to be a simple theme and it should work smoothly with WPML. After purchasing WPML you will have 30 days to test it without any risk and you can even ask for help on our support forum.

    • To answer to question about the WPML subscription. Yes, you can survive without updates for some time. If you don’t renew your WPML subscription you can still use the plugins and you won’t lose the functionality. But no one can anticipate what happens if there are major WP releases and you still use an old version of WPML.

  14. Hi, my questions is: What happens after one year, when the subscription runs out?
    If I dont renew, will my website stop functioning until I renew? Or it will run but can’t get any more updates nor support?

    • Hello Peter,
      your websites will continue working without any changes. An active subscription is required only for updates and support.

  15. In process of setting up new site for my employer using Elementor Pro. They want translation. This will be a static page other than news / blog posts. Will the blog version suffice or do we need the full CMS version?


  16. Hey,

    I have a simple website for my business. I use X-theme. I have two questions:

    1. Will I be able to translate the whole website with the Blog package or do I need CMS?
    (I don’t need to translate attachments but I do want to translate buttons and menus.)

    2. Can I order the Blog package and then upgrade to CMS? And if yes, what’s the cost of the upgrade.

    • Hello Barbara,
      1. To translate the whole website you will need the CMS.
      You can translate menus using the Blog version – buttons, I’m not sure, depends on how these were implemented. You might need the CMS for it.
      2. Yes, you can and you will pay the difference between the price for CMS and the Blog package.

  17. Hi there,

    Is WPML compatible with Mai Lifestyle Theme from BizBudding (a Genesis theme)? I’ve asked the guys over on BizBudding. They say they have a lot of customers with multilingual site, and “The only issue is understanding that our Sections Template (if you choose to use it) uses custom fields, so typically needs to be treated a little differently to translate. WPML and most other plugins (Polylang, Multilingualpress, etc) all have ways to translate custom fields.”

    Is that okay, is the process fairly straight-forward and intuitive?



    • Yes, that’s true that WPML allows you to translate custom fields but we don’t have any specific info if the custom fields from your Mai Lifestyle Theme will work because it hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility team. How about if you check it yourself? In case it doesn’t work, you can ask for a refund.

    • Hi Agnes, Thanks for getting back to me. The problem is that I don’t want to invest in the theme and plugins – nor make that investment in time – only to find out that they’re not compatible. Would it be possible for the WPML Compatibility team to test the Mai Lifestyle Theme? Thanks, Angie

      • Hello Angie, I understand. Let me check with our Compatibility Team if we have any information about the theme. I haven’t found anything on this page
        but let me double-check with my colleagues.

        We cannot test each and every theme on demand because there are thousands of themes out there. WPML works out of the box with most themes in terms of supporting major features such as translating pages, posts, categories, menus but you might have issues with custom elements that are unique to your theme.

        I’ll keep you posted.

  18. Hello,

    We want to make a complete copy of our dutch website. this because we do not want the orders and customer info from the other countries in the backend of our original site.
    we want to set the copy of the original site live on a development domain. so it can not be indexed by google.
    Then we want to make new language domains like and with the translations.
    is this possible?

  19. Hi!

    I read in an old blog that if I was planing to have lots of posts and taxonomies, that I should consider to do multisite.

    What do you think about it?

    What are your limits?

    What kind of hardware do you recommend at server level?


  20. Hello,

    We are a non-profit in the process of moving from drupal to WP. We are evaluating translation solutions. In order to evaluate effectively it would be great if we could get some sort of free trial to assess if WPML will work for us. As a global non profit with fairly complex translation needs this would really help us out.

    If this is not possible is there a way we can start on the cheapest package and then upgrade when we have assessed and gone live?

    Many thanks!


    • Hello Rob,
      I am afraid we have stopped supporting non-profits for now. We continue to support the existing ones in our system but we cannot take new ones. You are welcome to buy WPML and try it for 30 days. If it does not suit your needs we will refund you
      YOu are welcome to start at the Blog version and then upgrade to CMS for the difference only.

      Hope this helps!

  21. Good afternoon,

    We have a little doubt about the “Account renewal” value.

    Is this a value that we only have to pay if we pretend to have support over the plugin?
    Or is it a value which has to be obligatorily paid?

    Best Regards,

    África Ortiz

    • Hello África,
      The renewal is required if you want to keep access to updates and support. You can keeo using whatever you have installed if not,

      Kind regards,

  22. Is there automatically translate button for product description, short description and title? also all of my pages have almost same product description except for photos, so the advanced automatic translator can make my job easier right?

    Thank you

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