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27,013 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello, I have a few questions.

    I don’t want to translate the whole website. What if I just want to translate the main nav pages and not the blog posts; what would the upfront cost be?

    What if I don’t translate 100% of my site? How does the interaction work between translated and non translated pages?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Jim,
      in WPML nothing gets translates automatically. Even if you want to use machine translations, first, you need to pick specific pages, posts, etc and “send” them to translation. So it means, you can translate only some of your pages, the ones you need to be translated and leave everything else in your primary language. For the untranslated ones, your visitors won’t see the language switcher.

  2. For Multilanguage CMS, what counts as 1 site? I’m looking to use WPML on two different live websites, however, both have a password protected STAGING, and one has a DEV area too. For the license, is that 2 sites and the STAGING/DEV versions don’t count against my site limit? Or is that 5 sites and I have to do the Multilanguage Agency license?

    • Hello Michael,
      The Multilanguage CMS package will allow you to register only three sites (domains) but you can use WPML on your staging/dev sites without registration. If a site is not registered, you won’t be able to update WPML plugins directly from our WordPress update panel (Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab). So in this case, you would need to grab the zip update the plugin manually (Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin).

  3. Hi, we are in the process of completely updating our site to be international with focus on the use of woocommerce. However we have many products, and the availability in some countries is not possible. Is it possible to remove products based on the language change?

  4. Hi!
    We are currently working with Translatepress but want to change to WPML.
    Is there anything we need to pay attention to in the process?

    • Hello,
      I’m sorry but we don’t have any migration tool to support that process. So you would need to uninstall Translatepress (if it provides an option to clear the database use it) and then install WPML, set up it up and translate your content using WPML.

  5. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Our webmaster is designing our new website, and he suggested your service. He added the free version of WPML, and we would like to purchase the Multilingual CMS for English, Spanish, and Italian.

    But before we do:

    Does your plugin create new subdomains for each language or translates on the spot? I am worried because we are implementing a blog, and we need them to be recognized by Google as independent websites to attract traffic.

    Thanks and best regards,


    • Hello Julio,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      WPML creates subfolders by default (if you need domains for other languages, you would need an extra setup on your server). WPML doesn’t translate anything “on the spot”. Even if you would like to use machine translations, you need to pick your pages/posts and send them to translation. Please check this video: to see how it works. You can also provide your own translations.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “we need them to be recognized by Google as independent websites to attract traffic.” What is an independent website?

      Thank you.

  6. Hi,
    does the automatic language detection work for any page and post or only (like with Polylang) if you first land on the main page?
    Can the visitor still change his preferred language (via cookie?) so that he can override the browser language setting?

  7. Thank you for the fast reply, Agnes.
    Maybe I wasn’t clear … An example would be visitors arriving at or and finding the preferred language. I just don’t want them to have to go to first to detect the browser’s language (as it seems to be the case with the other plugin)

    • WPML adds the language switcher for all your translated pages. So it’s good to insert the language switcher. If you want to use automated redirections, they will work for subpages too and will redirect the user to the relevant subpage but in their language (if that page exists in that language). But it’s better to rely on the language switcher rather than setting up automatic redirections.

  8. HI,

    We are building a WordPress news blog which supports English and Arabic language.

    1. We are adding posts using WordPress API from custom built control panel.
    2. We are translating the english content to Arabic manually – we don’t use any automatic translators.
    3. If we use WPML plugin – Can we insert a post by using WordPress API with English and Arabic content from our custom built control panel.

    • Hello,
      If what you add by your panel follows WordPress standards and is represented in the database as other posts, it should work. WPML allows you to translate posts and pages, even posts for custom post types.

      You can buy WPML and test it for 30 days without risking anything. So it would be best to check how it works in your case. You will be able to ask technical questions on our support forum during that trial.

  9. Please could you explain to me how the WPML support page builders as this feature is not included in the first package in which I’m interested.
    Thank you in advance

  10. Hello Mercedes,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I’m interested in Multilingual Blog for one website as I have only one website.
    For the plugins, I will use the Elementor Page Builder but not the pro version.
    Also I see that it support the All-in-One SEO the pro version, so it should support the free version as well right?
    Best regards,

    • Hello,
      yes, be default you translate everything manually. I’m not sure what exactly you mean by translating URLs, but when you create a page in another language the URL will reflect your poge title, which you can change if needed.

  11. Hi.

    I am an old client of WPML. Recently I bought another licence of WPML for a client. When installing WPML (on a brand new WordPress web site) I got the following message when entering the code:
    Invalid site key for the current site.

    I went to the support forum, but the service is lazy and I had no success so far.

    I was to ask for a refund, but I thought that a corporate/professional support is probably available somewhere ? Is it ?


    Gaston Huot (id: gastonH)

  12. Hi – We’re thinking about going with WPML and wondering if there is the option to change the graphics/pictures on specific pages that we may chose to translate using WPML while leaving the original graphics/images on the English version of the page. If we can do this with your interface, we’re going to go with it. Please advise and thanks – Gene

  13. I don’t really want a refund (except if it doesn’t work), but I need a real support.
    It’s not normal to have to go in a PHP file to change settings ? It would be a first, and god knows if I dis make a lot of installation…


  14. Yes I did tried, of course. I was probably unlucky with the person who took the ticket. Obviously he was not reading what was sent to him. He even give me a not working link that was suppose to tell me how to correct the situation. Anyways, I just opened a new ticket…



    • Hello Gaston,
      if you want, you can share links to both tickets and I will pass them over to our support manager to check if our supporters did everything as expected.

  15. Hello, I have a few questions.
    • i will build a WordPress theme from scratch and the theme will be in two language English and Arabic and I will translate the content manually so I should choose Multilingual Blog version or Multilingual CMS
    • after the one year finish if I do not renewal the site will work normal or it will broken
    • the one I will purchase I can use it many time for the same theme I mean if I changed the theme more than one time for the same domain the plugin will work even if I did not renewal
    • there was a problem in old version of plugin that when I switch languages the role of custom fields (ACF) changing and I must make it manually is this solved in the new versions
    • support for plugin will be for one year only right
    • if I create subdomains can I use the plugin I purchased for them or I should upgrade to new plan
    • is there is any documentation for the code or it is the same for all versions


    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. You will need the Multilingual CMS package.
      2. It will work normally but of course, we cannot anticipate what will happen if you upgrade WordPress and WordPress will introduce some big changes (this is what happened with WP 5.5 – many plugin and theme authors needed to introduce some quick fixes)
      3. Yes, you can.
      4. To answer this question, I would need more details. Is this bug described anywhere on If it is, please share the link with me and I will pass it over to the developers handling compatibility with ACF.
      5. If you cancel your WPML subscription then yes, only for one year.
      6. I don’t understand your question. What specific plugin are we talking about? What upgrade do you have in mind?
      7. For which code do you need documentation?

  16. Hello,
    I have an eshop in Greek language. I would like to buy your plugin in order to translate my eshop in English. I want to ask, if the translation is automatically or is it auto for 2000 words per month and the remaining words can be manually translated by me?
    Thank you

    • Hello,
      do you use the WooCommerce plugin for your online shop? If so, yes, you can use WPML and we are compatible with WooCommerce. If you are using something else, please let me know what’s your plugin name.

      If you would like to use machine translations, you need to enable our ATE editor.

      We offer 10 000 words for free (no extra registration is required, you just need to follow the steps here):

      When you register, you will get extra credits for free to translate 2000 words.

      So if you use those 12 000 words and don’t want to be charged for using more, you will need to translate manually.

      I hope it helps.

  17. Greetings, I received the following email from support tech and they still have not sent me a new pw reset. Thank you.
    We changed our domain name and I think that is what caused “You are using an unregistered version of WPML and are not receiving compatibility and security updates. Register now”/.
    Please advise me what I need to do or maybe someone could configure our lifetime membership on the backend. I am not sure.

    Hi Marco,

    I have just checked and your account is active and seems to be working correctly. Is it OK if I’ll generate for you a new password and will email it to you?

    On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 7:43 AM WPML wrote:
    Detailed feedback
    Please contact me. I am the webmaster for and we were given the plugin for a lifetime membership of support and unlimited updates do to being a non profit organization in San Salvador El Salvador. I have used WPML for many years on the website.

    We recently changed our domain name from to

    I needed to login to WPML because now WPML does not recognize us as having lifetime membership. (it was under
    But now, my username and password is not working.
    My username was

    My email on the account is but the reset password is not working.
    Please contact me.

    Amit Kvint

    Chief Customer Officer


    The makers of WPML, Toolset and ICanLocalize

    • Hi Marco, I have emailed you this morning – according to our system log we did send you an email with a new password reactivation, please check your spam folder in the case it has landed in there by mistake.
      Let’s continue this by email if you still have issues.


  18. Hi, I’m a bit confused about your upgrade policy.
    I have a site ( with WPML Multilingual CMS 4.0.4 and Media Translation 2.3.4 installed.
    I was going to set up a WooCommerce shop, which required me to upgrade PHP (5.4 > 7.3) and WordPress Core (4.9 > 5.5), which I did without issues. However, the WooCommerce UI is throwing WPML-related errors, so I thought I would have a look on my WPML plugins installed, and maybe upgrade them as a best practice.
    My WPML plugin manager states:
    “*Your subscription expires in 2 days…*
    WPML is registered on this site. You will receive automatic updates until September 9, 2020”
    Still, updates fail with “The package could not be installed. (PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature)”
    I checked support entries, but none of the suggested manual steps apply to me as my subscription no longer seems to be in a valid state, so I can’t download, can’t post a support ticket, etc.
    Am I correct to think that to just to upgrade I must purchase another yearly subscription, register that in WordPress and do a manual install then hope is solves my issues?

    • Hello,
      We have checked your email address (the one you posted your comment with). And your subscription expired on July 26, 2019. So I find it strange that you can see “Your subscription expires in 2 days” message. Maybe you have two separate accounts at If your site is registered, you can provide me the site’s URL and we can check it (or maybe you remember your other email).

      Anyways, you can renew your existing WPML account, then register your site, generate your key, go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab and enter that new key and then update the plugins.

      Or if you have another WPML account, please try to log there and check if your have your site registered with that account.

      • Thank you, Agnes. If you find it strange that I can see a “Your subscription expires in 2 days” message, imagine my reaction. 🙂 There’s something fishy about it for sure, but I found the reminder about my account expiring on July 26, 2019, so that’s a fact. I have a single account and a single site registered: But upon further inspection I see that my plan (ML Blog) did not include e-Commerce support, so I either buy a new license (ML CMS) or try to stick to an English only shop as a start. Probably the latter.
        Thanks for checking anyways.

        • Hello,

          Your current subscription/account is no longer active and even if the message you could see is not correct, you need to buy again. (I’ve discussed it with our admins).

          please try the following:
          1. If you want to renew your account with the old user (email), please:
          a) log into your WPML account
          b) proceed with your purchase by selecting Multilingual CMS on

          2. If you want to buy with a new user (email), make sure you are not logged in and then use the same page:

  19. Hallo, I’m using the last version of WPBakery page builder. Is it compatible? And, in order to use it, do I need the Multilingual CMS or the Multilingual Blog package works as well?


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