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27,013 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi! I would like to use the automatic translation and am planning to get the CMS version. May I know if after my license has expired, can I still use the automatic translation?

    • You can continue using WPML’s Automatic Translation even if you account has expired. However, there are two points to notice:

      1. The monthly cost for automatic translation is higher for people with expired accounts
      2. You will only be able to keep using WPML on existing sites that you created and not register it on new sites

  2. I am already an end-user and would like to buy the full subscription (Multilingual CMS). Is it possible to only pay the difference?

    • Yes, it is, providing your current subscription is still active. Please log in to your WPML account and then try to upgrade.

      • Where can i upgrade?

        Under “Purchase” i’ve got the following message: “You can’t buy this subscription as End user”

        • Hi Pascal,
          Actually, you cannot upgrade from an end-user account. We can offer a refund for your purchase and you can then buy a regular CMS subscription. Would this work? If so, please submit a refund request here and I will process it soon afterwards

          May I ask what went wrong?

          Kind regards,

          • Hi,

            yes, this would work for me.
            But this is unfortunately not possible, i get an error message:

            “We offer refunds up to 30 days from your order date. You have no orders from that time window.”

            Purchase date was 08/28/20

            We need WPML on two website, not on one website. We thought this was possible with our package.


  3. hello I have a problem
    I have a website but I didn’t personally built it , but now I have to take care of and I can’t upgrade or use anyway the wpm plugins installed and is a week that I’m trying to fix before to ask help to you
    I have this message but I can’t log in

    WPML upgrade did not complete
    You are running an updated version of gravityforms-multilingual, woocommerce-multilingual, wpml-cms-nav, wpml-media-translation, wpml-sticky-links, wpml-string-translation and of wpml-translation-management, but the following components are out not updated:
    sitepress-multilingual-cms (required version: 4.3.16)
    Your site will not work should it come with this setup Update all components you are using. For WPML components, you can receive updates from your account or automatically, after signing up for WPML

  4. hello sorry I have a problem that I can’t fix
    I have this message but I can’t log in
    can you help me thanks a lot

    WPML upgrade did not complete
    You are running an updated version of gravityforms-multilingual, woocommerce-multilingual, wpml-cms-nav, wpml-media-translation, wpml-sticky-links, wpml-string-translation and of wpml-translation-management, but the following components are out not updated:
    sitepress-multilingual-cms (required version: 4.3.16)
    Your site will not work should it come with this setup Update all components you are using. For WPML components, you can receive updates from your account or automatically, after signing up for WPML

  5. Hi

    I am evaluating a translation management plugin for a multi-lingual site. I use your plugin on another client site that has in house translators so the translation management is easy and non-essential as the translators are also staff members.

    I have a new client who pays professional translators by the word count translated per month and they need to be able to generate reports. Here is the exact requirement from their spec document: “The portal displays the number of translated words per translator per month, which is used in the payment of the translator at the end of the month.”

    What I want to know is can WPML support this requirement out of the box?

    Also, can the pages be sent to translators from the individual edit pages? Instead of going into WPML -> Translation management?

    • Pages can be **sent to translators** only via WPML -> Translation management but pages can be translated directory in the editor by everyone who can access those (in terms of WP user roles, such as editors)

  6. Hola buenas, estoy interesada en el traductor automático para plataforma, la cual se encuentra alojada en wordpress con la plantilla CERA, quiero saber en qué se diferencia el WPML multilenguaje a la traducción automática de la misma, ya que necesito es que el usuario pueda ingresar a la plataforma con la opción de inglés y español para el contenido de la página y que desde el administrador no se tenga que subir contenido en español e inglés sino de una sola forma y esta sea traducida de forma automática, toca desde el administrador habilitar las traducciones de forma manual o esto se implementa en toda la plataforma enseguida? Cuál es la diferencia de estos plugins y cómo es el proceso de ambas. Gracias.

    • Hola Laureen:
      Primero tienes que instalar WPML en tu web, que es un plugin para gestionar los idiomas de tu web y hacerla multilingüe. Tenemos diferentes métodos para realizar la traducción y uno de ellos es la traducción automática. El administrador tiene que mandar el contenido a traducir automáticamente primero, y después el usuario puede cambiar el idioma cuantas veces quiera. Aquí puedes ver cómo funciona
      La traducción automática tiene un precio aparte.


    • Hello,
      I’m a little confused with your example but let me explain what’s possible in WPML.

      By default, languages are created in (“virtual”) subfolders, like this:

      You can use WPML on your WordPress Multisite and each subsite can have its own set of languages. But what confuses me in your example is how you managed to use different domains (and not subdomains). Do you use a plugin for it?

      We also use WPML on a WP Multisite (as here: but please note that those are subdomains).

      You need to register only one 1 site (your main WordPress Multisite) as long as you need to use only one copy of WPML plugin(s).

      (if you need to assign different domains to different languages, some extra work on your server is required:

        • Thank you for your link! I didn’t know that’s this ability has been in WP core. Awesome. Yes, that you will need to register only one website if you are going to use only one copy of the WPML plugin. What you register is the WPML plugin. As long as you need to use only one copy of the plugin, you need to use only one registration key.

          • Hi Agnes Bury,

            I will need to use WPML plugin for all my subsides. So if my 20 subsides have difference domain, what package should I purchase?


            • Hello,
              if all you subsites “sit” on the same WordPress installation (WordPress Multisite), where you need to install only one copy of a WordPress plugin to be used by them all, then you will need only one registration key (you would need to register only the mail domain – what you are registering is your plugin). In this case, you would need the Multilingual CMS package because it allows you to install up to 3 sites but you will use only one anyway. But, if each of your sites is run on a separate copy of WordPress, then you will need the Multilingual Agency (it’s for an unlimited number of sites). You can upgrade from Multilingual CMS to Multilingual Agency anytime and our system will calculate the difference in price between those two packages.

  7. Hi,
    A few pre-sale questions.

    Does your side-by-side translation editor support both right-to-left and left-to-right languages? I mean is it possible to translate English to Arabic and see both languages in the same window as described here?

    And second one – does WPML support comments translations? Especially, if user’s comments would be auto-translated, is this possible?


  8. Do you guys support subdomains (ex. If yes, do you have to install WP multisite or will the plugin handle that setup on a standard WP install? Lastly, with a subdomain/multidomaain setup like that is your plugin compatible with Elementor page builder?

    We are in the process of migrating to a WP site with Elementor and need to come up with a solution ASAP. Polylang isn’t working for us and seems a bit buggy. In an ideal scenario, each of these URL’s from our site are reachable with their corresponding language. (english/Default)

    Can you confirm if this is possible with your plugin? Our concern is the only way this is achievable is via WP Multisite. If this is possible we would like to know immediately so we can install the plugin.

  9. Hello
    if i order this plan
    The economic solution for multilingual WordPress blogs
    can i upgrade to the next plan automatic and is the price the sam or will be less when i place an order for the upgrade
    Thank you so much i will be waiting

  10. Hi,
    I’m building a multivendor website with WordPress.
    My vendors uploading products in multiple languages(3 languages).
    I can translate the static content manually to one language, but I need the products (title, description, etc.)to be automatically translated to multiple languages no matter which of the 3 is the original language.
    Can your plugin give me the solution I need?
    If not, do you have a suggestion for me?

    • Hello,
      WPML doesn’t translate your content/products automatically. You can speed up the translation process by applying machine translation but this needs to be done by someone on the backend. This video can help you better understand how it works.

  11. Dear WPML Team,

    I got two question in regards to WPML.

    If I have a webshop (job platform) and my potential customer needs to fill out a form in the shop does WPML support it?

    Is it difficult to use WPML by myself or do I need a professional IT expert to incorporate?

    Thank you in advance for your help and greetings from Austria-Linz.

    Dominik Kozlik

  12. Hello – I am trying hard to buy WPML for my client Five Cowries but it is not working. We have tried to buy it through one of the Five Cowries bank accounts and also with our own debit card. Nothing works. We are now getting error messages about an account already existing. Please can you help urgently. My name is Nick Stockbridge. Client name is Yemisi Mokuolu. Our company is Transmedia Communications. Her company is Hatch Ideas. The project which has its own email address is Five Cowries. This was during Friday 9th October I think. Please can you investigate and help me by emailing me direct. Quite urgent. Thank you.

    Regards, Nick

  13. Hello I had Multilingual CMS few years ago and it’s expired
    Can I now just renew for $59 or I have to pay full fees of $79?

  14. Hello,

    I would like to ask you if with WPML I can enable navigation based on language. My main goal is to hide menu items that are not going to be translated.


  15. Hello and good day,

    i want to publish a simple website with 10 static pages in english and german. I use the Avada-Classic theme together with LayerSlider.

    Which license do I have to buy? I thought that the small license would be sufficient, but found in an article that because of LayerSlider the license “Multilingual CMS” would be required.

    I would also like to ask if a yearly renewed subscription is required. This is only for static content. Is the license sufficient for one year?

    I would be pleased about a feedback. Thanks a lot.

    Translated with (free version)

  16. Hi – We have a client that need a multi language webshop. But the office en sweden shall not have acces to the danish version – but need to be able to work free (add need spages, products and so on + translate) on the swedish version. Is that possible? It is not just a tranlater-role…

    • Hi Linda,
      I have asked the tech team. They will test this functionality. This is a new scenario . I will let you know via e-mail how it goes.


  17. Hello,
    I need to know if the existing structure/permalinks are maintained for the main language,
    English, then content in other languages are modified URL’s like /fr/ ?
    it’s important that every existing URL in English is not changed,
    another question,
    we have already every post and some pages translated (URL’s) in respective language,
    can they be linked to the new language and then it will appear with /fr/ for example?
    another question,
    is the ‘Blog’ version enough for this (including translating Media files),
    last one,
    what happens if one day the plugin is uninstalled?
    thank you very much

  18. Hi… i bought a lifetime license several years ago.
    Will the license be deactivated?
    Because i can’t login into my account from today and in my websites i can’t update the plugin cause tell me that are not registered.

    what are you plans about the old lifetime licenses?

  19. Hello,

    I’m creating a website for a client, using WP and the Divi theme builder.
    I need to make the website multilingual (EN – FR) and I’m interested in purchasing the WPML Multilingual CMS Plan, but I have a few pre-sale questions.
    – As I understand, the plugin will continue working after one year, even if I don’t renew the account, but I won’t have access to the automatic translation, the support and the updates anymore. Is that correct ?
    – Currently, I’m working with my own WP and Divi account, and I will give my client the Divi API key when I will deliver the website. But how does it work with WPML ? Do I have to ask my client to buy it under his company name or is there a way to transfer the account or an API key to my client ?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  20. Hello,
    I want to buy WPML plugins for only one website, but with all features.

    So Why you make this as an option? I should buy package No. 2 (which is for 3 websites) to get all features.

    Please give it a priority.
    I’m waiting your response ASAP.
    Thank you.

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