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27,297 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. I have some questions to ask you:
    – What happens if I don’t renew my subscription and in the meantime I only registered one site? Do I lose the other two or can I always register them?
    – Is there a demo version for testing?
    – I use the “Woodmart” theme and I know that Wpml is compatible. With other free plugins I had problems inserting the selector in the top bar that Woodmart calls “Header Builder”. Will I also have problems with wpml?
    – Does the CMS version include all related plugins to fully translate Woocommerce?

    Thanks for your attention!

  2. Hi there.

    If using automatic translation I see we need to use credits to get those made. if I have a website that has 350k words. Do I need to pay for those words every month or just once to get them translated and then only pay for new words that are created when we post new content?


  3. Hello,
    We are running 2 ecommerce websites that were built originally in English, and we are using Gtranslate service to show our site in both English and Arabic(RTL).

    Now, If we migrate to WPML from the GTranslate. Will we lose any kind of content?
    Also, Will the visitors be able to search within our sites using the Arabic language even if the original content is written in English, or not?

    • Hello,
      I don’t know how your current GTranslate-based solution stores translations in your site so I cannot answer your question about what will happen after switching to WPML. Let me explain how WPML works. When you set up WPML it asks you for your site’s primary language (and then for other languages). Say, your primary lang is English in your case. All your current posts/pages will be ‘marked’ English for WPML unless you change the language for each of them individually. What I’m saying is you won’t lose anything from your current posts only due to the fact that you’ve enabled WPML. If your GTranslate-based translations have been saved inside your WordPress posts/pages (meaning in the WordPress database), you will keep them.

      Your users will be able within your sites using the Arabic language only if you have your English posts translated to Arabic.

  4. Hi,

    I’d like to use this on our main domain, a WP site. However, we also need to translate landing pages created by Pardot, our MAP, hosted on a sub-domain.

    I am assuming this plug-in will not translate the Pardot landing pages. The workaround is to create separate Pardot landing pages in each language.

    My question is: Is there a way to edit/replace the links on the translated version of the WP site for each language with links that direct to the translated landing pages.

    For example, if the user chooses Italian as their language we’d want the “Get a Demo” link on the WordPress site to direct to the Italian landing page we built. For example would change to the Italian link etc.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hello Andrea,
      I don’t know anything about Pardot and I find it difficult to answer your question but as a rule, if the links are coming from a WordPress page, that is translated using WPML, you can edit them manually and enter inside whatever you need.

      So, for example, you have a page called “About us” in English and this page includes a link called “Get a demo”. If you translate the “About us” page to Italian using WPML, you can edit the link in the Italian version of the page.

  5. Hello, I have some questions for you:
    1. Does Woocommerce support different languages in WPML multi-language plug-in to record different products, different prices, and different inventories?
    2. Do you have any demonstration examples of WPML multi-language?

  6. I have a question. I have the Paid Memberships Pro plugin installed on my website and I need to translate text fields of some shortcodes of the plugin. Would WPML allow me to manually translate those text fields? Thank you very much.

    • Hello,
      this plugin is not on our Plugins-compatible-with-WPML list and WPML might not detect those fields for translation. If you would like to give it a try, you can buy WPML and test it yourself keeping our refund policy in mind, which allows you to test WPML without any risk for 30 days. You can also ask for help on our support forum during that “trial” (30 days).

  7. Hello,

    We are building a website and thinking to switch from WP Globus multi-lang plugin to WPML. We have more than 700 products (in two languages). We plan to use WP All import and it seems it is compatible with WPML, however, we could not find any information how products (simple and variable) can be imported in two different languages.

  8. Hello, I have some questions before buying about Multilingual Blog Package.

    Will it be possible to install a separate domain for each language?
    2. I would like to translate the pages and articles myself only, is it possible?
    3. Regarding the language selector in HEADER.
    – Is it possible to just name a language without a flag?
    – How to install a switch?

    And another very important question, your site is not displayed in Chrome. I used the Mozilla to see it.
    Can something like this happen on my site?

    Thank you, Orit

  9. Hi there.

    I have a question specific to my website. I have a real estate agency and listing posts/property pages with listings are shown as cards on the front page and in search results.

    The cards show some information such as beds, baths but also an excerpt from the description.

    If I were to upload a property and translate it on the property page itself. Would there automatically be a translation excerpt on the front page and/or on search results page?

    When i was using weglot, we had to translate the property page itself for each listing but also the excerpt that was shown on search results page or on the front page, creating more work that one would think was needed.

    Hope it makes sense what im saying or else you could try visiting my website to see what I mean.

    • Hello Alex,

      It would depend on how your property cards are built. If all the information is coming from the same property page, you can automatic translate it using our ATE and it should include the property and its excerpt.

      However, it those contents are coming from different sections of your site, you will need to translate them both. However, you can easily achieve this using our bulk translation system:


      • Thanks for the response Andres.

        Another question. Right now Im testing a different plugin and having issues with dropdown menus in our search field.

        Is this a common error and how does WPML handle dropdown menu translation? Since it looks like its a bit tricky.

        Here is the error with the other plugin.

        Any idea if WPML has issues with something like this or how complicated javascript type elements are translated? I could imagine this might be an issue as well with WPML

  10. I need to translate a website that is already live and I have no local or development version of it. So, any changes I make have to be done on the live site. And as there are several pages and even more posts with lots of text it will take me some time to translate it all (even automatically, as I would have to check all translations first).

    Is there any option to only show the translated pages when everything is completed (or at least most of it)? Or do I have to take the site down for the duration of the translation work?
    I wouldn’t want to have bits and pieces available in the second/third language here and there but have people being ‘redirected’ to the original language all the time.

  11. Please advice where I could buy CREDITS for automatic translation. Currently we are WPML agency user . Your support area has instruction which is not working on newest version.
    Thank you for your quick reaction!

  12. I have a domain with multiple subdomains with different wordpress installations for each. For example is the main domain and the subdomains are , each with a separate wordpress installation. is it possible to use the “Multilingual Blog” subscription for this domain and all its subdomains?

  13. I am considering buying the “Multilingual Agency” subscription, but I have a question. after one year if I didn’t renew my subscription will I still be able to use WPML with new websites without the support of the updates? I already had a Multilingual CMS I only installed in 2 websites (I am entitled to 3 websites), I didn’t renew my subscription and now I am not able to add any new websites.

    • Hi!
      If you don’t renew your subscription you can keep using WPML files as they are installed on your site but without receiving updates or support. without an active subscription you cannot register new sites either.

  14. Hi,

    I am considering whether to recommend that my client purchase wpml to compare with polylang. If we purchase the 29 dollar version and find that we really needed the 79 do we just pay the difference? Or do we have to pay the full 79 to upgrade?

    Adam Holsinger

  15. Hello,
    I have a question regarding payment. I’m already a customer and I’m very happy with your product. My account renew in August and as of October 2020 I’m registered as a payer of VAT 21% in my country. It should mean that 21% VAT should not be charged in August next year, correct?
    Thank you.

  16. Hi WPML Team,

    You latest test with Divi advises there are known issues with compatibility. Can you advise what these issues are and if they will be resolved in pending updates?

    Many thanks



    • Hello Gavin,
      The compatibility team has let me know that there are no issues currently with Divi.
      You are welcome to try it and if you need any help ask in our forum. Remember we have a 30-day refund policy.

      Kind regards,

  17. Hey WPML,

    I feel like banned customer. I have bought WPML when the licence was lifetime. Now licencing has changed and I have an issue. I’m your customer, but I have no prescription, where can I post my question?

    I have a problem building onepage mulitilingual site on Total theme. Everything worked well, but when I used anchors (my_website_url/#contact) it did not worked. I found out, that issue is caused by WPML sitepress-multilingual-cms plugin. When it was off, anchors worked.
    I have investigated the source code and found out, that whole content of the page is doubled in the source code. Once it is in /header/ tag and then without this tag. I believe that this is the problem with anchors, because when I create unique ID for an element, then it is in the source code twice.

    Any help for your customer, who is not treated as customer any more?

    • Hello Petr,
      I checked and I saw you have an Agency subscription, which expired in April 2019. This is not a lifetime subscription but requires a yearly renewal fee to keep access to updates and support.
      If you log in to your acocunt you will see your renew options.

      Kind regards,

  18. this is my site “” i am going to change php site to wordpress site. i have to use wpml on this site(use multiple languages)
    here my doubt is:
    which packages is good for my site?.
    how much i have to pay?.
    pay one time or multiple time?

    please send email as soon as possible.

    • Hello,
      The Multilingual CMS package ($79) is the best choice. $79 is the price that includes access to our support forum and new versions for the first year. If you want to continue next year, you will pay $59 per year. Please check this table:
      and the “Account renewal per year” row.

      You can cancel your subscription any time and still use WPML plugins.

  19. Hi,

    I’m looking at purchasing the CMS version, what would happen in say 2 months time I have more than 3 websites that need translation. Could I pay the difference and upgrade to the agency version?

    Also, does this plug in work with Divi Builder?



  20. Hello Team, I want to translate this website to multilingual by using WPML Plugin, and the the theme is using by my website is “Precious TCD019”.
    I want to know that WPML Plugin is compatible with this “Precious TCD019” theme or not? If not how to make the compatible with this theme.

    Looking forward for your kind reply

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