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28,882 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi WPML,

    What is expected in terms of maintenance on the client side as far as the plugin is concerned?

    Do you roughly know the development hours needed to be dedicated to installing the WPML plugin and for monthly maintenance? Working on an internal business case to get this in place. Any anecdotal information would be helpful. How often does the dev team need to run updates?


    • Hello Alicja,
      It depends on the experience of the developer installing WPML. For example, it takes me a few hours to install WPML and set up a small multilingual business site but I’ve been using it for many many years now. For a newbie, it will take longer. Installing WPML and completing the initial setup is a matter of minutes but you need to translate your pages, posts, maybe forms, depending on what makes your site. The bigger the site the longer it takes. It can be a few days but if the site is huge and has a lot of content to prepare for translation it can be even 2-3 weeks.

      To speed up the translation work you can use our ATE editor which provides machine translations (which you can edit if needed).

      In terms of maintenance, we have a few big releases each year (3-4) and a few small ones. Best would be up to date with our releases because we follow WordPress releases but it’s optional. I hope it helps.

      If your site is a simple business site you can do it all yourself. I hope it helps.

  2. Hi WPML,

    What is expected in terms of maintenance on the client side as far as the plugin is concerned?

    Do you roughly know the development hours needed to be dedicated to installing the WPML plugin and for monthly maintenance? Working on an internal business case to get this in place. Any anecdotal information would be helpful. How often does the dev team need to run updates?


  3. Hi,

    Is it possible to hide certain pages in different languages? For example, we are a UK & US based company and are looking at WPML to provide a US spelt version of our site, but we have certain pages/posts which would not be relevant to the US.


  4. Hello,
    In case of different domain for each language woocomerce scenario I will need WP multistore configuration?

  5. Hi,

    I want to buy the plugin from my website because the free trial expires. I chose the multilingual CMS.
    It includes WPML string translation and WPML translation management, right?

  6. Hi there.

    We run YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Premium on our website. YITH support have advised us that WPML Multi Currency is compatible with the YITH plugin. I am wondering if you can confirm?

    The issue we have had with other currency convertors is that they only convert the base rate of a tour and do not convert booking extras that can be added by the customer.

    I have my fingers crossed and look forward to hear back from you.
    Many thanks.

  7. Can your plugin automatically display relevant translation based on detected user location (looking at this in the context of WooCommerce)? Comparing your plugin to TranslatePress and this was a capability they tout which would be desirable to us.

    Thank you.

  8. I have a client whose previous developer had installed and configured WPML. The site also uses Contact 7 and Toolset. WPML has expired and it’s asking us to renew/buy a new license. But we don’t know why version to buy: the blog? CMS? Or Agency?

    I wish there was a way to know which one we need from what was installed previously.

    • Hi Michel,
      It depends on the modules you are using on the site. The Blog version gives you access to the core plugin only.
      The CMS to all the modules.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. Hi,

    Wanted to clarify something. In case we chose to purchase the ‘ multilingual CMS’ plan. Are you going to support our website for a year and stop after that? My biggest concern is whether your services are gonna fade away after a year in case we chose to not continue purchasing it. Or you’re just going to not support it for the new updates and all the old stuff is gonna stay translated.


    • Hello Albina,
      If you don’t pay for the renewal fee you will lose updates and support but the translated content will remain on your site.

      Kind regards,

  10. Hi There.
    I purchased WPML quite a few years ago. I just downloaded it from my account and installed it on a website. On the plugin page it is asking me for a key. I cant find that in the downloads page. Where do I find the key please?

    • No, renewals are for updates and support. Your plugin will continue working even if you don’t renew but it’s good to renew to get new features because we are constantly improving the product.

  11. Since I open the account I’ve add a VAT number (i am a B2B) and for that I shouldn’t have been charged for it. Let me know if I can have an invoice without vat 22% .

  12. Hi, I have to migrate a multilingual website from Joomla to WordPress and I want to use your product. I have to work temporarily on a subdomain to set up the new wordpress and let the original site live. I want to be sure that I can use the licence for the subdomain for the time that the set up will take and then transfer it to the domain at the moment of the effective switch from joomla to worpdress.
    In addition, I want to know if I am obliged to use one of the templates that you define as compatible or whatever I want, cause my client is searching by himself one of his liking.
    Thank you

    • Hello Gabriele,
      Yes, you can register the subdomain and then delete it from your account and register the new url (as long as your subscription is active)
      You can use any theme, it should work well with WPML if it was coded following WP standard. OUr support team will also be able able to help you in the forum if you need it.

      Best regards,

  13. hi,

    My website already has wpml installed by an outsourced IT person. I can’t find this person anymore.
    Now I need acfml plugin for my WP website. If I buy the 29 dolloar version am I able to downlaod ACFML to install on my website?


  14. How does it work to change the SEO title and meta description with Yoast on a translated version of a page? Can these be manually changed depending on the language?

  15. Hi,

    I have an old version of WPML and need to upgrade. Which one to choose? I have a simple blog with only me writing on it. But each language version runs on another domain. and for English and Dutch respectively.

    For some reason when I write a posting in Dutch it appears only in the English part. Probably has to do with the old WPML version. I hope an update will fix it. But which one to buy? Just the 20-something dollar simple blog version will do?

    • Hello there,
      If you are using just a blog site, our Multilingual Blog option would be enough for writing and translating your content.

    • Hello Christopher,
      With our Multilingual CMS package, you’ll be able to install it in 3 different sites.
      If you need more licenses, you will need our Multilingual Agency subscription.

  16. hi will like to ask you im start build my online course learnpress your translate how it work i will like to you my website full my own turkish language i need to see do you ahve any website i can check how it work language ?

  17. Hello,

    I am using your WordPress plugin to push translation jobs to Gengo. When I “Send all items for translation” it gives me an error message that “This service does not support the following iso-codes: es-mx” however I have verified with Gengo that they support es-mx. Am I missing something with the settings in order to get this pushed to Gengo?

    Thank you.

      • Hi,
        First, your contact process is very complicated and I hope this is not an indication of your product.
        Second, I purchased and paid for the product($79) and I do not have a user name. It is interesting that even if I want to ask a question I need to login when I do not have credentials.
        Please respond asap as my project is pending and I already paid.

      • Seems like my earlier reply didn’t send, let me re-submit my reply.

        Here is our information, but do you need more:

        BOS Deutschland e.V.
        Borneo Orangutan Survival Deutschland
        Potsdamer Straße 99
        10785 Berlin

        BOS Deutschland e.V. ist als gemeinnütziger Verein anerkannt. Vereinsregister: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Berlin, Nr. 24216 B; Freistellungsbescheid: Finanzamt f. Körperschaften I Berlin, St.Nr.: 27/661/56139

        BOS Deutschland e.V. is recognized as a non-profit association. Register of associations: District Court Charlottenburg, Berlin, No. 24216 B; Exemption notice: Tax Office for corporations I Berlin, St.Nr: 27/661/56139

        Where would you like me to send this information to on

  18. Hola Mercedes. Te preguntaba anteriormente, si era posible obtener la licencia gratuita para nuestra fundación, y me has pedido que te cuente detalles, para un posible descuento. Te explico:
    Somos dos entidades sin animo de lucro,
    1 – una Fundación destinada a la asistencia clínica, la formación y la investigación en ciencias de la salud, que trabaja con dos webs: (la web institucional y de investigación) y (la web de la clínica y centro de formación). En esta institución damos asistencia a personas con graves problemas de salud, y hacemos formación continuada para los fisioterapeutas que atienden a estas personas, y en estas acciones no tenemos ningún beneficio pues los ingresos se destinan a atender personas que no tienen recursos económicos y a becas de estudios para alumnos sin recursos.
    2.- Una asociación deportiva sin animo de lucro, denominada “CIM PROJECT Club Inclusivo de Montaña”, que tiene la web que está en construcción y aun no es visible públicamente, puesto que acabamos de empezar. En esta asociación vamos a realizar actividades de deporte en montaña (senderismo, escalada, alpinismo, etc.) para personas discapacitadas, con limitaciones físicas, visuales, mentales, etc., para mujeres en riesgo de exclusión social y para personas ancianas que necesitan un ejercicio físico.
    Nuestras actividades no proporcionan ningún beneficio a los integrantes de los proyectos, todos somos voluntarios y no cobramos ningún salario. Necesitamos ayuda para poder hacer realidad nuestro trabajo, con los mínimos costes posibles, y por eso les solicito que nos puedan dar la licencia lo mas económica posible.
    Muchas gracias por su atención.

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