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29,974 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,

    I got few questions:

    1. Does your “Multilingual Blog” package work properly with BeThema?
    2. Do your packages require an annual fee? (“Account renewal per year” is this means an annual fee for placing the plug on the site?)

    Best regards,

  2. Hello!

    Please send me a link or explain in detail where i can find the cancel subscription option.

    Best regards: Szabolcs Deák

    WPML ezt írta (időpont: 2021. szept. 10., P, 12:19):

    Hi szabolcsD,

    Agnes Bury replied to your question:

    “Hello, you need to do it yourself. Please log into your WPML account and you will see the Cancel Subscription link in your panel.”

    Reminder – your question was:

    “Hello, please deactivate the auto renewal of my license. Thank you”

    To reply back, please go to this link:

    All the best,
    WPML team

    • Hi!
      Your account has already expired. The renewal payment failed and we will not run any further charges. There is no further action required.

      Kind regards,

  3. I couldn’t understand how the WPML works. I’ll build a site in one language, and the program will translate?
    In the past, I’ve tried to write my own code in HTML and CSS and was clear on how to create a site in this own language and direct the user pressing a flag to his idiom.
    It was hard to get my goal, and now I’ve started to create using WordPress with Astra Theme (child).
    If I want to create a site in English, Portuguese, and Hebrew, how will be the right way to use your program:
    1- write in one basic idiom (from the 3), and WPML will translate?
    2- WPML gives me the option to build 3 different “sites”?
    And more important. If I need to publish an article from a Portuguese newspaper translated into English and Hebrew where I give the editor’s credits, and in the Portuguese environment, I’ll need to write a little text with an external link to the original site how can avoid the traduction from the “basic idiom”?
    Thanks for your attention,

  4. Hello. We are no longer in touch with the developer who added WPML to our site. Therefore, we cannot transfer renewal. Since we are already using the plugin, I don’t want to disturb the existing installation on our live web-site with a new purchase and download. I am not against purchasing the support. I’d just like to know what is the safest way to do this.

    Kind regards


    • Hello Terry,
      you can safely buy WPML anew with your own email address and a WPML account. You don’t need to replace WPML plugins on your site. All you need to do is to register your site on your WPML account and replace the activation key on your WordPress site.

      Here are the steps:
      1. Buy WPML (if your site use only one WPML plugin you can buy the Blog package. If your site uses a few WPML plugins (e.g. WPML String Translations, Media Translations, …) you will need the CMS package.
      2. Log into your WPML account, go to the Sites section. Register your domain. A key will be generated for you, grab it and copy.
      3. Log into your WordPress site, go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab. Click unregister WPML and then register it again providing the new key.
      From now you can update the WPML plugins from within that screen and also open new threads on our support forum.

  5. Ok. You convinced me and I joined the Multilangual CMS plan. If one of my colleagues wants to migrate to another hosting service it’ll possible to export all the languages or just the “main site”?
    What will happen to his site after the migration?
    If he’ll join your service in the new hosting service he’ll need to translate again?
    If he’ll prefer to use a free translate plugin what will happen to his site?

    • Hello,
      Thanks for reaching out with your questions.
      I’m not sure what you mean by saying that you joined the Multilangual CMS plan. I cannot see your user in our user database but maybe you purchased WPML with a different email. If you are our client now, you can ask all your questions on our technical support.

      If you want to migrate your WordPress site that already uses WPML to another hosting service, you need to migrate everything (the whole database and your WordPress folder, as you would do with any WordPress site). In that case, you don’t need to translate again.

      If case you don’t want to use WPML at all and delete translations you can use a special option (Reset WPML) which is described here:

      Then you can use another translation plugin.

  6. Goedendag,

    Ik heb op 9 september ingelogd om vervolgens WPML te downloaden. Ik kreeg na inloggen een e-mail met een bericht dat mijn WPML Multilingual CMS is verlengd en betaald via creditcard. Echter, als ik inlog zie ik bij downloads alleen een leeg scherm.

    Ik weet niet op welke manier ik contact kan krijgen dus ik probeer het via hier.

    Hopelijk kan dit probleem zsm worden opgelost!

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    • Hallo, ich kann sehen, dass Sie einen Benutzer in unserem System haben, aber keine Kaufhistorie (es gibt keine Bestellungen). Können Sie uns bitte mitteilen, was Sie tun wollten? Wollten Sie Ihr WPML-Abonnement verlängern? Hast du E-Mails mit deiner Bestellnummer bekommen? Haben Sie Ihr Bankkonto überprüft, um zu sehen, ob Geld von Ihrem Konto für WPML-Plugins (von der Firma OnTheGoSystems) abgebucht wurde?

      Ich werde unsere Administratoren bitten, Ihren Fall zu überprüfen, aber in der Zwischenzeit beantworten Sie bitte meine Fragen. Dankeschön.

  7. Hello,
    I want to know if it can be achieved
    Question 1

    Single site, use multiple domain names, and use wpml to translate multiple languages. URLs are displayed in the form of directories.

    Question 2
    The page is translated according to the language, but I want to remake the page /zh/123. Can I choose a new template or remake it? , The page style format and will be completely different


    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. No, such a combination is not possible. You can either have separate languages on different domains (here some extra setup on your server is required) or languages in subdirectories. You cannot mix both.
      2. I’m not sure what you mean by “template” in your case but in general, yes WPML allows you to create completely different layouts for translated pages.

  8. Hi

    I wrote to you recently regarding how I can safely transfer registration for my plugin, but have not received a reply. I am not in contact with the developer that performed the original installation. I am prepared to pay for a download but I want to ensure that this is done safely as my site is a live eCommerce web-site.


  9. Hello. Can I use WPML plugin for two identical sites on the different domains? Or does it only support multisites on the single domain?

    • Hello, I don’t understand the context of your question. Yes, technically, you can use WPML for two identical sites on different domains but I don’t understand why you would need that.

  10. hi there, I want to make an automatic translation to one eshop (woocommerce)

    1. If i buy the firts package (Multilingual Blog) can i have Automatic (machine) translation?
    2. With this package can i make automatic translations to woocommetce section (products, menu, filter etc)?

    Thank you

  11. One more question. If I have sites on different domains, can I make some other changes to each site, besides translating them? For example, can I have one logo on the homepage of and different logo on the homepage of

  12. Ok, follow up question. Can I go as far as having one plugin (for example subscribe box) on and completely disabling this plugin on I have a hard time understanding how this works, if it’s a single WordPress install.

    • Hello Linas,
      I’m afraid that if you are using WPML’s option of different domains per language, you need to have only one WordPress installation. Then, you have only one plugin’s panel and you can’t disable plugins per language.

  13. If i buy a CMS package, i can make Automatic (machine) translation to an unlimited words in the text of eshop or there is a limit in the words?

  14. Yes, I share WPML settings. But what about other plugins? For example I have a subscribe box. On I sign up subscribers to one MailChimp account. On I’ll need to assign them to another MailChimp account, so I’ll need to change MailChimp plugin settings. Can I do that?

  15. Hi, I want to Ask , after I purchase WPML plugin, Is there annual fees should I pay even I will not make plugin update, or just fees are paid in case plugin update only ?

    • Hello, renewals are optional and required only for updates (you can still use WPML plugin without an active subscription but without access to updates and our support forum)

  16. I want to buy the package Multilingual CMS. My eshop has about 3.000 words, i must pay for the package $ 79 and $2 each month for one year (2×12=24$) so as to translate my eshop (about 3.000 words) ?

    • Hello,
      you need the Multilingual CMS package but you don’t need to pay for translation credits every month. WPML stores translations in your database and you need credits only when your first translate your site and then only for sentences that changed (or for newly added content).

  17. My eshop has about 3.000 words, i must buy the package for $79 and $2 each month for one year (2×12=24$) so as to translate my eshop (about 3.000 words) ?

    • Yes, if you want to use only free credits you will need to translate 2000-word content in the first month and the rest in the next one.

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