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30,327 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,

    We’ve purchased the WPML plugin hoping that it would translate our articles/events (CMS) and courses/lessons (LMS) in Spanish. However, we noticed that even with the plugin LMS and CMS content would still require a human to provide translation (vs getting translated automatically) and and in order to get the content to be translated automatically we would need to purchase credits. Is this a correct statement?

    Would you mind providing some additional clarification around the WPML’s “manual” vs “automated” translations?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Paul,
      thank you for your feedback. Yes, I agree that this might be confusing… And since September 29th, for new clients, we are providing free credits without the need to create an additional account with credits. But the number of credits is limited and you can see the numbers on our purchase page: (check the Automatic (machine) translation). From now on, you can also buy credits in advance: instead of creating a subscription for credits. Please note that automatic translations cost money and you won’t find a multilingual plugin that automatically translates your site for free. The qTranslate plugin seems to be an exception but it’s just an impression: the free version won’t save your translation on your site and your presumably translated site won’t get indexed in search engines such as Google until you buy the pro version. Other plugins require using API keys (Google translate or DeepL API keys, which also cost money).

      To answer your question.
      – manual translation means you need to provide (type in or copy-paste) translation yourself (WPML provides just the “containers” for those)
      – automatic translations – it means you can use machine translations (coming from popular translation engines supported by WPML – you can check the list here: These in order to work require translation credits assigned to your site.

      There are 3 ways you can apply automatic/machine translations (again, all require credits):
      1. individually for each page (when you open the page in the Advance Translation Editor) you will see the Translate automatically button, you click on it and the page content gets automatically translated
      2. for multiple pages at once (we call it bulk translation) – please check this page:
      3. fully automatic, without you taking any manual action – this is possible in WPML 4.5 which is about to be released (next week I guess). Here you need to choose “Translate Everything”

      I hope it helps but if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask

  2. Hi, I am looking to set up a multi language site to enable the NGO coaching and mentoring site we have built but when going to purchasing, it wants PayPal. Is their another method of purchase and is discount offered to education or charity organisations?

  3. Hi,
    I was given a duplicate of a wp site to resdesign. It includes the wpml plugin as well as many manually translated pages and posts. The new site will have the same domain, it is just an updated version of existing one.

    Since we are using the same domain, will the registration key for wpml automatically work with the new site? What steps should I take to make a smooth transition.

    thank you,

    • Hello,
      yes, if the domain name hasn’t changed the registration key will work fine. But if you (or your customer) have an active WPML subscription you can always unregister the site and register it again (with the same key or with a new one). Letting you know just in case you have some issues. Just keep in mind that registration is done in two places: on your WPML account where and then in Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab.

    • Yes, you can move the site to production and no need to buy anything again. I’m not sure which package you are planning to buy but if you buy the Multilingual CMS you can register 3 production sites and 9 development sites.

  4. Hello,

    I have some pre-sale questions.

    #1: Which tier of WPML is suffient to translate all strings and pages of MotoPress Hotel booking plugin. I have bought Bellevue template which includes this plugin and should be fully supported by WPML. Which tier is sufficient Multilingual Blog or Multilingual CMS. My plan is to use it only on 1 website.

    #2: I am using Flywheel by Local. is it possible to migrate 1 site licence to the website which runs by hosting provider later? or I have to buy new one?

    Thank You.


  5. Hello,

    I’m already a customer but I am looking into the “automatic translation” paying feature. I read all pages regarding this but I am still not sure at all about the pricing. I understand the credit concept (credit per word), the fact that the pricing is different with Azure, Google or DeepL, … but I still have the following questions:
    – I don’t understand if translation is a oneshot task (translation once done is stored in the site and reused for each visitor) or if translation occurs each time a visitor goes to the site … which makes it a completely different story 🙂 As an example, a 2000 words site (stupid example) translated once cost 0, but if it is translated dynamically each time a visitor displays the 2000 word (4 pages approx.), for let’s say 100 visitor/day makes it 6000000 words for one month …
    – a side question as the pricing is really different from Azure to Google and DeepL (ratio 1 to 3): do you have a suggestion as far as quality is concerned ? Is DeepL realy 3 times better than Azure, and Google 2 times better ?


  6. Hello,

    I purchased “Multilingual CMS for life” back in 2015.

    Looking to use WPML again for a project but am unclear on what tier my existing license falls into out of the 3 new options. Please advise.

    • Hello Luis,
      All existing lifetime subscriptions remain intact. You are welcome to register unlimited sites for life 🙂

  7. Hi, I am using Divi and would like to set up a translated version of a website (e.g. in English and German). I may want to have different blog posts depending on the language – i.e. a post in English might not be suitable for translation and vice-versa. Is it possible to have English-only and German-only posts without a translation under a single /blog/ directory? Also, would visitors to the German version only be able to see posts which are in German or would they also see the untranslated posts? Thank you.

  8. Hi Agnes,
    I’m replying to your answer about the wpml license being transferred to our new site with the same domain. Where do I find the license key? I’ve looked at the wp dashboard under the wpml tab and can’t find it.

    thank you,

  9. We can’t seem to find our login credentials for our WPML account. We duplicated our site on the same domain and looks like we need to re-register it but I can’t get access to the site key without going into our account.

  10. I think my question disappeared. Our duplicated site on the same domain needs to re-register our wpml license, but we aren’t able to locate the wpml account credentials. I’ve messaged the previous webmaster but there’s been no response and we urgently need to get the translations working again.

    thank you,

    • Hello,
      Geoff, your previous question was awaiting moderation. If your original site is registered we will help you to find the previous owner, please give me the name of your domain and we will find it in our system. You can also buy WPML with your email and register it again with your new account.

  11. Hey there, could you tell me a little about the email translation thing?
    Like would that work in editing auto-generated emails from the uncanny plugin, for example? If so, what does setup look like?


    • Hello John,
      to translate emails with WPML your plugin needs to be compatible with WPML and ready to handle email translations. Sometimes it requires close cooperation with the plugin author to make emails translation ready and this is done by our Compatibility Team. If a plugin is listed here: there is a good chance that emails are translatable. Then, in most cases, you will translate emails through the so-called String translation panel of WPML.

      I cannot see the Uncanny plugin on that list and you won’t be able to translate the emails I’m afraid but let me double-check with the Compatibility team.

  12. Hi,

    I’m interested in purchasing:

    Multilingual CMS

    Is it an automatic translation? Is the licence long-term? You also mentioned a yearly update. Could you give me more information on this please? What will happen if I choose not to update? Finally, how many websites can this plugin be used for?

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. Yes, WPML can translate automatically too and you can manually review and edit machine translations.
      2. If you cancel your WPML subscription, you can still use WPML plugins and you won’t lose your translations but you will no longer receive updates and you won’t be able to open new threads on our forum.
      3. The number of production sites you can use with WPML depends on the package you buy and is shown in this table: (Websites you can register)
      But for each production site you can also register up to 3 development sites.

  13. Hi:

    I’m redesigning a website that’s been running an older WPML plugin, version 3.9.3, to be exact.

    The new theme I’m using is a Genesis theme which is compatible with WPML and most things (believe it or not) are working okay but it’s a bit glitchy.

    Particularly with respects to the translated menu which turns out to have a different glitch it seems each time I sync it….

    A couple of questions here:

    1. Is there some kind of work around for the issue in the old version just for now?

    2. I’d like to advise the client that he needs to upgrade the plugin to the Multilingual CMS version but I’m concerned about the process of upgrading from such an old version. I saw the notes in your forum about having to do the upgrade incrementally with help from your support team but how long can I expect this to take and are there any potential fatal glitches that could happen during the upgrades.

    Client has invested a lot of time doing translations for many pages and a large blog over the years so I’d like to preserve that work during an upgrade.

    Thank you,


    • Hello Dawn,
      1. To know the answer you would need to open a support ticket on our forum, share your site with our supporters (we have some special private fields to handle this) and they can give you a hint if this can be fixed using a workaround without the need to update WPML plugins.
      2. Here, the best option would be to make a copy of your site and update WPML (directly to the latest version) on your copy first to see what happens. Some hosting providers can create a copy for you in a few minutes if you cannot do it yourself. Then if you can see any issues, again, the best would be to open a ticket on our forum and share the link to your site using these private fields.
      To open a ticket on our support forum you need to have an active WPML subscription.

      Please note that when upgrading WPML you won’t lose your existing translations. The translations are saved in your WordPress database.

  14. hello,
    i have bought a WMPL plug last november, see my invoices and now i am having tehnical problem and can not access to ask a qustion in form, have to buy it again. I have a problem to be solved and no access to your support team? how the hall is hat possible??

    looking forward to hear from you soon.


    • Hello Tara,
      To be able to open a ticket in our forum, you need to have an active WPML subscription. I have checked your user and I can see the following message: “This user has no subscriptions for this status.” When I check your order (Nov 6, 2020) I can see that your order has never been completed – it’s still pending. So from our system point of view, you didn’t buy WPML. If paid for WPML (we did charge you), yes, we need to see your invoice. Please send it to us at If you weren’t chared, you can try to buy WPML again.

  15. Hello,
    at the moment we have IT specialist’ s WPML licence, but we would like to buy our own.
    If we will delete WPML plugin and then install again with new licence, all the translations will be lost?
    Or is it possible to change just licence number?

    • Hello, you don’t need to delete WPML plugins you use your own registration key. You just need to register WPML again:
      1. Buy WPML
      2. Go to your WPML account (
      3. Register your site and copy your key
      4. Go to your WP site, Plugins > Add new > Commerical tab, click unregister and register WPML again by pasting the new key

  16. Hi,

    Im a webdesigner and want to use WPML for some of my customers.

    Is this allowed with the “Multilingual Agency” purchase and license?

    Can I use WPML for myself and my customers?

    Thank you for your answer!


    • Hello Guido,
      yes, of course. You can use any kind of WPML package (including the Blog and CMS packages) for your clients. If you plan to have more than 3 clients, you can buy the Agency account.

  17. Can i use Automatic Translation when my licence (Multilingual CMS) was expire?

    Also, will Automatic Translation work with elementor?

    • Hello,
      if your WPML subscription is no longer active your existing translations will be kept in your WordPress database and you can still use WPML plugins. But to use machine/automatic translation, your site needs to have enough translation credits. As long as you have enough translation credits, you can still use automatic translations (you buy more credits you need to either create a credit account or buy them in advance in a package. when you buy WPML you will get some free credits as well, you can see the number in this table:
      (see the row entitled “Automatic (machine) translation”)
      If you don’t have enough credits, you can translate only manually.

    • Hello,
      could you please tell me what exactly you are doing? Where do you go and what do you click? Are there any messages you are getting? What do they say? Please also let us know what is your target payment method. Thank you. In the meantime, I will check with our admins if there are any known issues here.

    • You need to buy WPML again and on the checkout page you can choose the credit card too (at the bottom you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

  18. Hello;

    I am a new client and consider buying your translation product.
    My question is: do i have to buy every year the renawal?
    What if I translate my text with the translation software and next year the software expires?
    Does my translations still works after the expires or shut the software be actual?

    • Hello,
      renewals are optional and your WPML plugins will keep working fine and your existing translation will be kept even if you cancel your WPML subscription.
      The machine translations are saved in your WordPress database, you can also make manual edits to translations. But please note that if your site needs to have enough credits to translate your content automatically. You give you some credits for free (check but if you need more, you need to buy some extra credits. You don’t need to have an active WPML subscription to buy extra credits.

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