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37,416 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Is my purchase tax included? For example, if I buy a package for $ 99, does it include tax or is there an additional payment?
    my question also applies to purchasing translation credits. Thank You

    • Hello Jamil,
      We only have to charge VAT from EU clients without a valid VAT number. We will also apply the corresponding VAT percentage to your country ONLY IF you’re buying from the EU WITHOUT a valid VAT number.

  2. We have three domains of .com,, and .ca sitting on a multisite installation.

    We’d want .com to default to en-us, to default to en-au and .ca to default to en-ca. We also have content writers publishing from all domains so we’d need to be able to localize Australian English published content to other forms of english, US published content to other forms of english, etc.

    Is this all possible?

    • Hello Daniel,
      Yes, you should be able to translate or localize your content from different languages using your own content writers.

  3. Hi Agnes, thanks for the response.

    One more question.

    If .. later (after the cms package runs out) the client chooses to use the single site package to manage new content such as articles and such…

    I worry, if they update the wp and plugins, will it overwrite any previous system hard to reach translation stuff?

    I guess my point is.. if we get the cms package, and we deal with translating all the difficult-to-find stuff, the client can then deal with their own subscription come the year-long subscription ends.. if you know what I mean.



  4. Hi Agnes,

    Ok, hopefully, last question, so sorry to dumb it down, I need to try and explain it to the boss… (it is also new to me)

    a: So, Initially the CMS package costs = $99 dollars – which gives us ‘3’ websites to use the plugin live
    b: To renew the CMS package annually, we get a discount = $75 dollars
    c: If we are able to get a client to handle their own payment… we are then able to reduce the total of our annual renewal fee by $20… per client
    d: Additionally for every client managing their own account, we get an additional website to which we can then apply the plugin
    e: So, theoretically, if we managed to get say 4 clients paying their own account, we don’t pay anything, or is there a minimum payment on our end?
    f: Finally, the client ends up having to pay $39 to manage their account correct?
    g: Long term, what happens if the client forgets to pay, what happens to us?

    Thanks again for your help.


    • Hello,
      a. Correct
      b. Yes, but the discount is 25%, you will pay $75 ($74 actually)
      c. Correct but please note that you need to have your WPML subscription active with automatic renewals
      d. No, you need to keep that key slot. If you need more free key slots (for new websites) you would need to upgrade to the Agency account
      e. You would need to have the Agency type of account to have 4 clients contributing to your payments.
      f. That’s correct.
      g. You won’t get the $20 subtracted from your payments.

  5. you mentioned : Multilingual CMS package ($99). It includes 90 000 translation credits for free that allow you to translate 45 000 words.

    1. Do you have a plan for a WordPress builder? We are an agency that provides website building services, we need every site to be translated into German or French.
    We have 200+ websites now, can we have a cheaper option like how much does it cost for each site with unlimited words
    2. Can you give me a demo account for a trial? I need to test out if your plugin can translate the whole website automatically, including the product description page. Some of the translate plugins only translate the home page and product title. all the reviews and product descriptions need to be translated manually, sentence by sentence.

    Thank you

  6. Hi,

    I am trying to buy WPML plugin but the payment fails every time. I tried VISA and I tried my active Paypal account (With way more than $100 on the balance) Both don’t work independently from each other. Tested on two computers, different browser. Same results. That’s why I think there is something wrong with the WPML payment service.

    How can I solve this?


    • Hello Robi,
      I see a pending payment invoice with your email address but I don’t see any error messages.
      All other payments are being processed OK.
      You can pay with your credit card directly (without logging in to PayPal) by selecting Alternative payment processor during checkout.

      Let me know if this works for you. You can also drop me a line directly on if you still need help.

      Kind regards

  7. Agnes,
    My Purchasing team wants to know:
    if you take Credit Card Payments?
    what the total price is for the WPML Multilingual CMS plan is?

    Since this a US Government Agency making the purchase, we are tax exempt.


    • Hello Ken,
      Yes, we accept credit card payments. To pay with your credit card directly, please select the option Alternative payment processor during checkout.
      The total price for the CMS subscription is 99$, as is shown in our Purchase page.

      Kind regards,

  8. Hello,
    can I upload woocommerce product from CSV to the translation first and after that translate it to the default language?
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      WPML can translate automatically in bulk only from the orginal (primary) language to the secondary language.

  9. Hello

    thank you for your answer. 🙂

    I asked you if I can use WPML for my theme user frontend dashboard for the content translations in different languages. You told me that is not possible.

    So if I waive of translating of the frontend-submitted texts, possible in this case I can use WPML for the theme?

    Now I read in Envato in the comments tab of this theme, that a user wrote that he use WPML for the theme translation and this user says it is function well. I don´t know if this is the true? What if there is a problem with one translation?

    What you are thinking, I can use WMPL with this theme, now without translation of frontend-submitted texts?

    Thank you very much! 🙂

    • WPML might work with your theme if you would like to translate your texts/content on the backend. Since the theme you use hasn’t been tested by our compatibility team and is not on our list of themes compatible with WPML I cannot say that it will work without any problems. If you want, you can buy WPML and try it our keeping our refund policy in mind which allows you to test WPML for 30 days. It would be best to test WPML on a copy of your site if you want to keep your live site running wihout issues.

  10. hello, I want to change my package from WPML Multilingual to Agency Multilingual CMS, but when renewing, I can’t make the change

    • Hello, I check the user account with the email you posted this comment with and it turns out that you already have an Agency package. The expiry date is set to June 11, 2023 but since you have automatic renewals turned on, it will be renewed automatically on June 11, 2023. Maybe you had something else in mind? Do you mean that you want to change it to CMS? If so, you would need to switch to manual renewals, let it to expire on June 11, 2023 and then purchase again (when being logged in) but this time purchase CMS.

  11. Hello i am examining the programm to purchase it, but i am a bit confused. Is the payment of 99$ monthly or one-time purchase?

    • Hello, You pay $99 for the first year. Renewals are optional. You can use cancel WPML at any time and still use WPML. If you renew your WPML subscrptions you wil ay $74 for the next year.

  12. Hello,

    I would like to use multiple domains for 1 website. So for example I would like to use 5 different domains:

    Would these domains count as 1 website and thus fall under the CMS or would it count as 5 and thus fall under the Agency package. Also, is there a limit to how many domains you can use?

    • You need a separate key for each WordPress installation. If you assign the different domains to languages within the same site (you maintain only one WP site) consider this one key/site that you need to register.

  13. Hello!
    I have had my account renewed, I don’t want to renew it. How to make a return?
    And the second question. I want to buy an unlimited number of sites, now I have bought for 3 sites, how much will I need to pay extra?

    • Hello,
      you can request a refund (will explain in a moment how) and we will return your money but please note that requesting a refund is like returning WPML saying I don’t want to use it again. Since you are interested in using WPML for an unlimited number of sites you should request a refund but upgrade to the Agency account. To do so, please log into your WPML account and you should see a button (somewhere at the left sidebar of your account page) to do so – our system will calculate only the difference in the purchase price. If you request a refund and you buy the Agency account later you will pay more because it will be considered a new order and the 25% discount we gave you on May 30, 2024 (when your subscription was renewed) will be lost.

  14. Hello,

    I recently purchased WPML for my website and encountered some issues that I would like to address before renewing my plan. I appreciate any assistance you can provide in resolving these problems.

    Firstly, after installing WPML, I noticed that the plugin was automatically translating all of my media files, which resulted in duplicated media and consumed a significant amount of my site’s storage. I would like to know if there is a way to select what to translate and what not. This would help me manage my site’s storage more efficiently and avoid unnecessary duplication.

    Secondly, my website is LMS (Learning Management System) based, and I encountered a problem with WPML where it hides the courses whenever I translate them. As an LMS-focused website, it is crucial for my users to access the courses in different languages without any complications. Therefore, I would like to inquire whether your support team can assist me in resolving this issue and ensure that the translated courses are visible and accessible to my users.

    I am interested in renewing my plan, but these concerns need to be addressed before I proceed. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or solutions you can provide regarding the media translation and the course visibility issues. Please let me know how I can effectively resolve these problems and proceed with renewing my plan.
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for sharing your concerns with me.
      I can see that you purchased WPML April 23, 2023 and then requested a refund two days after and we refunded your order.
      To answer your questions:

      Firstly, after installing WPML, I noticed that the plugin was automatically translating all of my media files, which resulted in duplicated media and consumed a significant amount of my site’s storage.

      I’d like to understand how this happened. The “Media Translation” plugin is optional and is supposed to be used only if you need different images for translations (which is a rare situation). My guess is that you would think you need this plugin for some reasons. If you provide me with more details we will know what to fix not to confuse our users what this plugin does.

      Secondly, my website is LMS (Learning Management System) based, and I encountered a problem with WPML where it hides the courses whenever I translate them. As an LMS-focused website, it is crucial for my users to access the courses in different languages without any complications. Therefore, I would like to inquire whether your support team can assist me in resolving this issue and ensure that the translated courses are visible and accessible to my users.

      WPML works with this plugin but you need to manually translate the content manually. Yes, our support team can check your site to see if you configured it correctly and understand why the translated courses are not appearing correctly.

      Thank you.

  15. Our security team has indicated that you all aren’t SOC2 certified and aren’t willing to accommodate their inspection of security with respect to the company and product. If we were to purchase the full Agency level license, would OnTheGoSystems be willing to accommodate filling out our security questionnaire?

    • Hello Michael,
      we aren’t SOC2 certified but we take security issues seriously and whenever any vulnerability is reported/detected, we address it with priority and announce it on our blog. Also, we send an email to all of our clients asking them to update their WPML plugins immediately. Please share the link to your questionnaire or share some sample questions and I will check with our WPML developers if this is something we can do. Thank you.

  16. I want to ask about Auto translation services you provide,
    If I choose Pay As you Go plan, and some words repeated in many pages, did you count them everytime they repeat? or you count them just once?

    • Hello,
      WPML users the so-called Translation Memory which prevents from translating the same phrases again multiple times. For example, if you translate “Contact us” or “Buy now” for the first time, the next time WPML encounters the same phrases, the translations will be pulled from the translation memory and it won’t use translation credits. But WPML translate full sentences (it uses the API of DeepL or Google Transalte or Microsoft translation engines) so if the contact us appears in the middle of the sentence, e.g. “Please contact us for details”, it will translate the whole sentence and it will ignore the previous “Contact us” translation. I hope it make sense.

    • Hello, we don’t offer a free demo, I’m sorry. You can buy WPML keeping our refund policy in mind which allows you to test it for 30 days.

  17. Hi,
    my subscription expired a few days ago, and I accidentally removed one of the 3 sites I had in production, but it won’t let me add it anymore because I have to renew my subscription, but I don’t want to because I don’t need the update. Can you please help me? I can’t pay to add just one website that I’ve already added.

    • Hello Salvatore,
      The purpose of having your sites registered is precisely to receive updates. If you are not planning to renew your subscription, there is no point in keeping your sites registered either. You are welcome to keep WPML installed on your site(s) without receiving updates.
      More info here

      Kind regards,

  18. Hey guys. I am about to translate a rather large webshop with about 3.000 products. 90 categories, alot of attributes, and also texts as blog posts etc.
    Is there any way to calculate an estimated use of tokens and/or price?
    We want to purely translate it automatically to 1 other language right now (more to come).

  19. Is there an email address that I can send a form to? My Agency needs a form to be filled out by the vendor to allow us to make the purchase.


  20. We have the WPML plugin on our website, the multilingual CMS. However, we can’t find the login credentials for our account. The account would have been made by someone who is no longer with the company. We tried the password recovery function and our account does not come up. Can you please let us know if we already have an account and how to login? Thanks

  21. We have the multilingual CMS WPML plugin on our website. We do not know the login for our account as it was set up by someone who has left the company. Can you help us log into our account? Thanks

    • Hello Kristin,
      I have found the account. Let me contact you via email directly about this.

      Kind regards,

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