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37,608 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi!
    I am interested in a subscription.
    Is it possible to know which languages are supported for the automatic translations?
    I also read that I can add languages using the WPML language editor. If I add languages, do I have to do the translations myself or can they be done automatically?
    Is it possible to upload a video in different languages to show them depending on the website’s language?
    Finally, does this plugin allow the site to be translated primarily into the browser’s language, with an option to switch to English if the user so wishes?

    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      here’s the list of supported languages for automatic translations:
      Your pages can be translated automatically or manually or you can mix both methods.
      Regarding videos. There are multiple ways to handle videos on your site so the answer will depend on the way you manage videos on your site. In general, yes it should be possible to provide a diffrent video link, please compare this thread:

      Regarding this questions of yours:

      Finally, does this plugin allow the site to be translated primarily into the browser’s language, with an option to switch to English if the user so wishes?

      I’m not sure I understand your need correctly. WPML provide you with an option to detect the user language, the one set in the user’s browser and redirect to that language automatically (if the website was accessed in a diffrent language). I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for. The site translation is done before the translated pages are available for end users. As soon as a page/post is translated to another language, it will be available under a new URL. For example please check this site: and use the language switcher in the top right corner and then watch how the URL is changing when you switch between languages. These are separate URLs you can share.

  2. Hi there,
    I have an institutional website made with Cornerstone and Slider Revolution. Can I use the Multilingual Blog to manually translate it?

  3. Hi,

    I have 30000 credits to assign but on WordPress in WPML – Translation management, there is no automatic translator.
    How can use these 30000 credits? Is it just for automatic translation? Or I can use it for my annual payments?

    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      to use translation credits your site needs to have the WPML Advanced Translation Editor enabled which looks like this:
      Please go to your site backend, WPML > Settings and check what editor your site uses. You need to look at the Translation Editor. If your site uses the Classic Translation Editor you won’t be able to use automatic translations (and the credits). I encourage you to switch to Advanced Translation Editor and benefit of its features, automatic translation included, because it saves a lot of time.
      No, you cannot use the credits for your annual payment for the plugin.

  4. Hi,

    Can you clarifiy when a translation consumes a credit?
    Do I choose which websites are in which language available and let them translate and therefore I need the translation once

    Or will credits consumed everytime a User opens my website and chooses for example chinese and the website will be translated?


    This has an impact on the needed credits, in the first option i need the credits to translate my websites in all the languiages i want and then they could be accessed indefinetly
    In the second option I need credits everytime somebody wants my website in a different language.


    • Hello,
      a translation consumes credits only if it’s new and a given piece of content hasn’t been translated yet (or has changed).
      1. You create page A in English and translate to German. Since then you don’t change anything in page A. Your credits will be consumed only once even if the translate page is visited multiple time.
      2. You create page B in in English and translate to German. After translating the page, you changes two sentences on page B in English. In this case credits will be consumed when you first translate this page and then again, but only for the sentences that have been changed.
      In practice, this means, that you will use a lot of credits when translating your site for the first time and very few credits when you make edits to your original content later.

      Translations, once applied are saved permanently (both in your WP database but also in our cloud to benefit from the so-called translation memory) so even if you don’t renew you WPML subscription you can keep the translations.

      If you plan to translate your site to multiple languages, we recommend adding only one additional language at first and see how it goes: what gets translated, how many credits are used for which pages etc. Then, you can gradually add more languages.

  5. With regard to pricing.
    Is WPML Multilingual CMS a one time fee ? or does it have to extended each year ?
    Or only has to be extended to get support & updates (after the first year) ?
    Will WPML stop working after 1 year, when we do not extend ?

    Thanks for help.

    • Hello Patrick,
      yes, you need an active WPML subscription to received updates and support but WPML will work if you don’t renew. Let me explain how it works. When you buy WPML, a subscription with automatic yearly renewals is set up. If you don’t do anything else, our system will try to renew your subscription after the first year for 75% of the initial price. If you are not happy with this option, you can cancel your subscription at any time (this is done with a few clicks from your WPML account) or you can switch to manual renewals. In this case, please note with if you forget to renew on time you will lose the 25% discount for the next year we apply automatically if you keep the automatic renewals.

  6. Hi!
    I text you because we are already using your translation plugin, but apparentely results a critical error:

    WPML Multilingual CMS high risk
    WPML String Translation high risk

    (this is what appears)
    It is because it’s necessary to buy the CMS?
    If it is correct, we’re interested in Multilingual CMS plan (99€); is it an annual plan or is “one shot” purchase?
    Thank you in advance,
    Best Regards

    • Hello,
      yes, the Multilingual CMS plan is needed if you use the WPML String Translation plugin.
      Renewals are optional. After buying WPML you can switch to manual renewals. If you cancel your WPML subscription (which you can do at any time), you can still use the plugins but without updates and support assistance.

  7. Hi,
    Thank you for your answer.

    I want to upload my videos with an elementor video widget. These videos are the same but in different languages. Is it possible to upload all the videos and show the correct one for each language?

    I also wanted to know if I could add a button to switch to English when using the option to detect the user’s language (the one set in the user’s browser). I want to give the user the option to see the site in their language or in English, only those two.

  8. Hi!
    I wanted to ask if I can add Romash and luxemburgish languages using the WPML language editor. I want to use the option to detect the user language, the one set in the user’s browser. So if the user’s language is Romansh (WPML does not support this language for automatic translations), would I be able to show the website in Romansh?


  9. Hello Agnes,

    thanks for reply.

    okay, it means, I buy the WPML Plugin , create my website and cancel after 1 year.
    The WPML will still work. Only when I want to make changes, then I will have to renew (if already more than 1 year passed)
    Correct ?
    If I do not change anything on the website, I do not need to renew.

    • WPML is a paid plugin and your WPML is created automatically when you complete your purchase. Please buy any of the packages we provide (the Multilingual CMS is the most popular one) and you will get credentials to your WPML account sent by email. Please make sure you don’t make any typos in your email when buying WPML. Thank you.

  10. Hello, I already have a Multilingual CMS subscription that has expired. I would like to renew it, but the message that I get says, “Subscribed to new one, not renew,” even though I have a website with a register key,, but when I input it, this message appears. Unable to register: Site key not matching but its the site url

    • Hello,
      Your subscription expired on July 17, 2023 and that’s why you need to buy it again paying the full price. We recommend sticking to auto-renewals not to forget to renew on time and keep the 25% of discount we give to users who use WPML without a break in their subscription. If you renew your subscription and you still have issues with seeing a registration message you can unregister your site and register it again with a new key. To do so, please on your WordPress site go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab. But you need to have an active subscription to register your site.

  11. For on of our websites want to use WPML. However, we need to add WPML to our vendor-list before we can make the purchase. That is why we need a e-mailadres of WPML or the mother-company to add you.

    Is this possible?

    • Hello, no, we don’t have a WPML demo but you can buy WPML keeping our refund policy in mind. It allows you to test it in your site for 30 days. Within these 30 days you can set up a call with me to answer your WPML questions or use our support forum. Please check the details here:

  12. However, I already have this website ( in my sites list and its key. I’m not sure why the keys aren’t working in the WordPress dashboard, which still logs me in even if my subscription has expired it must work this means that i only use 2 keys also If I want to renew, I can’t find the option or setting to renew i only find subscription to new one and I’ve already subscribed

    • If you cannot see any purchase button on you WPML account, please make sure you are logged into your WPML account and then buy WPML from the purchase page (please do it from the same browser where you are logged in). This way you will renew your subscription with the same email. But you need to pay the full price again because your previous subscription expired in July.

  13. Hello, I want to set up WMPL for different domains per language. I don’t want to have multi site WordPress, only one WordPress and other domains will point with DNS to this server. The only difference will be the that content will be translated and in different currency. I read that with your plugin it is possible. My question is, do I need some kind of Domain Mapping System plugin for mapping different domains or your plugin will handle everything? And do I need multi site or can I do it on regular WordPress site?

    Thank you!

  14. Hello WPML Team,

    I am interested in using WPML for a multilingual WordPress site and have some specific translation needs. I would like to know if WPML allows for the integration of a custom machine translation server. Specifically, I’m considering using a Python-based server running on my local machine, using the EasyNMT library for translation.

    1. Does WPML support integration with a custom machine translation API?
    2. Is it possible to set up this kind of custom translation server to run locally on my machine and integrate it with WPML?
    3. If yes, could you guide me to the relevant documentation or give a brief overview of how this could be achieved?

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated as it will help me determine if WPML is the right solution for my project.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Mirek,
      WPML doesn’t support any such integrations. It took us years to properly integrate the most popular translation engines such as DeepL, Google Translate and Microsoft’s engine to fit WordPress content and the most popular content building plugins such as Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery, ACF, Gutenberg blocks ect. DeepL provides great quality of translations and is supported for many languages. Please check this table:

    • Hello, I can see a purchase from the email address you used to post your comment. If this email is wrong and you would like to change it, we can do so. Please use this form to send us the new email: or post a new comment with the new email address saying once again that this is the email you would like us to update to.

  15. Hello,

    We are about to buy a license of WPML, but before we have a couple of questions:

    1. We currently have a blog of posts with three languages: english, spansih and portuguese. We are using a plugin we don’t like, and we are switching for WPML. In our blog, we are using the wordpress API for getting posts on demand, as the user writes on the search filter. Does WPML works with the wordpress API? In other words, what I expect, is that if the user is viewing the blog in portuguese, and search for posts, the search should be only in the portuguese posts translations, and the retrieved data should also be in portuguese.

    2. Because we are currently using a translation plugin, we will need to do some work on the database, in order to move all the translated posts to the WPML translated posts tables. For this, I really need to understand how WPML saves the translations, in which tables, etc… Do you have documentation for this?

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Hi Andrés, thank you very much for your quick reply.

    Just one more question:

    “using WordPress native search functionality should accomplish what you are looking for, thus, only posts in the same language should be retrieved.”

    Do you mean by this, using regular search, or also the api search?

    • Hello,
      yes, if you delete you site’s key (or unregister a site, which is the same), you can re-register the site again with a new key. In other words, By unregistering your site, you fee up the key slot.

  17. hello
    I have a few pre-purchase questions.
    First, why would it cost 39 dollars to transfer a site to a client? That’s expensive and the same price as a new purchase licence for a multilingual blog.
    Second, if I had already purchased the multilingual CMS when I transferred the site to the client, would he receive access to all of its features? Third, if my subscription had expired, could I register and unregister for another site and would that affect the site’s functionality?

    • Hello,
      transferring account renewals applies to clients with the Multilingual CMS or Agency types of accounts. The features/functionality of the plugin remain the same if you transfer your renewals because the transfer applies only to your WPML account, not the WPML plugin itself. The transfer makes sense for these of our users who build multiple websites but they want their own client pay for the renewals.

      if my subscription had expired, could I register and unregister for another site and would that affect the site’s functionality?

      You need to have an active WPML subscription to register websites. You can unregister your website without an active subscription.

  18. I have a query about wpml translation, wpml support only 90,000 credits in translation but after finish this translation is not going to work?

    also can we consider deepl api excluded this wpml price? also if we are purchase deepl api that translation is good to go after finished given credits or not?

    please update us asap

    thanks in advance

    • Hello,
      you won’t be able to translate automatically if you run out of translation credits but you can still translate manually.
      If you run out of credits you can buy more credits:

      You cannot connect WPML to your own DeepL API. We use our own integration with DeepL because WPML is a WordPress plugin and we need to process the translations we are getting from DeepL to fit WordPress standards. For example to bold strings in your translation to match your original bolding or to cross link with some other pages if your page include a link (say page A includes a link to page B, when you translate page A to another language, you want your translation not to link to Page B but to the translation of page B – WPML does all this work for you)

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