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Typically, it takes a few minutes to order WPML and have it running in your site. Credit card payments process automatically and you will receive your new account, ready to download and use.

You can pay for WPML using a credit card, PayPal, debit cards, or wire transfers (via PayPal e-checks). Credit and debit card payments process in less than a minute. Wire transfers process in several days (depending on where you live). When the payment is complete, you will receive an email with your account information. Then, you can download WPML and install it in your site.

Step 1) Choose the version of WPML that you want to buy

You can choose between the Multilingual CMS, Multilingual Blog, and Multilingual Agency versions. The Multilingual CMS is our most complete version, which allows translating the most complex sites with WordPress. It includes everything for pages, custom types, and posts (for a blog). The Multilingual Blog version is intended for simpler sites that are mainly a WordPress blog. The Multilingual Agency also includes all of WPML’s components but allows you to install WPML on an unlimited number of sites.

For a side-by-side comparison, see WPML’s pricing.

You can always upgrade account types and pay only the difference.

Step 2) Enter your name and email and choose a payment processor

All we need are your full name and email. We require this so that we can create your account and deliver your order. You will enter your credit card information directly in PayPal or an alternative payment processor. Both payment processors support credit cards and debit cards. For wire transfers, you will need to have a PayPal account and add a bank account.

Step 3) Pay online

You will be directed to the payment processor that you’ve chosen. Both PayPal and the alternative payment processor feature world-class security and fraud protection. For more information about this, please read about our privacy and security policy. In short, we protect your information and make sure that it can never be compromised. We don’t receive or store any financial information.

Step 4) Receive your WPML account and download

As soon as your payment completes, we automatically create your WPML account. Credit card and debit card payments complete almost instantly. Wire transfers will require a few days to process.

Then, log in to your account, click on Downloads and get WPML. Now, you’re done. We recommend that you follow the getting started guide to correctly configure and use WPML.

Need help? Contact us!