The Admin content-language switcher in WPML 2.3.0 allows creating different sidebars per language using Woo’s Sidebar Manager. See how it works.

The Sidebar Manager in Woo Framework is a great example for using the new Admin content-language switcher in WPML 2.3.0. It lists pages, categories and templates and lets users create special sidebars that display just for them.

Since translations are actually different pages, a sidebar that you create for a page in one language doesn’t show for its translations. This features gives the ability to create completely different sidebars per language.

You can use it to display different widgets altogether, or the same widgets but with different texts.

This video shows how I’m using it on our demo Canvas site:

I created this tutorial to show how to use the Admin content-language switcher. Many modern themes allow users to choose content for special site elements. These can be your portfolio page, items for a slider and other cool features. The Admin content-language switcher lets you choose the language of content in any Admin screen.