Having a problem translating part of your web site? Not sure how to send the translation to a translator? Leave us the full details of what you are trying to translate and how and we'll help you resolve the issue.

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My cta button in the main menu is not highlited when i translate the menu

Автор: martinag-2 в: English Support

2 3 24 мин. назад


duplicate pages appearing

Автор: anthonyL-13 в: English Support

2 5 4 час., 28 мин. назад


Missing PayPal string when searched in the string translator search box

Автор: qiL в: English Support

2 6 6 час., 8 мин. назад


Found the complete solution of my closed ticket

Автор: petkoA в: English Support

2 3 9 час., 13 мин. назад


Language's pages have different layout and not editable

Автор: mahmoudA-16 в: English Support

2 2 12 час., 35 мин. назад


Forget pasword email is not going from english version. 1 2 3 4

Автор: davidD-102 в: English Support

2 52 13 час., 59 мин. назад


A traslated page at 100% is showing it empty

Автор: patriziam-5 в: English Support

2 5 15 час., 46 мин. назад


Question About Dropdown Redirect With New Site

Автор: austinB-3 в: English Support

2 6 16 час., 29 мин. назад


Can't link page in second language (NL) to homepage in first language (EN)

Автор: yasminaY в: English Support

2 4 17 час., 19 мин. назад

Shekhar Bhandari

Products in different languages are shown as a separate products.

Автор: anatolijsS в: English Support

2 3 17 час., 38 мин. назад


Footer Translation for listingpro theme

Автор: sylvainG-5 в: English Support

2 3 17 час., 51 мин. назад


how to translate the email content of MEC plugin?

Автор: sylvainG-5 в: English Support

2 14 18 час. назад


Categorías solo se muestran en castellano

Автор: Ariadna в: Soporte en Español

2 2 18 час., 21 мин. назад


Many translated strings are not showing up on the French front end

Автор: Daniel в: English Support

2 5 18 час., 32 мин. назад


301 redirects — Too many redirects with language part of url (/en,/fr) 1 2

Автор: alexandruN-4 в: English Support

2 24 18 час., 55 мин. назад

Shekhar Bhandari