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I want to show some examples of how designers are taking WordPress in directions far away from a blogging platform. Here are 7 sites that are using WordPress and show the diversity that the platform and creative designers can provide:

Ford Motor Company Global Auto Shows website. WordPress goes big time! I find it interesting that a company with the resources of Ford uses WordPress for one of their sites. ford-auto-shows

fraai magazine website. I am finding quite a few online magazine style websites powered by WordPress. This site has a unique feature of giving the ability to «flip» through the pages of the magazine. Nice!fraai-magazine

Ginger, The Restaurant site. I think this is a stylish, easy to find what you want front page. The South African website comes from an interestingly named design firm, The Yellow Llama, from the same country.ginger-restaurant

Quasar Software Engineering website. Professional looking site gives the feeling of being serious about their business. I find the mix between the local language (in this case Italian) and English interesting. So many English tech terms are universal these days. Website designer is BeeSoft.quasar-software

Teepee Hire website. Who would even guess that you can rent teepees in England. The webstie makes you want to rent one and play cowboys and Indians! From The Development Studio who need to do a little work on their own

I found some of these great looking sites through the blog of web designer Adrian Diaconescu, so I want to finish with a site from his portfolio, the WordPress powered John Taylor’s Rugby Cast.rugbycast

I hope I have shown an interesting cross section of  the creative uses designers are coming up with for WordPress powered sites. I tried to find and give credit for the design work for the different sites. If I missed something please let me know. And if you know of some interesting WordPress powered websites with good design and creativity please let me know by leaving a comment here.