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We’ve finally created an official roadmap page listing the features we’re working on, what’s planned and when.

Features are grouped into different sections including navigation, multilingual system and content translation. Many of these features are a result of great feedback we got from folks in the forum. Since many of the people visiting the forum are web designers, many of the new planned features have to do with the navigation.

Navigation highlights

For example, we’re working on adding arbitrary HTML to the navigation menus. You’ll be able to create fancy top menus with your own HTML, including images and any styling you want. WPML will call theme functions that will be able to return any HTML for each menu item.

Multilingual system highlights

In the multilingual system, the most frequently requested feature is being able to customize the language selector — so that’s next on our todo list. We’re working on allowing to build custom language selectors which can be used in the theme in different locations. You can add your own list of languages as simple links (good for placement in the footer) or a fancy list with country flags (good for header or sidebar).

Another important feature is being able to translate texts that are outside of pages and posts. This will include the tagline, text widgets and other texts.

Content translation

Last, but not least, is the content translation section. I’ve already written a bit about how WPML will be able to translate contents last week and it’s finaly getting ready for full release. Most of it is working and being tested right now. We’re still on schedule and planning to release this commercially during May.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

You can check out the complete list in the roadmap page. If you’ve got a killer feature that absolutely must become a part of WPML, let us know. It’s never too late.