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Update: We recommend using WordPress SEO by Yoast as your SEO plugin.

It does everything that AIOSEOP does (and much more) and is fully compatible with WPML.

WPML 1.1 is just around the corner with support for translation of texts created by other plugins.

What this means is that when you’re using WPML and other plugins, WPML will let you enter translation for texts that the other plugins create. For example, if you’re using a contact form plugin, you’ll be able to enter translation for the field names and buttons in your contact form.

Contact Form 7 and WP polls are already adding support for this and will include the WPML translation interface in their next releases.

We’ve started talking with the author of the All-in-One SEO Pack about adding multilingual support for that excellent plugin too. If you don’t know that plugin (yet), what it does is allow setting the title, description and keywords meta tags for each page in your site. This means that the page title can be independent from the post/page name. It’s a great asset for improving your site’s position in search engines (and getting more traffic and retiring to a tropical island, etc.).

Right now, it’s very difficult to use AIOSEOP in multilingual sites because it doesn’t support translation. You can enter a title, but that title would be the same for all languages. Making it WPML compatible would allow using that great plugin for any multilingual WordPress site.

If you want to help and convince the authors of All-in-One SEO Pack to include multilingual support, please visit the thread I started in their forum and speak your mind.