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Since we started talking about building multilingual themes, we’ve been getting questions from people about turning their own themes multilingual.

In our description, we choose simple cases which are easy to explain and follow. Often, advanced WordPress themes require more complex coding in order to become truly multilingual.

To help folks, we’re talking with a few excellent PHP developers who already did theme programming for sites using WPML. These programmers know WPML from the inside out. They know what to do so that the site looks good, works correctly and is easy to maintain.

We’re thinking about asking these developers to join our forum and offer paid support. This support is intended for adapting themes to use WPML, not to troubleshoot or fix problems.

From the depth of the questions that we see in the forum, I believe that hiring an expert to do the work can be much more efficient than struggling with it yourself. Especially if that expert has already done similar work a few times before and knows exactly what to do.

The paid support we’re talking about will be negotiated directly between you and the developer. You can feel free to use our forum for this purpose, but we’re not going to act as middlemen.

What kind of paid support would you need?

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