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We’ve just release what we hope would be the last bug-fix release before the next major version (1.1). WPML 1.0.4 adds some new functions and fixes some persistent problems which managed to slip all the way to this version.

New features

  1. Much faster display for admin pages. This would only be noticed for large sites that have thousands of pages. WPML’s language statistics are now cached and only calculated when needed.
  2. Added icl_object_id — a new function for dynamically calculating IDs for posts, pages, tags and categories. This will be used in themes that require hard coded IDs (usually of categories).

Bugs fixed

  1. Fixed the bug which caused errors when upgrading the plugin from previous versions.
  2. Fixed category and tag mess when using Quick-edit.
  3. Fixed name of blog page in cms-navigation section.
  4. Fixed compatibility with openID plugin.
  5. Fixed a bug that was caused when pages/posts had no title. This manifested into problems with Sticky posts.
  6. Fixed permlinks for newly created posts (autosave by WordPress).
  7. Fixed bug which prevented sub-pages from being excluded from the navigation.
  8. Simplified the content translation setup page.

What’s next?

We’re already half way through adding support for translation of ‘free’ texts — texts that are not part of any page, post, tag or category. For example, these are the tagline, blog name, widget titles, text widget contents.

But wait! There’s more!

Without having thousands of excellent plugins, WordPress wouldn’t have been a top CMS. The ‘free’ texts translation we’re adding to WPML would also support texts created by other plugins.

The first plugin to add multilingual support to its fields is going to be no other than Takayuki Miyoshi‘s Contact Form 7. I’ll talk about that later and give some great usage examples.